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It was a cool spring day. A day that most twenty-five-old women would be walking in the park or hanging out with her friends. Not mourning the death of her father. Not trying to hold back her tears. Rogue Lensherr stood next to her sister and best friend Wanda. They were both dressed in black suits. They didn't even look like sisters. Rogue's brown hair with her white streaks that framed her face contrasted against Wanda's black hair with red tips. Rogue's emerald eyes were very different than Wanda's sapphire one's. And Rogue's Mississippi accent was completely opposite from Wanda's New York one. Their brother, Pietro, was standing in the front of the church by a coffin.

"My father was a good man, though many people may say he wasn't. We looked up to him." Nobody could read Pietro's eyes that matched Wanda's in color. "He will be very missed, by me and my sisters." He softly touched the coffin. "Goodbye father." Pietro walked away and sat by Wanda.

Rogue closed her eyes so that tears wouldn't fall. Eric Lensherr took her in when she was seven. Wanda and she were in school with each other and were the best of friends. When her parents died, he adopted her and took her in as his own daughter. She felt someone squeeze her hand. She looked up at her fiancée, Piotr Rasputin. She met him when she started working out at his successful gym. Soon the funeral was over and Wanda, Pietro, Piotr and Rogue were all driving back to the mansion that the siblings lived in.

"I can't believe he's gone." Wanda said absentmindedly. "I thought he would always be there to talk to."

"Ah know Wanda." Rogue said touching her shoulder. "It's hard fo' all of us. Ah'm going to miss him so much." Then Pietro's phone rang.

"You had that thing on at father's funeral?" Wanda asked angrily blue eyes shining. "What if it rang during the ceremony? Do you show that much disrespect Pietro?"

"Wanda it didn't go off okay." Pietro answered it. "Hello. You're there? Okay, we're on our way. Bye. Jason Wyngarde is at the mansion. Charles Xavier is there to read father's will."

Rogue looked out the window not paying attention to hardly anything they were saying.


A nine-year-old boy with silver hair ran up to his father. "Daddy, Wanda and Roguey are being mean to me." The boy's father smiled down on him and his sisters.

"Rogue, Wanda, why are you being mean to Pietro."

"He made fun of mah hair!" the younger Rogue said.

"He just gets on my nerves." Wanda shrugged.

"Pietro. Did you make fun of Rogue's hair?" Pietro nodded solemnly. "Now Pietro, it's not nice to make fun of people."

"But dad, you talk about Mr. Xavier all the time…" Pietro mumbled.

"That I do, but that doesn't give you any right to talk about your sister. And Wanda, just because Pietro gets on your nerves doesn't mean you can be mean to him. Understand?"

"Yes daddy." The twins replied in unison.

"Rogue, you're hair is unique. But just because Pietro does make fun of it, doesn't mean you can be cruel to him either. Okay."

"Okay." Rogue whispered.

"Now how about you three go an play outside. Daddy's got to work."

End of flashback

"Rogue we're here." Piotr said. She slowly got out of the limo and walked with the others inside of the mansion. "Are you alright Rogue?"

"Mah father was just buried Piotr, Ah'm just peachy." Rogue said sharply turning away from him. She soon felt his arms around her shoulders.

"I know you're hurting Rogue. That's why I'm going to be here for you no matter what."

"Ah know Piotr, Ah know. It's just hard ta face."

"Come on you two." Wanda said. "We have to go to this dim-witted will reading, before I can go I my room." Rogue just shook her head as they all went to main study where two men were. One was bald and in a wheelchair, while the other had brown hair with a matching beard. The one with the brown hair was Jason Wyngarde, the former advisor of Eric Lensherr and the bald man was Charles Xavier, Eric's most trusted lawyer.

"Hello, Wanda, Pietro and Rogue. As you know we are here to read your father's will." Charles said to them. "First I would like to give you my condolences. Eric was a wonderful father to all of you. Now to the reading of the will of Eric Lensherr."

Rogue didn't focus that much on the reading of the will. She just heard a few points. Such as that her father had 300 billion dollars in the bank and it was to be spilt evenly between the three only if they lived in the same mansion as long as they lived.

"And I leave my company, Magnus to my daughter Rogue." She quickly looked up at Charles.

