'This is a poem connected to a story

I'm writing at the moment. Please review and let me know what you think.

It's a Gohan/Mirai?Trunks story. This poem is written by Gohan to Trunks'

All those times I smiled when I felt so out of place,

All the times I ran my fingers up and down your face.

For everytime you turned away,for every night I've cried.

For all the times I hurt you, and for all those times I lied.

Every time you kissed me, everytime I lost my breath,

For everytime I never thought about what would happen next.

For everytime I was lost in the moment, just holding on to you,

For everytime you spoke me to me, and swore it was the truth.

All the times you held my hand and listened to me cry,

All those times you left me confused and wondering why.

I just want to thank you, in my own little way,

For all the memories I have, the ones I take away.

So how do you like it? My poetry I call art,

because every single sentance has a piece of my heart.

And after everything I've done, and all you've helped me see,

This is what I leave you with - My simple memory ...