Introducing Kohaku, Haruko and Akemi!

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Summary: Have you ever wondered what it would be like if me and my two friends entered Hogwarts? How would my friends and I be brought in? What if Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape paid a visit to the muggle school? What chaos would happen then?

Warnings: Lots of hyper girls, loads of drama, OOC characters, cursing


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Chapter 3 - A pureblooded mess


I woke up an hour later, only to find that Draco had left a note was on his pillow. I took it out and read it. It said:

Hey sis,

Sev and I just went to get the rest of your things. The only thing you need to get is your wand, but you looked so peaceful I decided to let you sleep. We should be back soon. I'll see you in the Great Hall.


I smiled. When I looked around, I noticed I was in the Slytherin girl dormatories. Snape must have allowed Draco to stay because usually boys aren't allowed in girls' dormitories.

I yawned, stretched and looked around. No one seemed to be there at the present time, not even Haruko, so I walked over to the door, but I heard voices on the other side. My heart quickened.

"I wonder why Draco and Snape are being so nice to the new exchange students,"I heard a voice say. Must be Pansy Parkinson. I heard she was a Slytherin. Cough. More of a Slytherin Slut if I say so myself.

"Maybe Draco likes her,"I heard another girl say. I couldn't figure out who that one was. But, me, and Draco? EW! Last time I checked, he had someone, didn't he? (A/N: see end note!)

"Yeah, well, if he is, I'm kicking that girls ass to hell and back,"Pansy hissed.

I glared. She won't get away with that. I have more magic than I let on. I can also control the elements and I can do wandless magic. But they don't know that, and it won't do them any good about knowing it either.

"Anyway, I think we should get to the Great Hall, Kish. I think I hear someone coming,"Pansy said.

Kish? Do I know anyone with the name Kish? It must be a first-year Slytherin, or someone who I've never heard of. I went over to a notice-board and looked at the Slytherin House. Kisha Millard was her name, I found out. Kish must be a nickname. There was no picture beside her name, so I have NO idea on what she looks like.

I saw another notice on the board.


If you would like to try out for the Slytherin Beaters, or Chasers position, tryouts are on Saturday at 2pm. See Marcus Flint(A/N: Is he the Slytherin Captain??) for entering and what you want your position to be.'

Hmm. Maybe I should try that. I like the Chaser position. They pass around the Quaffle and try to get it through one of the three hoops, while the keeper defends the hoops. Let's just hope I can do it well.

I heard Haruko coming up the stairs to the dormitories, so I kept on looking at the Quidditch tryout notice board. My latest broom, well, I have none. But I have alot of money, so maybe I can buy one.…

"Hey, Kohaku, you're back!"Haruko greeted.

"Yeah, well, I was asleep for an hour here,"I said. "Draco and Severus brought me here."

"What happened?"

"Father was in Madam Milkins robes' shop."

"What did he do?"

"He used the Crucatius curse on me, the one that's used to torture people,"I sighed, but then grinned. "But Sev and Draco took care of him, hopefully, cause I never saw his filthy face again."

"Did you get everything?"

"Well, I was unconscious after the second Crucio but I only got my robes before I fainted. Draco left me a note saying they'd get everything but a wand, I'd have to do that myself.''

"That Olivander guy is creepy, just like in the movie,"Haruko said.

"What's your wand?"

"Hair of a unicorn, 10 inches, flexible,"she answered. (A/N: Sorry, I am noooo good with these!)

"What about Akemi?"

"We're sisters, but we're in different houses. She got Griffin hair, 12 inches, nice and supple,"Haruko answered.



"I thought Griffin hairs were rare?" (A/N: is that true? I'm making it up so!)

Who knows, she's in Gryffindor, so it fits, I guess,"Haruko said.

"Yeah, well, want to go to Olivanders with me tomorrow to get my wand?"I asked.

"Sure, why not now?"

"Supper in the Hall,"I answered.

"Oh, right!"


