(Chapter 9)

When his eyes opened, he quickly closed them again due to all the bright lights. He slowly tried once more, finding sight easier to bare. He let out a wide yawn, then turned his gaze to the blonde that was resting so peacefully in his arms.

How did this happen again? How was it that he ended up in her bed? With his arms wrapped so comfotrably around her small frame?

Oh yeah. She'd tempted him too much. He could have sworn the pillow had practically screamed out to him, calling his name in a seductive way, and he couldn't help but answer that call. He didn't remember much, but he was certain it was because as soon as his head had hit the calling pillow, he had passed out.

Once he was finally paying a bit of attention to himself, he notcied that he felt so good. His body wasn't no where near as weary and dazed at it had been. His eyes were more focused, and his mind clear...somewhat.

The fact that one Robin Sena was resting so quietly in his arms was definitely something worth having a full mind about. It wasn't that he minded. Oh no. He wasn't about to let another moment pass between them in akwardness. He was going to settle this now. Or as soon as she woke up, which seemed to prove a better choice. Spilling his heart to her while she snoozed was not going to do him any good.

That was when he heard a soft click. He turned his head to the door, expecting to see a nurse or something, but instead saw his older brother.

Nagira's eyes widened at the sight. His little brother, little Amon, who was anti-touchy and anti-feely, was lying within close proximity of Robin. His arms were even around her.

He coughed.

" Well, I think I may wanna know what happened...but if it's what I think it is, don't give me any details."

Amon groaned. Nagira had NO tact what-so-ever. How in the World did his employees put up with him? He had just walked through the door no less than thirty seconds ago, and already he was hoping Nagira would just go back to his and Robin's apartment and watch television or something. And to think that his employees saw him almost every day. They must be having a field day with him gone.

" I merely fell asleep, not that its any of YOUR business."

Nagira grumbled.

" I never said I HAD to know. I just said that I think I'd wanna know. Didn't you get the 'I think' part, or not?"

Amon could feel another argument coming. If Robin were awake, he'd continue with it to make her laugh, but since she was currently...

" Mmmph."

He looked down to her face, one emerald eye opened slightly. The other was hiding behind a fold in his shirt. Her small fists clenched at his shirt as she yawned, her one open eye closing momentarily.

" Are you boys fighting AGAIN?" she said, her voice muffled with sleep.

Nagira grinned. Amon almost gave a full smile.

" Yeah, Amon! Geez! Can't you just shut up for one friggin' minute! Let the girl sleep!"

Amon shot his glare to Nagira, holding it to him until Nagira broke eye contact with him and turned his gaze a bit to Amon's left. Robin was some-what struggling to sit up. He just cocked his head to the side, watching her.

Amon turned his eyes to her as well. When he noticed what she was trying to do, he brought a hand up to her shoulder and pressed softly down on it until she complied.

" But...my back hurts. I need to move it some, don't I?"

She looked pitifully to Amon, but when she saw him shake his head, she looked to Nagira, hoping he would stand up for her.

He looked at her, a frown on his face.

" whatcha lookin' at me for! Don't give me that look!"

Her eyes became more soulful. Nagira shook his head and began waving his arms around frantically.


The look was enough to get almost any man to do what she wanted, but what broke Nagira (and secretly, Amon too) was the muffled 'sniff, sniff sniff' that come from her small nose.

Both men lowered their heads, giving a great sigh. Nagira nodded, disdainfully. She turned her eyes to Amon, and watched as he reluctantly nodded as well. She silently thanked Doujima for giving her that tip.

Robin reached out with a thin, pale hand for Amon's shirt sleeve, trying to find leverage so she could pull herself up.

Amon reached back to her, twisting a bit towards her, and helped pull her up so she wouldn't strain herself so soon.

" Now Robin, if the Doc says you can't stay up, you can't give him the puppy dog look, or he'll make it worse on you for not listening to him." After saying that, Nagira mumbled, " And besides: he already hates me anyway. I mean really. It's not my fault he looks like a frickin' alien...Sheesh."

Robin gave a small giggle, bringing her hand up to cover her mouth. Amon couldn't help but look at her. It had seemed like forever since he had seen her do that. Now that he was seeing it again, he realized how much he hated it when Nagira left to go home, because it wasn't until he came back that she would laugh again.

'Perhaps I could try to be a bit...not me. Nothing drastic. I don't think I could take drastic. Baby steps, Amon. Baby steps. Then we'll see if I can make her laugh...eventually.'

(chapter 9)

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