Title- Story of my Life

Chapter 1- Explaining

Okay, so I'm betting you all want to know- what is this story about?

Well, I'll tell you. It's about a handsome, charming, brave, daring blonde called The Great Uzumaki Naruto, and how he defeated the evil society that-

That has nothing to do with this story, and you are definitely not charming, handsome, brave, or great. Mabye daring, if that's what you call pushing the limits of everything.

Shut up, Uchiha-bastard! This is my story! I'm gonna tell it the way I want to tell it!

And leave out all the good parts? No possible chance.

Whadya mean by that, hotshot?!

Hotshot? Hm, that's one I haven't heard since about second grade.

Go back to your hellhole, Satan! This is my story! MINE!!!

I'm a main character in it as well, dobe.

Please stop fighting, you two. You know it gives me a headache.

Sorry, Haku. But Sasuke's stealing my role as the narrator!

I'm just trying to keep the facts straight, so you don't make it look like I'm a weak, simple-minded, egotistical pretty boy.

Wow, you just described yourself perfectly...

That was so funny I forgot to laugh.

Why don't you just find someone else to tell it?

-sigh- Fine, fine. Hey, Haku! You can tell it!

I don't know, Naruto...

Aw, c'mon! You know everything, and you won't favor the bastard over my brilliance!

Or glorify Naruto's stupidity.

Alright then. Hello everyone. I am Haku, and I shall be your official narrator. This is a tale mainly centered around Naruto, but Sasuke comes in many times as well. Now, Naruto was never the brightest kid in the bunch although he is extremely skilled with surprise tactics and one-of-a-kind plans (mostly to get in trouble). As you might have already guessed, this will be a documented presentation of his adventures.

A story of his life, if you don't mind the cliched phrase.

AN- okay, I know, very short...but I wanted to get this up before I go to my christmas party!! Longer chapters will follow.