Title- Story of My Life

Chapter 18- The Truth Shall Set You Free

AN- OMFG, I am so sorry you guys! I've been so distracted lately...-headbrickwall- Such a bad authoress I am! And on my honor, I will finish this story. Girl Scout's Honor. Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye. And that really hurts. Trust me. I broke a promise once...-shudders- Never again.

Truth is more of a stranger than fiction. - Mark Twain

Cynicism is an unpleasant way of saying the truth. - Lillian Hellman

All truths pass through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. - Arthur Schopenhauer

I don't understand. Why is he not following us?

Maybe it's not us he wants.

He wouldn't, though!

Remember what he did to our friends before? Time and time again.

We have to help them!

It's too late.

We have to try!

It's just a trap!

They are the only ones that care about us.

...we better hurry.

"I told you already, the brat's sick! Now stop ruining my breakfast before I ruin your face!" Kiba snarled at a Sound prisoner, holding his fork up menacingly. Seeing Shino eye him, the man shrugged. "Hey, I was eating." Looking over at Sasuke, who had taken to sitting at their table, he asked him, "So, where is the Kid anyway?"

Sasuke just glared at him, then focused his attention to his syrup-covered eggs. They were all connected; it was all in front of him, dangling on a hook. A very sharp, deadly hook. The murders, the gangs, Naruto...his mind drifted to the blonde boy. 'That's what he is,' he told himself sharply. 'A boy. An innocent boy.'

But is he really? Another part of him mind chimed in. You don't know anything about him. You didn't bother to ask him, you just snooped.

Lee watched as Sasuke

From the dining hall Kiba could see a group of people walking in the exercise yard. "Hey, Shikamaru. Is that Haku?"

Shikamaru stopped pushing his breakfast across his plate in a bored manner and looked outside. "I don't know. I don't have perfect vision."

"Liar," Kiba muttered. He squinted out the window again. "If Neji were here, he could tell us. Man, it's like that guy can see through walls or somethin'!"

"I wouldn't doubt it."

"What'd you say, pineapple head?"

"...pineapple head?"

"Yeah. You look like a pineapple. And speaking of Neji, I haven't seen him all morning, either..."

"We weren't speaking of Neji, we were speaking of you insulting my-" he stopped and sighed. "I don't feel like arguing with you. Takes too much unneeded energy."

Lee also looked outside. "My friends, I believe that is Neji right there," he pointed.

Kiba stared at something red in the forest. "Hey, what's that-"

Shikamaru looked once out the window, then back at his plate, then did a double-check. His eyes were wide. Something was speeding towards the building nearest to the search party. "What the hell is tha-"


Suddenly the jail was shook with a powerful explosion. Kiba, Shikamaru, and Lee (as well as the other prisoners that had been startled) watched in shock as the huge stone wall of the building exploded, burying the three prisoners (they had all been wearing orange) that had not been able to escape in heavy debris.

Other than a single female prisoner named Cassandra (1), not one of the guards or the prisoners realized how this day would change their lives forever as they raced outside to see more clearly the chaos that was being created.

Gazing around furtively, Naruto scanned the treetops and open area, searching intently for That Man.

Then he saw him. Right there.

Hiding, like always.

And nodding his head to Orochimaru.

Wait, nodding?

How the hell did he get that?

Suddenly, Naruto's blood ran cold, and he realized what they were about to do. Behind the search group was the largest holding building in the jail. Closest to the wall were the remaining Demons. And although he didn't have hawk-eye vision, he could see a three large black objects clinging to the wall.

"NOOOOOOO!" The blonde raced out of his hiding space, screaming. "Inari, Sakura, Haku, run! Doooooooooooon't!"

But it was too late.

As the group looked up, surprised, Orochimaru flashed Naruto an evil grin before pressing some sort of button.

Everything seemed to just move in slow motion, as if for a moment the Fates had decided to make sure that Naruto saw all, heard all, and remembered all that he had caused. All that he had destroyed. The blonde frantically ran, slipping across the loose dirt floor and tripping over rocks, but he always got back up. He was almost there when-


Tsunade pulled Jiraya and Neji out of the way.

The Kamikazes all ran.

But the Demons weren't so lucky. They were too close to run, and they apparently knew that and didn't budge an inch.

Sakura screamed and put her arms over her head in an attempt to shield herself.

Inari stared at the falling wall with terrified eyes and clutched blindly at the arms of his comrades.

Haku pulled them all closer together, silent but afraid, and instinctively forced them all to crouch down as the huge chunks of concrete and steel came raining down on them.