"What?" It was Pietro that spoke. Of course everyone thought he was going to inherit Magnus. Magnus was the successful metal making and mending company that Eric had founded. Pietro was the only one that actually worked at the company. Wanda and Rogue just went there to visit and talk, not really caring what went on there. It was Pietro that spent nights there while Rogue slept in her soft bed. Why would Eric leave her the company?

Charles cleared his voice gather their attention. "But if Rogue does not marry Piotr Rasputin, she then forfeits her right to the company to Pietro. To my other daughter Wanda, I also leave her mother's heirlooms, the beach house in Malibu…" Soon the will reading was over. Everybody left except Pietro and Jason.

"He left the company to Rogue!" Pietro yelled as he knocked papers of his father's desk. "After all I've contributed to that company he left it to Rogue!"

"I know Pietro, I know." Jason said putting a hand on Pietro's shoulder who was filled with anger. "If it wasn't for you, that company wouldn't be anything. You've done so much. Your father never appreciated what you've done for him."

"Now I have to work for Rogue!" He kicked a chair and it broke.

"And she has not one drop of Lensherr blood. But she gets your father's life work. You should be in control of that company Pietro, not that frivolous skunk haired brat." Jason was soon knocked down when Pietro punched him.

"Don't dare talk about my sister like that, or you will regret it." Pietro looked at him menacingly.

"Nice punch." Jason stood up as he rubbed his cheek. "I apologize. But I still think you should be in control of the company."

"You heard my father's will, Rogue will inherit the company."

"Only if she marries Piotr." Pietro glared at Jason.

"I will not harm Rogue in any way."

"You don't have to harm her." Pietro sat down in a chair, hard. "Just make sure that she doesn't marry Mr. Rasputin."

"Listen I can't think of this right now. My father was just buried and I found out that my future slipped out of my fingers."

"But you must think about it Pietro. I care about this company. I don't want to see it go down the drain because of some woman who cares about if her lipstick matches her outfit more than the corporate business. You have the power to make sure she doesn't get it. You are the one that deserves Magnus. If you want, I can help you get it. It's your choice." Jason got up and walked towards the door. Pietro looked at a portrait hanging on the wall. It was of Eric, Wanda, Rogue, and himself.

"Wait." Jason stopped in his tracks. "What exactly did you have in mind?"

Jason turned around smiling at him. "Thought you'd never ask."

One month later

Rogue walked into Magnus with Wanda. Rogue was wearing a gray business suit with her shoulder length hair in a ponytail with the streaks left hanging. Wanda was in a black mini skirt and a red halter top that left her stomach out.

"Roguey, can I be your 'assistant'? Please, it can actually be my first job."

"Since when did ya start caring about a job Wanda?"

Wanda just shrugged. "Well, I just want a place to hang for a while. I really don't want to work, I just want to sit down and talk. I need something to do anyways."

Rogue grinned at her. "Good answer. Alright ya can be mah assistant."

"I'm not going on any errands for you though." Wanda said as they got onto an elevator with two men.

"But the assistant's job is to get meh coffee and all that other stuff."

"You really think that I'm going to be your personal slave?" Wanda asked. Rogue smiled at her and nodded. "Please, I'd rather run naked through a swarm of bees covered in honey."

"A sight that I'd love to see." Rogue and Wanda turned around to see who said that. They saw a man about their age with spiky orange hair and blue eyes. His voice showed that he was an Aussie. " 'Ello sheila. So what's your name?"

"You disgust me, pig." Wanda said turning around not giving the man another look. But Rogue's attention was on the man standing next to the Aussie. He was 6'2 to her 5'8. He had the most peculiar eyes. They were red on black. (I know that they should be brown in this type of AU, but they just make Remy so sexy) She's never seen anything so strange in her life. They were beautiful. His brown hair was in a ponytail and his white teeth shone against his tan skin. She could tell he was very muscular from the tight shirt he had on.

"Take a picture, chere, it might last longer." Rogue harshly looked him in the eye. By his accent he was a Cajun.

"No thank ya, Ah don't want to break mah camera."

"You hear that mate, the sheila called you ugly. She may not be that far off though." The Aussie laughed hysterically.

"Shut up John." He looked at Rogue and put his hands on her hips and whispered in her ears. "Est-ce que vous vraiment ne pensez pas que je suis laid vous fait, chere?" (You don't really think I'm ugly do you?)

