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Chapter 7: Ungentle Remonstration

"Amon...buddy...come on, you're my little brother! I mean, blood has to count for something, right? More than spilling it in a fit of childish pique, at least... don't you agree? What did I do wrong, honestly? Honestly?! I mean, I just was playing cupid, it's not as if you were ever going to grow the balls to do anything about a gorgeous girl like that living under your roof, madly in love with you. I mean, it was practically your duty to...well, you know. Whoa. What are you gonna do with ? NO! No, don't Amon, I mean it, you'll regret it lat – put the gun down. Put it down, Amon. Amon...? AMON"


Robin sat sleepily in the kitchen of the drab apartment, sipping at a cup of scalding espresso and regarding the walls intensely. A dull, washed out, beige-ish colour, lifeless and worn, perfect for the headache that pounded at her temples without any mercy.

Amon came into the house suddenly, slamming the door behind him.

There was the faint sound of shattering china.

"Shit!" Robin cursed as the reverberations echoed in her battered brain. Not one to swear, she quickly clapped one hand to hermouth, staring forlornly at the floor.The noise had startled her so badly that her favourite coffee cup was now lying in pieces on the tile, a dark brown stain seeping out around the pale china fragments.

She was still scowling at it when the errant trench-coated culprit entered the kitchen. The glare was abruptly transferred.

"You're awake." Amon noted by way of greeting.

"You broke my cup." Robin pointed out right back. "I liked that cup. It was my favourite cup."

Amon handed her the blistering glare right back with the ease of long practice. "Well you drank all of my favourite whiskey last night."

"Ugh" Robin pressed one hand to her temples. "Don't remind me. I don't remember anything that happened last night... something tells me I don't want to."

Amon turned from getting his own cup of coffee sharply. "Nothing? You don't remember anything?"

"Don't yell." Robin replied crossly. "No, I don't."

The silence stretched out between them. Eventually Robin glanced up again to see Amon staring blanklyat something she couldn't see.

"Why do you ask?"

Amon sighed, shaking his head. " was nothing."

"Wasn't Nagira supposed to come over today"

Amon's face darkened noticeably. "No. He is not."

Robin watched him storm out of the kitchen, and sighed to herself, bending to gingerly gather the fragments of the mug. He was always mad at her for some reason or was just no fair.

It was just trouble in paradise.


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