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Chapter 3: Long Night and Inner Struggles

-Rika's Point of View-

The walk to Henry's apartment seemed to last forever in the never-ending rain. It never appeared to be that long before, or maybe I just didn't notice, or maybe it was the damn rain in the end. Whatever it was, by the time I reached the roofed part of the front door, I was dripping water from head to toe. The sharp air conditioned breeze unsheathed its blade along my wet skin as I stepped from the outside and into the front hall; I shivered violently despite the protest in my mind.

Cautiously, under the suspicious gaze from the guard, I walked towards the elevator and pressed the button. It lighted up as the machine sprang into life. I tapped my foot on the carpeted ground, making dulled, continuous thumping noises in the silence.

Relieved as I heard the ding from the arriving ride, I stepped in and let it flew me upstairs. On the way up, I really, truly could not stand the freezing drips from my hair bleeding further on to the back of my sticking shirt; so I loosened my ponytail and twisted the locks like a wet towel.

I watched with slight satisfaction as rivers of rain water splashed on the newly polished elevator floor.

I really didn't give a crap about anything at the moment. Let alone a wet floor, which was initially caused by me anyway.

Finally got to the door of Henry's residence, I had a sudden urge of leaving again, not wanting to bother anyone with my own stupid problems that didn't concern any of them. But the stubborn thought again struck inside my skull, 'I can't go back. I can't let him get the satisfaction that he is right and I'm wrong. I can't.'

With that solely in my mind, I knocked on the door.

-Henry's Point of View-

Expecting her, I answered the door.

However, I must say, I didn't expect the level of wetness she got herself into. Her usual locks of eye catching fox red gleamed at the light of the hallway with moisture; individual drips of water continued to dangle on her bangs and exposed arms; her damp t-shirt stuck to her body, hugging all her figures and I swore I could pour out a good deal of water from her drench runners.

She was trying to hide the fact that she was shivering from cold, but I could tell from her slightly chattered teeth and biting of pale lips that she was indeed, losing her normal temperature and that, if she did not warm herself soon, she would get herself a cold. I smiled inwardly at her attitude, 'that's Rika Nonaka for you alright.'

That was how wet she was.

I quickly ushered her in.

She looked unsure; I didn't know why. Did she not trust me? I tried to ignore that useless question as I led her towards the bathroom.

"Stay here," I instructed her, not that she was always a person who followed instructions, but the coldness must had gotten to her as she nodded numbly, looking somewhat lost. I ventured into my parents' room, pulling at various drawers and finally located what I was looking for.

"Here," I handed her the shirt and sweatpants that belonged to my mother. She was still looking at me with a lost, empty space in her violet irises; you might think it was stupid but when I said I could just lost myself into those bright, lilac-colored eyes of her, I really meant it.

Okay, you could stop laughing now.

"Go in and take a hot shower," I suggested, "you'll not want to get a cold."

She took the clothes from me speechlessly, her freezing fingers slightly brushed against my contrasting warm hands during the process and I looked away as naturally as I could. I didn't say anything further, because I knew she would tell me if she wanted to and when she was ready to.

I let her go.

She was in there for forty five minutes; somehow, I didn't think she usually needed all that time to take a shower back at her own place; something was definitely wrong. She usually wouldn't be wandering around the street without any signs of purpose either, but she just did. Rika had been, and was always a girl with a determined spirit. Yet, from her dreary and adrift expression, I guessed that something must have happened with her family.

'Another step dad-step daughter fight maybe?' I thought in my head. There had been lots of those these days, especially after the marriage between her mother and the man named Haruto. I wouldn't give misleading comments because I didn't understand half of the things that had happened. Lately, I had sensed one of those from Rika's shift of emotions at school; but it was never this strong before as she had to run away from home.

I was so deep in thought, staring at the blinding white ceiling of my room, that I didn't notice the presence of an awaiting Rika, dressed in the clothes that I gave her. She gave me a smile; her smiles were rare, I could tell you this much and as corny as this might sound, I would enjoy making her smile more often when she was down. One of these days, I swore I would become insane if I keep thinking these thoughts whenever Rika was around me. I swore to God I would. Hey, it was always possible, though I really hope not.

Okay, change of topic would be good right about now.

"Would you like to come in?" I invited her into my space. She hesitated for a short second before setting foot, somewhat cautiously into my room. Neither of us said anything; it wasn't awkward or anything, thank goodness. It was just another one of those comfortable silences, the waiting silence, the pausing silence.

She settled herself on the wooden ground, her back supported by the wall parallel by me while I stayed in my position on my bed.

"Aren't you going to ask me what happened?" she finally spoke. I was still not sure if this was the cue for me to ask the important questions; you could never really tell with Rika.

"You will tell me when you're ready," I told her instead as I lay on my bed with my hands behind my head.

"You're right, Henry," Rika said, I could hear the smile in her voice. Everything was silent between us once again. It lasted for so long that I just lost track of time; anyway, staring at the ceiling and not saying anything did that to people, especially me. I didn't know how much time had passed but when I turned towards Rika to ask her if she was sleepy yet, I was facing an already sound asleep girl, breathing deeply and steadily.

I let a smile grazed my lips as I picked myself up and got on the ground as silently as a cat. As gently and slowly as I could, I slipped one of my arms under her legs and lifted her up, making way back to my bed. I was planning to lay her down and let her have my bed for the night before heading out to the living room to take the couch but as I tried to place her down on the comforter, something stopped me.

She had her arms wrapped around my neck, quite tightly, I had to admit, and after putting her completely on the bed, she still hadn't let go. Untangling her arms was hard work, not that it accomplished anything at the end. After a few minutes of uncomfortable rumbling, I still have her arms around my neck as firm as before. I sighed.

Just when I was thinking how else I could untangle myself from her, a tug from her strong arms brought me down; I was as stiff as a board as I froze beside the slightly snoring figure lying beside me so close that I could smell the rose bath that she had used tonight. 'Oh, how I hate myself.'

'Great, now how am I going to... oh, shit,' I thought as she rolled towards me, her head lying dangerously near my beating heart. Oh God, I wish I could die just then. Couldn't figuring out what to do, while privately enjoying this short moment of close distance, I didn't let my thoughts drift any further. I understood the danger of all this; for one thing, Rika would probably beat the crap out of me the next morning when she found herself beside me and on my bed and for another, I'm afraid I would lost control.

I knew I could, although I tried not to let myself do so but it was hard. It was hard then, with Rika just in my view and this closeness thing didn't make it any easier for me.

I was that scared.

'This is going to be a long night.'

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