"Get your filthy hands off of meh." Rogue pushed his hands off as the elevator came to a stop.

"Finally." Wanda said as she and Rogue stepped out of the elevator. But so did the two men.

"Are ya stalking us? Because this is the executive floor, and Ah don't think ya two belong here." Rogue said.

"Then we're on de right floor den. Au revoir chere." He said giving her a mock bow. As they both separated in different directions. Rogue and Wanda walked toward Rogue's office.

"Can you believe the nerve of him Wanda?" Rogue plopped down in her chair

"Which one?" Wanda asked as she sat on Rogue's desk looking at her nails.

"The Cajun of course. To put his hands on meh like that…"

"Um Rogue, you were staring at him like he was a piece of meat and you were someone who hasn't eaten in two months." Wanda said. "It was disgusting."

"Ah was not." She and Wanda stared at each other until Rogue looked at the floor. "Alright, maybe a little bit. Ya have ta admit he was cute. But he seemed arrogant." After a few moments of silence Rogue said, "Ah wonder what they're doing here?"

"Probably Pietro's friends. Who cares?"

"You're right." Rogue smiled as she looked at Wanda. "So Wanda, I want one of those sandwiches with turkey, lettuce, tomatoes and mustard. Oh and a diet coke."


"Let me get dis straight homme. You're offering Remy two million dollars to seduce your sister?" Remy asked the silvered hair boy in front of him.

"Call me Pietro." He said. "I have a feeling we are going to be good friends."

"John told Remy y' had a great deal for moi, but Remy never imagined dis." Remy said in disbelief. "Pourquoi?" (Why?)

"Long story short." Pietro stood up and walked over to Remy. "My father just died, but he left my sister, Rogue, this magnificent company. It didn't matter that I worked my ass off so it could still be successful. But he left one little rule. She had to get married to Piotr Rasputin, her fiancé."

"What's dat have t' do wit' Remy?"

"Well, Mr. Lebeau, John told me you could seduce any woman. That you could even make a cold hearted woman swoon with love is that true?"

"Well, let me t'ink." Remy chuckled. "Dere was Belladonna, Betsy, Sarah, Anna, Jean, Betty, Ashley, Brittany, Nicole, Chloe, Janelle. Dere are some others, I just can't remember dere names."

"Good. Now, you must make her fall in love with you. And she mustn't want to marry Piotr."

"Remy can do dat." Remy said.

"Great, you will receive you're money after Rogue or Piotr states that the wedding is over."

"Dis is gonna be de easiest job Remy ever had." Remy grinned. He just came to New York from New Orleans to get away from his ex, Belladonna. John offered him a place to stay until he was on his feet. Remy gladly accepted. He just got in town and now he has this guy offering him money for the thing he does best. Womanizing. "So when do I begin?"

"Tomorrow." Pietro stood up and looked out the window that looked over a lake. "We are having a charity ball. That's when you can meet her and sweep her off her feet." Pietro looked Remy over. "I guess we'll have to clean you up."

"Are y' talking 'bout de way Remy looks?" Remy stood up defensively.

"And you need to stop talking in third person. It will annoy her."

"Listen here homme, Remy has his pride and will fight for it too." Remy walked over to Pietro and grabbed his collar. Then John separated them.

"Mates, now it might sound crazy coming from me, but you need to control yourselves. Now Remy, you might be a good thief but, man face it, you're broke."

"I guess you're right John." Remy said letting go of Pietro. "Alright, what do I need to do?"

Rogue was walking down the hall towards Pietro's office. She was reading some files when she saw Piotr. She smiled as she walked over to him.

"Hello sugah. What are ya doing here?"

"We have dinner tonight remember?" He frowned. "Or did you forget, again?"

"Piotr, Ah'm so sorry, ya know with work and everything. Ah can hardly think straight. How about this, it'll take meh about ten minutes to wrap everything up and Ah'll be yours for the whole night." She felt his arms go around her waist.

"Promise no interruptions?"

"Promise. Ya even can have mah cell phone." She stood on her tippy toes, because he was so tall, and kissed him lightly. "Ah just need ta talk ta Pietro and Ah'll be right back." She walked away and towards Pietro's office. When she walked in she saw him at his desk reading some papers. She looked him over. He looked tired. He finally noticed her.

"Hello Rogue."