Dust erupted as the debris fell. It engulfed Naruto's friends and raced outward, also encompassing the ones that ran away. Sakura's scream rang through the air.

Finally, there all was quiet. The dust cleared.

Not noticing anyone around him, Naruto just stared in shock at the massive, silent tomb.

As Naruto sped towards them, fear etched across his face, Tsunade realized that something was about to happen. Spinning around, she saw a detonator in Orochimaru's hand. "Holy fuck!" she yelled, but the man simply pressed a button and ran. Grabbing Jiraya and Neji, she pulled them away from the wall forcefully. One thought raced through her mind.

'How the hell did he get all that C4?' (2)


They heard Sakura scream, but kept running. Dust flew past them, making them stop and cough uncontrollably. Then, as the smoke cleared, they could see the prone figure of a mop-headed blonde, hands limp at his side. Tsunade began to get a feeling of dread in the pit of her stomach, and she slowly turned around to look at where his wide eyed stare was pointing to. When she saw the cold mound of debris, she turned around and took a cautious step forward. "Naruto..."

Naruto also took a step forward, but not towards her. He walked slowly and deliberately towards the pile of concrete that hid his last friends from view.

And then he began to laugh.

He laughed loud and clear, wild rambunctious laughter- but that at the same time tears were streaming unnoticed down his cheeks. His blue eyes were wide and astonished and unbelieving; but with each slow step towards the grave of the Demons he took, the more sad and anguish-filled the laugh became, until it was deep sobbing.

No one dared to go near him, he seemed so on the brink of insanity. Sasuke couldn't believe his eyes. How could this be Naruto? The man- no, not a man. He looked like a young man before, but with the tears he turned into what he truly was; he was just a lonely, lost little boy.

"G-guys? This isn't funny. This-this isn't funny at all." Naruto took a few more staggering steps towards his unhearing comrades. Ignoring the glass and steel that sliced his skin, he dropped to his knees in front of the pile. "Come out." He suddenly stood up, wrestled a large piece of concrete from the place it had fallen, and threw it to one side viciously. "I SAID COME OUT!" he screamed. "You said you would stay! You said nothing would happen! I know you're still here, come out!" With every word he spoke he wrenched another rock off the pile until he seemed too tired to yell anymore. " Where are you?" Naruto whispered, his voice hoarse.

Finally Sasuke worked up the courage to walk up to Naruto. Unfortunately, it was at this moment that Naruto suddenly backed up, a look of horror in his tear-filled eyes. "Oh God. I killed them. I-I killed them again. He...he made me! It wasn't me!" He spun around and faced Sasuke, who suddenly got a closer look at Naruto's eyes.

No longer were they a bright blue, or even any shade of blue for that matter. One minute they were a blue-purple color, the next a red violet, then a even, deep shade of purple. His eyes continued to flash these different shades constantly, and in his shock Sasuke stepped back.

Seeing Sasuke back away, the blonde's gaze hardened, and he glared spitefully at Sasuke. "You," he hissed. "You're just like everyone! You don't trust me. Never trusted me! You looked through my things, thought I didn't notice! I'm not stupid!"

Sasuke stopped, at a loss for what to say.

"You all think I'm naive and innocent." Here his eyes once again softened and the anger faltered, making him look lost and confused again. Naruto looked down at his hands, which were bloodied from trying to move stones too strong for him, and said softly, "I killed them. And I enjoyed it.

"Am I really destined to serve him?"

He stopped himself and his head flew up towards the treetops, and he snapped, "NO! I didn't kill them." His eyes glowed with hatred. "He did. And He's here, I know he's here. He must pay, Kyuubi. We finally agree. He must die, and we must kill him. We must! It is what he wants, it is what must be done...No, never...yes, yes," he said, seeming to be impatient with himself. "Whatever must be done, I don't care anymore! No...not anymore..."

Kiba leaned over to Shikamaru and whispered loudly, "He's finally lost it."

Shikamaru just shrugged. "Maybe he never had it in the first place."

"Something strange's happening," Lee informed them softly, tapping them both on the shoulders.

"No shit, Sherlock. Like this entire thing hasn't been strange enough?" Kiba muttered under his breath, but he returned his gaze to Naruto.

Just as sudden and unexpected as the bomb,a strong air currentrushed away from Naruto, and a tremor shook the ground. Those closest fell to the ground to avoid pieces of glass or metal that flew with the strong current. Sasuke, however, let the flying glass cut a gash in his cheek, refusing to move from his spot near the younger man. He wanted to see this for himself, see it and understand it, whatever "it" was. His hair flew wildly in the wind, and then it all stopped.

