Chapter 9


Kagome's POV

It's been a year since Miroku and Sango's wedding and the birth of Aya. Inuyasha and I have gotten back together and caught up what we've both missed over the three years. And now, it's Aya's first birthday. The years sure pass by…Inuyasha and I knock on the front door of Koga and Ayame's house holding gifts for the birthday girl. Koga answers the door with Aya in his arms.

"Happy Birthday Aya!" Inuyasha and I yell out. We go inside and greet the little child. We go into the living room and say hello to all of the other guests. Kagura, Kanna, Hakudoushi, ILR, Kinbari, etc….

"So how's the birthday girl?" I ask Ayame. Koga hands Aya to me to hold.

"She's just fine. And she looks so cute with those rosy cheeks of hers!" exclaimed Ayame. She smiled at the child in my arms.

ILR, BC, Kinbari, Kanna, and Hakudoushi were playing card games but they were laughing and talking all the same. Kagura was putting the finishing touches on Aya's cake. Everyone was having a good time but I noticed that Inuyasha looked extremely nervous about something. He jumped up when Koga and Miroku tapped his shoulder. I wonder what could be up? I shrugged it off and Sango and I played with Aya.

"You are the most prettiest girl Aya!" cooed Sango. The little girl laughed and giggled. She was so cute!

"It's time for the cake!" said Kagura. Everyone abandoned what they were doing and crowded around the cake. We sang to Aya and blew out the candles. We began to cut up the cake when Inuyasha took my hand in his.

"Kids, you might want to get out of the room. It's going to be a little emotional and romantic now." Hissed Kagura.

"Give me a break Kagura. We're teens now. We don't act like a bunch of 4 year olds that yell, "Ew! Cooties!"" pointed out BC. The others laughed.

"Fine, then don't tell me that you want out when it gets all emotional…" Kagura muttered. I looked at them confused. Then it hit me on what was going on…

"Kagome, I knew you for almost 9 years and in all those years I loved you. I think that the both of us are ready. At the risk of being shot down twice, will you marry me?" asked Inuyasha. He showed me a silver diamond ring with three small emeralds on each side of the diamond.

I looked deep into his eyes and said, "You won't have to be worried about getting shot down. Cause I will marry you. I want to be with you for the rest of my life!" I exclaim. Inuyasha kisses me and slips the ring onto my finger.

ILR, BC, and Kinbari begin jumping up and down cheering, "Another wedding! Yay! Inuyasha and Kagome are getting married next!" Inuyasha and I smile at their antics.

Kagura scowls at them. "Stop acting like morons!" she scolds.

"You're not the boss of us!" responded Kinbari. She was still jumping up and down.

"You would make a good mother someday Kagura. You have experience with trying to control us." Laughed ILR.

"Oh really? Then I should control this mood swing that I'm about to have from you three ruining a romantic moment!" snarled Ayame's older cousin.

"Uh oh! Run!" ordered BC. The three girls began to run with Kagura on their tails.

All of us laughed at the little chase. But it didn't matter that they ruined the romantic moment. Cause there would be other moments in the future. And the one coming up soon would be my wedding.