"Hey bro. Ah have some files for ya." She placed them on his desk. "Pietro?"


"When's the last time ya had a day off? Ah'm starting to get worried about ya." He picked up the files and started reading them as he ignored her. "Pietro! Stop ignoring meh! Answer meh!" He leaned back in his chair and looked at her.

"Fine. In about two years. I was in college and dating Crystal. Then we broke up and I became more focused on the important things." Rogue sat down in front of him.

"Well Ah guess ya know what's best for ya, but ya need to take a day off once in a while. Ah know some great girls that ya can get with."

"I don't need your help Rogue." Pietro said. "Now I need to put the final touches on the charity ball tomorrow."

Rogue smiled at him. She was CEO but she appointed him President of the company because he was good at this stuff. "Well Ah guess Ah'll leave. Ah have a date with mah fiancée."

"Have a good time. Oh and tell Piotr that I have a job for him. Since he is going to be family soon, he should have a job at Magnus, don't you think boss?"

"Ah talk to him about it tonight. What kind of job is it?"

"Well some of the committee and I thought it would be a good idea to start making gym machines with our metal. Of course it would need your approval. Well since Piotr owns his own chain of gyms, I think it would be good for him to be over this project. What do you think?"

"Like Ah said, Ah'll talk to him and of course Ah approve this project. Any idea from ya must be a good one. Well, see you later." She started to the door. "Oh and get some rest would ya? Can't have ya falling out at the charity ball, now can we?" She left him to his thoughts.

"Oh Rogue, I hope you never find out about this plan. It'll kill you." He stood up and looked out the window. "Am I doing the right thing? Is this company worth hurting you?"

Rogue was sitting at the restaurant with Piotr looking at the menu.

"Ah just don't know what ta get. Hmm the Chicken and Salad sounds good." She looked at Piotr who was staring at her. "What, do Ah have something on mah face?"

"You're just so beautiful."

"Now Piotr, aren't ya a softie under all that muscle." He just smiled at her. Then the waiter came up.

"Hello, Sir, Ma'am. My name is Kitty and I'll be your waiter today. May I take your order?"

"Well, Ah'll take the Chicken and Salad with an ice tea please."

"An I'll take the Steak platter with a water and the lemon on the side."

"Like, right away." She gave a smile to Piotr and took their menus. Piotr blushed as she walked away. Rogue looked at him raising an eyebrow and he never met her eye.

"If ya're just going to flirt with random waiters in front of meh, Ah should just leave."

"With Kitty, no she comes to the gym every once and a while."

"Ah wonder why?" Rogue crossed her arms and looked at him. Her expression brightened up. "Speaking of the gym, Pietro told meh ta ask ya about working a Magnus?"

"And what does have to do with the gym?"

"Well, Magnus is working on a new project. We are planning ta make new and better gym machines using our metal. Pietro thought that your experience might help out through the project. And since ya're going ta be in the family soon, you should join the family business." She then took her hand in his.

"What about my gym."

"Well, ya can still work there, just not as much."

"I don't know Rogue."

"Ah know ya love it Piotr, but it's only for a few months." She looked at him but he didn't look like he was going to accept. "Ah understand if ya don't want ta work at Magnus. Ya were just the first choice on the list."

"Rogue, of course I'll work at Magnus." He squeezed her hand. "It gives me move time with you."

"Great, Ah'll tell Pietro as soon as possible." Kitty soon came back with their food.

"Here you go ma'am." She placed Rogue's food in front of her. She smiled at Piotr again. "Sir." She slowly placed Piotr's food in front of him. "I hope you enjoy everything."

"Ah'm sure we will, thank ya Kitty. Why don't ya go and play with a ball of yarn somewhere." Kitty and Piotr looked at Rogue. She just shrugged as she sipped her tea. Kitty just glared at her while she walked away.

"Rogue was that necessary?" Piotr asked looking at her.

"Of course it was sugah. It was rude of her ta goggle ova ya lahke that." Rogue smiled at Piotr sweetly gaining a smile from him in return.

How was it? Poor Piotr. I hate putting him on the other side of a Romy triangle. But he was the only one who fit this part perfectly. Oh and Pietro's not all bad, just misguided. Don't worry, he is not the villain in this. He's too cute to be an evil villain. If Wanda sounds a little spoiled, it's because she is. Please review. I want it all, good or bad.