(Chapter 1)

The morning sun rose and creeped into the room of a young woman, who mind you, was sleeping peacefully. Or atleast, she WAS.
A loud slam of a door immediately woke the girl from her slumber. She pulled a house coat over her body, and walked to the main room of her new home.

// Must have been Amon...//

To say that Robin was suprised was a lie. She heard it every morning. Amon would leave to go to work, which he still left a mystery to her.

Her beautiful, but sleep ridden face contorted with a yawn. Robin Sleepily walked to the kitchen, looking tiredly at the note that was left by the coffee maker.


Don't forget: Nagira is to arrive today.


She sighed. It was aweful that only Nagira knew where they were. He was the only one she could see from home. It wasn't that she didn't like him or anything. It was just that she wanted to see everyone else too. He was quite amusing when he was trying to get a girl to come with him to some club or something. He acted the same as he did at home.

Home. Wasn't this her home? No. Home was with Touko, drinking tea. Home was with Michael, eating doughnuts and drinking coffee at late hours of the night. Home was laughing while Doujima and Sakaki argued back and forth to each other, all the while ignoring Kosaka's pestering to get back to work. Karasuma would be telling her to not worry about how Amon ignored her.
It was just in his nature to act as though he didn't give a damn.

But Robin knew better. The day that Solomon had come to Raven's Flat to capture her, Amon had gone against Zaizen. Amon had helped her escape. He told her everything about Kate, his old partner that had been annihlated. By his hand. She began to wonder what that must feel like. It had to be horrible. To have to kill the one person you've had to fight beside for so long.

She grimaced as she recalled the nightmares she used to have frequently. Amon would be standing above her, his gun pointed at her head. She was just glad that it hadn't happened, and that her nightmares went away. They only went away because one night, she woke up in tears. She sobbed as quietly as she could, but it hadn't been quiet enough to keep from Amon.


She looked up into his eyes. They showed resentment. Resent towards her. She could feel the tears flow down her face.
She attempted to call to him, tell him to stop. To drop his gun.

He never listened.

And just as he was about to pull the trigger, she would close her eyes and wail. That was when she would wake up.

Now, normally, she would just cry and nothing would occur because Amon was never home to hear. He never knew. But she liked it that way. If he knew what her nightmares were of, he would think of her weak to cry over something so small. He would tell her that she ought to know that he would never do that to her. Afterall, hadn't he helped her escape? Hadn't he stayed with her this whole time? Hadn't he helped back to her feet as she went through a small state of depression of having to leave her home behind, never to return? Yes. To all of the above.

The difference tonight, though, was that when she cried, SOMEONE walked into her room. SOMEONE sat down beside her and wrapped a warm arm around her bare shoulders. SOMEONE, then, wrapped another arm around her, and pulled her closer as she cried into her hands. They pulled her hands down and placed a hand behind her head, pulling it nearer to their strong, firm chest. She could feel the person's hair tickle her neck as they leaned forward and whispered in her ear.

// Such a deep voice. Such a soothing voice. That sounds like...//

She lifted her head up to see who it was.

Dark hair framed his face. Dark eyes looked down at her, half-lidded. He was showing sympathy. Not much, but enough for her to know that he cared. It was just enough to see that he wasn't completely heartless as believed by everyone at home.

She gasped.

// Amon...why?//

She felt his hand trail to her face, ridding her face of the drops that fell down to her chin.

Robin looked down to her hands, trying to hide the rush of blood to her face. His hand was suddenly below her chin, lifting her face to look him in the eye. Then he spoke.

" Will you be alright, now?"

She nodded meakly, confusion spread on her face.

She watched him rise from her bed, and walk to the door. He stopped just as he got the the wooden door, turning to face her slightly. He looked as though he wanted to say something, but closed his mouth and shook his head. He continued to walk out just as they both heard the phone ring.

Present time

She sighed as she continued to absent mindedly make coffee. Amon would be home by two 'o clock this afternoon. It said so on the calendar posted on the fridge. She chuckled as she remembered the phone call that night.


It had been Nagira. Drunk. Telling Amon he would be over in five minutes, to make sure he pulled out some extra covers and sheets, and to make sure Robin was in bed 'cause he might just have a lady friend with him. She recalled how Amon came in, a smirk on his face. She laughed as she watched Amon shake the phone back and forth, only one word coming out of his mouth.

" Blackmail."

She rememebred when Nagira really did come over. Amon had, indeed, used the conversation as blackmail. Nagira was not to plan anything against Amon in any way. Normally when he came over, he usually planned something for Amon that consisted of him getting close to Robin. Needless to say, Amon didn't like it. He never liked getting close to anyone, she noticed.

Except for Touko.

Present time--again.

She sighed sadly as she recalled how she watched them walk together one night on a bridge. They were so close. Touko looked happy. Amon looked like himself, but she was certain that he must be happy inside too.

She wished she could make him that happy. She wished she could make him feel as though he actually WANTED to stay here.
With her...

// This is all my fault. He shouldn't have come. He shouldn't have to still be here.//

A tear escaped her eye.

Then she heard a knock on the door.

" Hey! You in there?"

(End Chapter 1)