Summary: Post-DVC. Sophie Neveu has been kidnapped, leaving only a confusing and cryptic message that her brother can't decode. But then Robert Langdon comes along . . .

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"Don't kill anyone." the man mused. Half an hour ago, he had received a phone call from the 'operator,' telling him to go to a nearby café. Surprised and pleased, he had gone.

"You'll need these." the operator said, putting a passport, a wallet full of British money, and a sleek, black 9-millimetre on the table between them.

"Is this full?" he had asked, picking up the gun and examining it closely.

"Of course not." the operator frowned. "This is to be a silent operation. No shots will be fired, no evidence left behind."

"If you say so." he sighed, caressing the gun's smooth surface longingly. He was an assassin. Killing was what he did best. "You mean I can't hurt anyone?"

"Do what you need to do to make this thing work. But don't kill anyone."

Don't kill anyone.

He slipped a pack of six bullets from his pocket and slipped them into the empty chambers one by one, hearing a satisfying click and feeling a pang of undeniable guilt each time.

There was no sense in not being prepared.

- - - -

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