The arena was eerily silent once again.

The blonde was no longer ranting, or raving, or crying, or screaming, or laughing. He was just standing there calmly, arms crossed over his chest and head bowed slightly. Blonde strands fell over his eyes, blocking them from view. "You win." He stated it as a fact, his voice accepting that this was the truth. "This is the second time. You've succeeded. I have no one left. I'm a murderer. So try and come get your prize, Uchiha."

Tsunade looked at Sasuke, puzzled. "Uchiha?"

Sasuke just stared at Naruto. "What the hell?"

"You did this, you crazy bastard?" Zabuza pushed his way through the crowd. "What the hell is wrong with you!"

"What the hell?" His cellmate repeated.

Orochimaru stepped out of the shadows, an evil grin spread across his face. "My, my. Are you all that dim witted? There is, after all, more than one Uchiha in this world."

"But that's..." Tsunade began, but then her voice dwindled down, "...impossible..."

"...unless Sasuke told the truth, all those years ago." Jiraya's face was pale, his eyes wide. "And he didn't kill his family."

Clap. Clap. Clap.

"Well done, Detective. Once again you amaze me with your skills. It only took you how long to realize this one? Ah, and the real case is still yet to be solved."

Jiraya looked up sharply. "But...that's impossible...how can he...?"

"Those aren't very intelligent words coming out of your mouth, Detective. And really, do you believe that a mere child could have done what he did? Sorry, try again."

Sasuke's hands had clenched into fists so hard that his fingernails were digging into his skin. A look of pure rage and hatred had filled his eyes, which suddenly flared scarlet. "Him," he hissed. His mind banished all thoughts but one- Sasuke must have his revenge. As he began to leap forward, ready to find and kill his brother, a strong hand grabbed onto his arm, pulling him back.

He turned around, swiftly and murderous. Who dared stop him from getting his revenge. He found himself staring at Naruto. "Let go," he said through clenched teeth.

Clawed fingernails dug into his arm. "He's much too strong," Naruto said, sounding sadistically amused. "You'll never beat him. You don't even know how to control yourself."

Fury building in him, Sasuke punched Naruto with his free hand. The boy's face turned to one side with the impact, but he didn't let go. About to punch him again, Sasuke froze. Looking up at him through wild bangs weren't those accusing blue eyes he had seen earlier. They were narrowed, the pupils slitted like a cat's or a fox's, and they were a bright, blood red. An evil, cruel glint had replaced the cheerful, innocent one.

The Naruto-that-wasn't-Naruto smirk, the tips of sharp fangs showing. "Come now," he purred. "What's all this violence? The boy wanted me to save you, you know." Athough he hadn't moved, the Naruto-that-wasn't-Naruto looked Sasuke up and down critically. "I can't honestly see why he's so interested in you. After all, you truly are so much like...him." The smirk vanished, replaced by a look of pure evil, and the voice lost all amusement and became cold and cruel. "You had better leave this to us, or I may forget what the boy had me promise. You may want to revenge your clan, or whatever matter you may have with him; but Uchiha Itachi is our kill." He shoved Sasuke, sending him sprawling on the glass-covered ground. Sasuke stared at his cellmate. Although Naruto was the same size, he seemed taller, more powerful...darker.

Tossing his blonde hair, the Naruto-that-wasn't-Naruto gazed at the crowd with those fear-striking, crimson eyes. His voice took on an arrogant, over-bearing tone, one that was still full of power and fury. "I never truly had any respect for your kind, but I had gained some because of the acts you did for the Boy." He inspected clawed fingernails with distain. "But all it simply vanished. Humans truly are the most ignorant and stupid creatures I have ever met. And yes," he added, turning his gaze towards Neji. "You are still mortals.

"Weak." He began to pace. "Pathetic." Step. "Overcome by 'morals'." He stopped in front of Ino, who froze, terrified. Leaning in, he whispered, "You don't have the guts or the courage to show who you are." Smirking, he lifted a hand and ran it down the shaking girl's cheek. "Don't have the courage to admit you can read minds?"

Everyone seemed to have stopped breathing. Some looked confused, but most looked scared or even hopeful. "Almost all of you are hard-headed and oblivious to the obvious signs around you." He smirked and began to walk in a slow circle. He stopped in front of Shikamaru and stared him straight in the eyes. Red met brown, then Shikamaru winced with pain and clutched his head. "Puny attempt. You haven't tried to posses anyone for a long time, have you? Might've been easier to get out, don't you think?"

