-Note- I tried to stay away from making the message expressly for Christmas, but these kids are celebrating it, and it does take place on Christmas. I think I'll try and write stories for other holidays, as well.

Featuring Harry, Ron, Ginny, Luna, Seamus, and Lee. Happy holidays, readers!

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For a friend, because she asked.


It was cold. The obligatory Christmas snowball fight had ended, and they leaned over their makeshift battlements, catching their breath.

"I think…" said Ron between breaths, "We're getting too old for this sort of stuff."

Ginny, who was on his team, snorted and threw a snowball at him. He oofed and dusted it off his shoulders. "What?"

"No we're not, you dolt."

He rolled his eyes. "Women."

Ginny turned to Luna, and they exchanged knowing glances. Neither said anything, but they sat down.

Feet appeared in front of them, dark and booted. "Have you given up, then? Surrendered?" It was Harry.

"I thought we called it even."

He sat down and shrugged. Lee and Seamus sprawled themselves unceremoniously beside him, laying in the snow. Lee rolled away from the small group and began to make a snow angel.

"That's what you thought," said Harry. He was smiling, so no one said anything to gainsay him.

Ginny changed the subject. "When's dinner start, anyway? I'm starving."

"Not for another hour or two," said Ron. "Not that we can't get food for ourselves anyway."

Luna showed faint signs of annoyance. "Only because those poor house elves-"

"Will you stop about those?" Harry said, exasperated. "You sound just like Hermione."

Luna shrugged. "Thought I'd say it for her. She's gone home for the holiday, and all."

"Yeah, yeah," said Lee. He sat up in the middle of his angel. "This is my last Christmas here, you know. We ought to throw a party."

Harry laughed. "I think the teachers have already done that."

Lee feigned anger and chucked a snowball at him. Harry dodged it easily.



They sat silent for a while. Luna laid back, her tongue outstretched.

"What…?" said Ron.

Luna answered with something that sounded like, "Cathing thnowthakes."

"Catching snowflakes," said Ginny, drawing a circle in the now with her little finger.

Ron quirked an eyebrow and said nothing.

Ginny's mind turned, as it inevitably always did, to less happier things. Everyone knew what was going on outside of Hogwarts' walls. Everyone had read that morning's Daily Prophet, knew what unfortunate souls had died while they themselves had been safe in their dormitories. Everyone had watched the body count rise.

"It seems horrible…" she began softly. "We're here, thinking about how maybe we're too old for snowball fights, how hungry we are. And people out there…" she pointed a finger vaguely across the lake.

Harry slid closer to her. "There's nothing we can do yet. But we will get our chance." He hadn't told Ginny what Dumbledore had told him after…Sirius had died. She did not know.

"I just feel so awful…"

"I know, I know," he said.

"But it's Christmas," said Ron. "Let's just have Christmas. We can't save the world."

"Well…" said Lee pointedly.

"Hey…" Luna said, her tongue back in her mouth. She swallowed quickly. "Today's Christmas, and last week, it was Hanukah. Miracles, you know?" she paused. "I believe in loads of stuff. But mostly, I believe in miracles. Maybe we can make things better, just not today, and probably not tomorrow, either. Miracles don't happen overnight."

They were quiet.

"Happy Christmas, everyone," said Harry.

"Happy Christmas," Ron agreed. "Let's get inside before we freeze our arses off, shall we?"


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