Welcome To My Life

-Meeko Melodie

Summary: Two years passed since the defeat of the D-Reaper. Thingsare simple but emotions are getting complicated between Ryo and Rika. Not only that, but Rikais also having a bad relationship between she and her stepfather. As in REALLY bad! How does Rika cope with her life when so many thingsare happening in such a rush? Ryo X Rika

Meeko: Hi, everyone! This story might look familiar because I'm just changing a few things in it since it's Christmas and I have nothing to do. Other than that, a few things are added, changed and yea.

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Chapter 1: Inner Feelings and Beautiful Soul

- Rika's Point of View -

I simply could not believe it was already two years after we had defeated the D-Reaper. To be honest, nothing changed much except we had all graduated from elementary school and after the graduation, I moved out to a public high school along with the rest of my friends.

Oh, I almost forgot; Takato Matsuda, of whom I still loved to call Goggle Head, hey, it's hard to change names that were just oh so catchy, and Jeri Katou had finally admitted their feelings towards each other and they were officially going out. Well, sort of, in a way.

On the bright side, at least they had finally told each other; it had been irritating me for quite a while; I mean, look at them, they were practically made for each other.

Another thing that had changed was that Ryo Akiyama, of whom I personally labeled the "annoying jerk", moved out of Shinjuku area to start his last high school year. At first, I was like: good, he could finally get his annoying face out of MY face. But deep down, I knew it wasn't true. Even after I tried to force myself to get his intense blue eyes out of my mind, his face just kept swam back up to me when ever I least expected it to.

The feeling was rather strange, I got to admit. I never had that emotion before; the feeling that I'm not complete without a person. It certainly freaked me out for some time there and I swore it was slowly getting on my nerves for whenever someone mentioned his name, well, let's just say I'm in a bad mood and the people who mentioned his name became my victims.

So that was how my life basically went for two years or so. I lived my own life and Ryo lived his. Sometimes, I even dared to wonder if he had a girlfriendat school.

Not that I care or anything like that. I just... who am I kidding? I do care; I just don't have the guts to tell him.

So now, as I sat in the peaceful park on the last day of my summer vacation, my head was filled with thoughts about, you guessed it, him. Rich, emerald leaves were rustling above my head, and a scent of fresh cut grass wafted under my nose, relaxing my mind.


"What? You're moving?!" Kazu, an auburn haired, kind of tall guy, and Kenta, a boy with glasses who hardly ever picked up a book anyway, half shouted in disbelief.

"Calm down!" Ryo, a lean built teenager with spiky cinnamon locks and intense sky-blue orbs, said. "It's not like I'm going to move to the other side of the earth. I'm just moving to the other side of the city."

"Phew," Kazu sighed in relief, "buddy, you just freaked us out for a minute there."

"Who said 'us'?" out came a cold voice that was WAY too familiar.


"Who do you guys think it was?" Rika said, leaning against the cold wall.

"Hey, you came," Ryo said in an almost exciting voice.

"Duh! Of course I did," Rika snapped in an annoyed tone which was only saved for Ryo.

Ryo shrugged and gave her one of his infamous cheerio smiles. This action immediately irritated Rika as she said, "I heard you're moving, Ryo. And here I was, thinking that you'll move to Iceland or something."

"Not a chance," Ryo said jokingly and smiled once again to her but when his warm cobalt irises met her violet ones, Rika could feel heat coming up to her cheeks.

"Jerk!" Rika muttered as she escaped his eyes, staring at the floor that was oh-so interesting.

-End of Flashback-

School was starting today in all over West Shinjuku and outside West Shinjuku Public High, students were talking and walking in excited chatters. And I was not among them.

Instead, we had all agreed to wait outside the school entrance so we could find our classrooms together. Do we really need that?

"Where's that goggle head?" I asked, impatient as usual," we're going to be late if he does not show up in five god-damn minutes."

"Don't worry," and as usual, Henry said calmly," he'll show up soon enough."

