The clack of keys echoed in the empty classroom. Seto Kaiba was the only one in there, typing away at his laptop, as usual. Lost in repairing several bugs for his new duel disk systems, he didn't hear the door slide open. Nor, did he notice it was his greatest rival walking in.

"Ohayo Kaiba-kun!" Came Yuugi's cheerful voice. Seto looked up, giving the smaller boy a cold stare, before focusing his attention on his work. "What are you doing here this early? It's an hour before class starts." Yuugi inquired with a curious glance. "And you're usually not here today.."

"How would you know that?"

"I come early on this day. To play checkers." He added that part for an unknown reason.

"With.. who?" There was clearly no one else in the classroom.

"Myself." He looked at the cerulean eyes that gave him a funny look. "It's not weird. I bet you duel your own deck all the time." Seto stayed silent. What Yuugi said used to be true. Nowadays, he set his duel bot with Yuugi's deck, still trying to find a weakness, so he could crush him in the next duel, and reclaim his title as top duelist.

He watched the tri-colored-haired boy pull out a checkerboard, and started playing, with a bit of interest. Why does he seem so.. happy? "Wanna play?" That cut his thoughts and Seto gave a blink, before realizing he had been staring at the red and black board longer than he expected. The answer came out of his mouth before he could stop himself. "Yes." He wanted to take it back, but the grin on Yuugi's face as he set the checkerboard on his desk (after Seto had put his laptop away) made him somewhat.. pleased.

"I'll be red and you can be black." After a few moments of shuffling around the pieces, Yuugi moved one forward. Seto made his opening move and the game began. About five minutes later, both realized they were almost evenly matched, the taller one being the better.

But as their game continued, Seto noticed his opponent would smile every time Yuugi captured one of his pieces. Not an evil smile, but a smile that gave you a light, airy feeling.

Soon, he would give his pieces away in a sneaky manner, as not to let Yuugi suspect him of losing purposely, just to see that smile.. And with a giggle, the younger boy declared, "I win. Wanna play another?" He was smiling again and it gave Seto a weird feeling. He gave a nod, but then the door slid open once again.

"Yuugi! I made you a bento!"

"Really Anzu-chan? Can I see it?"


More teens piled into the classroom and noise level rose from 'peaceful' to 'concert' in about 3 seconds. Seto's eye gave a twitch. He liked the quiet. He glanced over at Yuugi and sighed. He had a feeling that he'd be watching for that smile again.

Because at that moment, he realized if he was in love with anybody's smile, it would be Yuugi's.