"Who are you?"

Naruto tilted his head back and over to glance at Kiba. "What was that?" he drawled.

Although he was shaking, Kiba stood tall and spoke with a strong voice. "What did you do with Naruto? How do you know all this?" He held Akamaru, who was shivering in his jacket, closer to his chest.

Naruto-that-wasn't-Naruto paused for a moment, as if he was lost in thought. Then a slow smile crept across his face, baring his razor sharp fangs. Akamaru whined. "I am Naruto. The Naruto that might have existed, and he might have been what I was. We are of the Possessed." He stated in what could have been an arrogant manner.

Silence met his declaration.

He rolled his eyes and snarled softly, "Honestly, they think they have Sixth Senses?" Putting one hand on his hip, he waved the other around in the air. "I am Kyuubi. I am what you could almost call the inner Naruto, other than the fact that all his supernatural powers come directly from me. In another life, I might have been the outer one, and he would be locked inside with all of our powers. Unfortunately, in the past twenty lives I have been locked away, the only one to remember our past lives. He remembers nothing, and gains a new appearance, a new name, and a new personality. There were some years that were just...joyfully fun for me." He stopped waving his hand around and sighed in remembrance. "Have you heard of Jack the Ripper? Ah, yes, that was a fun life..." Kyuubi coughed. "Anyway, he remembers nothing, I regain everything, and the same thing happens in every one of his lives, and I can never tell him. Which was sometimes quite devastating, let me tell you. I told him not to go to the Colonies to join that colony at Roanoke Island, but did he listen?"

"They don't know what a Sixth Sense is, Kyuubi." Tsunade stepped forward. She was obviously unafraid of the...thing. "They have no clue why this prison was built. All of your mindless chatter is just confusing them even more."

Slowly, Kyuubi turned. The amused, jovial look on his face had vanished, replaced by a fiery hatred that blazed behind scarlet eyes. "It wouldn't be mindless chatter if they had known all along. It never would have gotten this far if they had been told. We wouldn't be forced to hide like dogs if we had know, back then." He tilted his head, blonde hair shifting over glowing eyes. "But that's just 'ifs', isn't it? And we can't go back into the past. Well," Kyuubi chuckled hollowly, "maybe not all of us." He looked out of the corner of his eyes at Jiraya, locking their gazes. "Daisuke Himatoa. He was supposed to meet his grandmother in the park after he got out of school. After three days of searching, a group of children accidentally found his body hidden in the sandbox of a playground near the park.

The cold snarl disappeared from his face and was replaced by a slow-grin, but deep in his eyes the hatred still burned like a coal. Those piercing eyes looked out of their corners and locked gazes with Inspector Jiraya. He inspected his razor-sharp fingernails and, as if he was talking about the weather, recited, " "Daisuke Himatoa, age ten. Brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin, birthmark on his right forearm. Son of the grocer down the street. On April 18, 2009, he was supposed to meet his grandmother in the park after he got out of school. Two months later, his remains were found hidden in the ground underneath the swing set of his elementary school, which was going under construction. He was decapitated, his head on his chest. There was a pattern slashed onto each of his arms and legs." His grin once again vanished, a victim to his never ending mood swings. "Oh yes, I forgot to mention this. Daisuke's mother was committed by her husband after she claimed that she was able to see her son's ghost multiple times, and even speculated that she had been possessed by him for a brief period of time, so that Daisuke could reach someone that he could help."

"What does that have to do with us?" Kiba finally burst. "I may be so scared of you I must be out of my mind to talk to you like this, but I'm so close to losing my mind anyway, with all of this shit you're spouting!"

"What he means is, his small brain doesn't have the capacity to hold all of this confusion," Shikamaru stepped in, his voice low and respectful. It was too much of a pain to be rude to this Kyuubi person, literally.

Kyuubi smirked. With great jumps, he landed on a huge slab of concrete that was at the top of the pile of debris. He clapped his hands together and said with a mock-cheerful voice, "Listen up, children! It's story time!" Surveying the small crowd of people, he began to pace back an forth on the concrete. "Have you ever experienced something strange? Have you been possessed, or can you possess people? Do animals or bugs talk to you? Have you randomly become invisible, walked through walls, been healed miraculously? Do plants grow more quickly around you, and things get set on fire when you're angry? Well, do I have some news for you!" He grinned toothily, baring his fangs. "You have a Sixth Sense, and are hailed by most of the human population as a freak of nature! Not only that, but you're all mindless morons." His voice dropped.