"He better," I muttered under her breath. Sometimes, Henry's calmness might be very useful but I didn't think the present situation would be very helpful. But I guess that was just Henry's character, huh?

Suddenly- "Hey, guys," a certain someone yelled from across the street. I narrowed my eyes and saw a figure with chocolate brown hair rushing towards us.

"Will you hurry up already?" Kazu shouted desperately. When Takato finally reached the tamers, he panted and said, "Sorry, I..." But I cut him off, "Cut the apology, Mr. Matsuda. We are running late as it is."

Kenta looked up at the clock and gasped, "Oh no, only 3 minutes!" We ran as fast as our legs could carry us and managed to find our homerooms in time. It must've been a miracle.

A few days had passed. We all adapted to our new classes pretty well and I didn't expect anything unusual would happen on this particularly hot September day. However, as we had all learned in our lives, things were not always how they seemed to be.

During history lesson when Henry and I were sitting together, the teacher was literally torturing the class with the information of World War 2. The whole class seemed to be asleep except for a few who were occasionally jotting down a note or two.

For me? Well, what do you expect? I wasn't a person who people called history-crazy. So I just stared at the stack of paper on my desk of which I was supposed to write down the notes. I took out my pencil and wrote down on one of the pages: Ryo Akiyama.

For a moment there, I didn't know what the hell was going on as I just kept staring at the pencil marks but when I suddenly realized something and an "Oh, fuck!" came out of the blue in the quiet, sleepy classroom.

"Excuse me?" the teacher turned her head sharply towards the direction and her piercing eyes rested on me," Miss Nonaka, are you paying attention to the lesson at all?" I sighed inwardly. The class sneered except for Henry, who just looked at me with a surprised expression on his features.

"Oh, they'll pay for this," I thought angrily as the class still continued with their stupid giggles.

"No," I mumbled.

"Excuse me?" the teacher said, walking closer.

"No, Miss Kirasu, I didn't pay attention during the whole fuckin' lesson, all right?" I shouted hotly, unable to control the restlessness in my heart and had to let it all out. Unfortunately, it was aimed towards the teacher.

"Rika Nonaka!" the teacher was shocked, "this is no way to speak to me, you understand? And watch your tongue! Go stand in the hall way now." I stood up and in an unusually calm nature even I didn't know possessed and marched out of the door.

"This is the first warning to you, Miss Nonaka. You go out and think about what you have done wrong," Miss Kirasu said sternly," the third, you'll pay a visit to the principal." Pretending I didn't hear the teacher's words, I stood outside facing the ancient wall.

However, thinking about that 'mistake' was the only thing I didn't do as my thoughts instantly started to click to place.
"What am I doing?" I asked myself, staring hard at the little lines on the wall. Like that would help anyway. "Why am I thinking about Ryo Akiyama in history class?" I asked myself again, "and why am I even crazy enough to write down his name?" This was going to take some time tofigure an answer out.

-Lunch Time-

The cafeteria was crowded with students as I took a seat alone on a table in the far corner where people were not able to notice me. 'Or not,' I thought as I heard someone yelled my name. But as my feelings being low as it was, I ignored it and hoped with all my heart to go away. I was not exactly in the best of mood at the moment.

So here I was, pretending to be pondering about something; the truth was, I was deeply in thought about that brown haired whats-his-name. Damn it! 'Why in the seven hells couldn't I get him out of my stupid head?'

"Is this seat taken?" that person asked. I gasped silently; that voice... Yet, I appeared to be deaf and was staring at the food on the table, ignoring him altogether.

"Earth to Rika," he called a little louder, waving his hand in front of my face and that startled me.

"Huh?" I said, looking around and found myself looking at a certain someone's ashen gray eyes, "oh, hello Henry."

"Hey to you," Henry said, as he sat himself beside me and took out a sandwich.

"You got something in your mind?" Henry asked casually, taking a bite out of his sandwich.

