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Sept. 19, 2004

Trouble In Paradise.

Chapter 1: Espresso woes

Robin sat morosely in the kitchen of the drab apartment, sipping at a cup of scalding espresso and regarding the walls intensely. A dull, washed out, beige-ish colour, lifeless and worn. Much like her feelings, at the moment.

He was always mad at her. Perhaps that was the only way he could be happy, by making everyone around him absolutely miserable. Robin had no idea how two brothers could be so completely different – Nagira was always a lot of fun, always smiling and making her feel better.

Stupid her for falling in love with the wrong one.

Amon… Tall, dark, and handsome Amon. Brooding, sullen Amon. There was something definitely flawed in the female psyche to make that frosty absence of emotion infinitely desirable.

The sound of a key turning in the lock woke her from her reverie, to find the coffee mug she held clenched in her hands had gone cold. She scowled at it, swirling the now-frigid liquid inside despairingly.

"Who is it?" She called softly, rising from her chair, skirts swirling around her ankles. She peered into the hallway tentatively, worried that she would confront her irate warder, and find herself yet again at the receiving end of his disapproval.

No one was there.

Robin frowned. She knew she had heard somebody come in… and yes, the door was slightly ajar. What…?


A hand covered her eyes from behind; another one wrapping around her tiny waist and pulling her roughly back into a swift embrace. Startled, Robin let out a thin shriek, dropping her cup. It shattered against the wooden floor.

"Nagira!" She said in quiet remonstration, though secretly glad that he had shown up.

He grinned sheepishly, rubbing one hand through his hair. "Sorry about that, babe… here, I'll get it…"

He gathered up the pieces of broken porcelain carefully, as Robin returned to the kitchen to make a fresh batch of espresso. With a soft sigh, she pulled a new mug out of the cupboard, thankful that Nagira hadn't broken her favourite one yet.

"You making more of that god-awful stuff you call coffee?" he inquired, stepping past her to toss the shards into the garbage.

Robin frowned at him. No one insulted her espresso. Not even Amon would go that far.

"Whoa, ok, ok! I give in!" Nagira raised his hands defensively and backed away. "It's just that, in my mind, anything that's strong enough to take off the roof of your mouth should at least have some alcoholic content, kid."

"I like it," came the prim reply.

Nagira laughed. "Well, call me a cretin, but I'm going to pass, and mosey on over to the liquor stash."

Robin glanced over her shoulder. "We don't have any— oh."

Nagira waving a bottle of amber liquid triumphantly cut her off.

"Guess you don't know my little brother very well, hmm…?" he teased.

A shuddering sigh ran though her slight form. The coffee mug fell into the sink, followed by the newly brewed espresso. Sniffling slightly, Robin reached into the cupboard again, procuring two shot glasses.

"Um… Robin? Have you ever had scotch before…?"

"Shut up, Nagira."

He raised one eyebrow at her outburst. Robin never told anyone to shut up… it just didn't seem right, coming from her. She was so small, so timid, so freakin' polite all the time. If she lost her temper a bit more often, perhaps Amon would finally listen to her.

Nagira smiled devilishly, thinking of his baby brother…a plan was coming to mind, one worthy of the great Sneaky Lawyer Genius that he was. Humming slightly to himself, he followed Robin to the living room, splashing scotch idly into the two glasses.

Robin downed the shot in one gulp, then gasped and clutched at her throat, coughing madly, tears squeezing out from her green eyes.

Nagira laughed, raising his glass in salute. "Good shit, isn't it? Amon always did have taste when it came to booze."

"St—st—strong!" Robin managed to wheeze, before coughing again.

"Here," Nagira refilled her glass, "Take it a little slower this time. God, Amon would kill me if he knew I was getting you drunk."

"Who cares?" she snapped in reply, eyeing the bitter liquid warily.

"Oooo-kay," he relented, "We don't care what Amon thinks. That's a good start…." He leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. "How has he been treating you?"

"Fine." Robin replied softly, all defiance burned out of her. 'He acts like I've destroyed his life, but it's true, isn't it? He wouldn't be here if it wasn't for me…" She stared down at the shot glass cradled in her hands, watching the lights dance over its rippling orange surface.

Nagira observed the sad expression that settled over the young witch's face like mist covering the sun. Amon, you bastard…got to cheer her up…

"So, have you guys done it yet?" He remarked cheerfully.

Robin's head shot up, eyes wide, her cheeks flushing a deep shade of crimson. "No!" She exclaimed quickly, mortified. "I mean, Amon doesn't think of me that way, we haven't… we aren't…"

"Damn, you're living with a cute morsel like this, and you haven't even tried to go all the way with her?" Nagira demanded of his absent brother, "Jesus Amon, if I didn't know better, I'd think you were gay."

Robin stared at him, open-mouthed. "Amon's not gay," she whispered.

Nagira smothered a laugh at her insistence. She really was adorable, the way her cheeks coloured at the slightest mention of his idiot brother. She was so naïve about some things… and she was more shocked by the insinuation that Amon wasn't straight than the fact that his brother thought they should get it on.

"No, he's not," he relented amenably, "and I guess he's not a sleaze like me, either. So… trouble in paradise? Well, fear not, darling, Nagira's here!"

"He doesn't like me very much." She confessed softly, her normally quiet voice reduced to the barest whisper, as she ducked her head, bangs shielding her eyes.

She's going to cry over you, and it's not the first time, is it, Amon? Nagira thought angrily. "Hey! None of that. No tears allowed over a prick like Amon. Let's be happy drunks, all right? Drink that up now, and I'll get you properly smashed."

She blinked blearily at him, sniffling slightly. "But Amon would get really mad at us…"

Nagira smiled, fishing out a handkerchief for the younger girl, "What happened to all the defiance you were showing earlier, eh? Who gives a damn about Amon?"

"Who gives a damn…" she repeated thoughtfully, sipping at her scotch.

"That's more like it." Nagira settled back in his chair, lighting up a cigarette, and observing the timid girl through a cloud of pungent blue smoke. "Now, how about you tell me what the problem is?"


Robin frowned with some difficulty into the bathroom mirror, swaying ever so slightly. She blinked repeatedly; as though she wasn't entirely sure who it was she was looking at.

Nagira smothered a laugh, something he was becoming ever more adept at over the past couple of hours, as he had felt the need to do so more and more often.

Robin made an… interesting drunk. In fact, there really wasn't that much of a change in her demeanour to the casual eye. Her smile was a little vacant perhaps, her clear eyes a tad out of focus, but she still spoke in the same prayer-like whisper, still kept herself very still and proper.

Nagira sighed happily. It was so much fun fucking with people whose inhibitions had flown out the proverbial freakin' window.

…Doing her makeup would be the best part.


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