"Each and every one of you here is part of three categories of freaks. You are either A, a Mystique, which means you can heal yourself or other things, you walk through walls, you read minds- physical or mental things. Or you could be B, an Elemental, which means you've got powers with the elements. The main categories for those are water, fire, earth, wind, and metal. Some specialize, like ice, lightning, plants, rocks, animals, or rain. And I highly doubt that any of you, other than the charming, gang-member, mass murderer lurking in the back there are of the Possessed. I am the Possessed. Get it?" Kyuubi scanned his hesitant audience, mirth lining his voice. "Ah, yes, I see the realization dawning in your simple minds. As for this prison," he waved his hand around, "I doubt it was created for any reason other than to create a type of camp, kind of like the ones those Konohanians put the Sound-Konohanians in back in the early Twentieth century (3). Ah, but those were the days," he said to himself, reveling in memories. "The police were so easy to buy off."

"But...this is a prison!" Ino said frantically, her voice high. "We were all convicted! They- they judged us guilty!"

Kyuubi snarled at her. "Foolish girl! Do you actually think that all these people committed these crimes? Most of you were framed, or forced into it, if you remember. Even the guards," he added, an evil smirk on his face. "Every one of you were tricked, cajoled, blackmailed, bribed in one way or another, or forced into a situation that would lead you directly to this prison. Please. Why else would the four countries bind together to make this place? Why would you be allowed the freedom and space that you were given? Think hard, fools. You were manipulated. It really was a conspiracy."

"The Four Countries 'greatest criminals'," Shikamaru said softly, aloud.

Hinata turned tear-filled eyes to Tenten. "Th-they forced me!" she choked out softly. "I-I was kidn-n-napped, and they f-f-forced me to...to..." She blushed with shame and ducked her head.

Tenten put her arms around her young friend, who was now sobbing. "In the orphanage, those two guys came up to me and asked if I wanted a knife..." she mused slowly. "That was my first experience with a weapon. I thought I was just really talented, that I always hit my target with bullets or knives."

"At least my mother won't have to wonder why I had so many ant farms, butterfly kits, and spiderwebs in my room," Shino mused.

"Aw, me 'n Akamaru knew the whole time!" Kiba bragged. "I never thought I was crazy. It must run in the family, right boy?" Akamaru barked in agreement.

All over the yard tears of pain and joy trickled down the inmates faces as they shared with one another what had happened that led them here.

"My mom told me my father was a police officer that was killed in a riot, and I became one too! Then they placed me here!"

"I joined a gang when everyone else on the street did. That old guy in the 7/11 was just my initiation!"

"I ran away with a guy that ended up selling me to a prostitution ring. After five years of it, I tracked down every single one of those bastards and made them regret what they had done. Especially him. Who knew bodies burned so easily?"

"I was a singer at a strip club. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore, and on my last performance. I knocked them dead. Too bad they didn't know I had a killer voice."

The only one that didn't say a word was a dark-haired young man who had wasted the most valuable time in jail on something that he didn't do, to appease a fearful government that he had no wish to harm.

Kyuubi clapped his hands again, more mocking than anything. "Good job! And now, would you like to know who is really responsible for all this? It's a wonderful little group that made the government aware of us, that wants to take over the Four Nations and rule over those who don't have a Sixth Sense. They're the ones..." His eyes narrowed and flashed purple, his voice took on a demonic sound, his voice mixing with Naruto's voice. "...who let me out. So come one, Itachi!" His voice grew louder. "They know everything. You can have your little army now, if they'll even join. And if you don't show up, I'll tell them more of the truth, more of the lies and the things you've done. They'll never join you know, you heartless, no-good-"

"I get the picture." Out of the shadows, a dark shape emerged. The splitting image of Sasuke, but older, with a colder look in his eyes, slowly took form on the tree branch it reclined on. "Quite the little history lesson you gave them, Kyuubi. Are you finished playing teacher with the children, and ready to fulfill your fate?"



1) Whoever noticed Cassandra, I give you Kudos. For those who don't know or didn't notice, Cassandra was a prophetess cursed by Apollo, that she would be able to see into the future but that no one would listen to her. She is also one of the people that tried to warn the Trojans in the legendary Trojan War not to take the horse into the city.

2) Another for-those-who-don't-know, C4 is an extremely powerful and sensetive bomb. And yes, it's what that guy had in his trunk in Rush Hour.

3) Also, Kudos to those who saw the connection between Americans/ Japanese-Americans and Konohanians/Sound-Konohanians.