"Damn you, Henry. Why is it that you know everything?" It never seized to amaze me as to how Henry was always the know-it-all and no, I meant that in a good way. It looked as if the only person who could understand my feelings was him.

"Because of what you did during history class today," Henry explained, "it's pretty obvious."

"Oh," was my only reply; I could feel hotness creeping on my cheeks; it was not fun when someone found out something you wished to hide. Looks like that was not going to happen. Not with Henry around anyway.

"What happened?" Henry asked, getting back to the topic.

"It's nothing," I replied with a careless shrug, trying to get back to my wonderfully looking food. Henry looked at me closely with anxiety in his eyes. I shifted slightly in my seat but revealed nothing. It would take more than a worthless stare to get me talking.

"Really, it's nothing to worry about," I assured him.

"If you're sure," Henry said. He knew it. Both of us knew I was hiding something, but he understood me. I was thankful for such a compassionate friend.

"Henry! Rika!" a loud voice which I swore I knew it from anywhere because of its annoying tone, suddenly cut through the peaceful silence between us. I groaned in exaggeration as I heard Kazu's aggravating voice.

"What are you two doing here, alone?" Kazu questioned, as the rest of the tamers closely followed and he was emphasizing the last word.

"What do you think genius?" I said in a sarcastic tone that I loved so much as I continued," Hmm... let's see. What would someone do in a cafeteria?" Kazu ignored my sarcastic remark as he said teasingly," Ryo is going to be jealous."

At the word 'Ryo', my cheeks started to glow the tiniest pink without so much of my noticing and I snapped uncharacteristically, " Who gives a shit about Akiyama anyway?"

"But Akiyama gives a shit about you," Kenta copied my sentence. Now I'm really irritated, "Anyone mentions Ryo's name again, they'll be history!" I sounded so deadly that even Kazu and Kenta shut their big mouths. Smirking in a satisfy manner, I marched out of the noisy cafeteria in order to gain some time alone and in peace. I desperately needed that after the commotion.

-After School-

Students filed out from the school ground when the bell rang at 3:30. I was walking home by myself. As I was pacing on the sidewalk, the question shot at my wandering head again and again. I was beginning to get a headache from it.

"Why did I have this weird feeling inside me whenever someone mentions Ryo?" This feeling never occurred to me before towards Ryo or any other boys in this case.

The first time we met was on a Card Game Tournament where Ryo beat me. I still couldn't believe it, but I guess I should just accept the reality. Damn reality! The second time we met was in the Digital World last year. At that time, I was being totally rude to him but later, when we joined forces to fight against the D-Reaper, we became good partners and since then, I felt weird around him. But I just couldn't figure out the whole thing. It was a peculiar feeling.

-On the other side of the town-

- Ryo's Point of View -

I rushed out of my school, pulling my girlfriend, Grace, along with me into the deserted part of the street. I had been with her for almost a year now, since I moved out of West Shinjuku, since I moved away from my friends; from her.

'Rika,' the name sounded so sweet even in my head right now, even though the one I was holding was another girl.

But that was the point of my move, to forget about her. To forget about her enchanting violet irises, her rare smiles, her beautiful soul.

I won't let another minute go to waste

I want you and your beautiful soul.

It was almost impossible, but I found someone. Grace. I was still not sure if she was the one, but so far, I had been able to get her out of my mind.

The thing was, I would really just want Rika to be my kid sister, and friend. But lately, I had a feeling that she wasn't feeling the same way. Call it instinct but I was never wrong in this type of situations before; I just did not wish to hurt her, such an untainted soul. I was afraid that I might lost control and surrender to her pure eyes, that simple request.

Quickly, I removed the tickling keys out from my pocket and stuck it into the key hole, almost menacingly opened the door. Grace was still looking at me questioningly but I cut her short by placing a forceful kiss on her lips.

She was stunned for a second but we managed to make it to the sofa, where I threw my backpack and books carelessly on to the floor. Right now, I just wanted to forget.

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