Broken Wings

A/N: Kyoko JUST saw and bought "Starcrossed" and she loves it, but almost cried at the end. She's a sucker, ain't she? Okay, I'll stop talking in third-person, but anyway, this is Green Lantern's POV of Hawkgirl's leaving the Justice League. (sniffs) So freaking sad…wah…REVIEW IT PLEASE!!!

Broken wings mend in time

But when they do, will you be mine?

Feathers dance inside my heart

And remind me of how we were torn apart

Forced to choose between love and duty

So now I'm haunted by your beauty

Why did it have to be this way?

My world is swirling into grey

Without your touch, your smile, your eyes

The wounds inside my soul still cry

I am alone.

But do you still miss me?

Do you still care?

Do you still wish for me

Caressing your hair?

We cannot change what fate commands

Or restructure the shifting sands

Of time that tick against us now

I stare at the sunset wondering how

It got this far, so fast, so soon

And left me pale and alone as the moon

I love you more now that you're gone

And because you are I still mourn

My broken wings that used to fly

Before you had to say goodbye.