In the Great Hall, Haruko and I sat next to each other. Severus was back, but Draco wasn't at the table. Odd. Neither were Pansy and Kisha. I hope those bastards didn't do anything to him.

"Hey, Haruko?"I asked.


"Draco and Pansy and Kisha aren't back."

"I know who Pansy is but who's Kisha?"

"Kisha Millard, I heard her name was on the notice board. They seem attached to Draco and I overheard them talking about plans. Neither of them are here and neither is Draco,"I replied. "I'm worried."

"Let's go check it out, then,"Haruko said.

We both left the Great Hall, Severus eyeing us. (A/n: WHY DOES IT HAVE TO RHYME?)


Haruko and I made our way to the Slytherin Common Room, where we heard voices and screaming bloody murder. Draco was in trouble! That was his scream! I'd know it anywhere!

"Haruko, that was Draco!"I exclaimed, running, opening the door, to find the shock of my life. Draco was on the floor, breathing heavily, and covered in blood from head to toe. And in front of me, were Pansy Parkinson and Kisha Millard, two pure blooded witches who were too proud of their heritage to care for others.

"Ah, look who it is, mudbloods!"Pansy screeched. "I can't believe Snape let two mudbloods like you in here!"

I could tell Draco was unconscious, so I yelled "I am not a mudblood, because--"

"Because why?"Pansy asked.

"Lucius Malfoy is my father!"I exclaimed, which made Pansy and Kisha stop dead in their tracks, for Kisha just pointed her wand at Draco.

My eyes were glazed with a burning fire. "Touch him anymore and die."

Pansy and Kisha were too scared to say anything. Their parents were death eaters. I don't care if they are or if they aren't, they can't do anything to me.

"How do you know Lucius Malfoy is your father?"Pansy sneered. "He could be just lying!"

"How can he be lying if Lucius knew me the second he walked in my muggle school, and that Dumbledore told me this information?"I sneered back.

"A PUREBLOOD IN A MUGGLE SCHOOL?!"Pansy shrieked. "What has the world come to?!"

"I had to be raised by my mother who wouldn't let me go anywhere near magic for that reason! I always knew about magic the second I turned 5!"


"No more questions!"I spat. "Get the hell out of my face! If I see you anywhere NEAR Draco again, I'll rip off your heads and feed them to the nearest Hippogriff around! I'm sure he'd be glad to have to Purebloods for lunch."

They ran off screaming Snape's name. He won't save them. Not when he finds out what they did to Draco.

Haruko was speechless. "Wow…Kohaku, you just stood up to two pureblood-ass witches!"she exclaimed. "Awesome!"

I picked Draco up gently in my arms, not really paying attention to her. He groaned. He opened an eye, saw me, and smiled painfully.

"Did you…"he coughed.

"Yes,"I said worriedly. "Don't talk unless necessary, Draco. You're hurt."

I walked down towards the Infirmary, Haruko following me. Blood was going everywhere on the floor, so I magically cleaned it up whenever some fell, so we would not get in trouble with Filch. I felt a hand on my shouler, and turned to see Snape.

"Kohaku, I heard from Parkinson that…"his eyes widened when he saw Draco and ran over to him. He looked up at me. "They did this?"he asked.

I nodded.

"Oh, they'll be having detentions for two months, plus suspension,"he glared at no one in particular. Draco was unconscious now, so Severus tried to move him to carry him to the Infirmary, but he wouldn't let go of my robes. He clutched them like a life line. I looked at Severus, who sighed, nodded, and walked away.

"Parkinson and Millard sure aren't on his good list anymore,"Haruko said.

"Yeah,"I said. "If he were Santa Claus, I bet that at least 50 people would get a lump of coal, and only like 5 percent of us would get presents."

"50 perecent being those two and everyone from Hufflepuff and Gryffindor."

I grinned at the Hufflepuff one. "Yep. Definitely."

"Anyway,"Haruko started. "Let's get him to the Infirmary before he gets in worse condition."


We walked to the Infirmary in a hurry, hoping, just hoping, Draco was all right.


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