Inuyasha, Kagome, Neeka, Kitsa, and Shippo had returned to the feudal era after celebrating the wedding and were in search of Miroku, Sango, and Kilala. " I'm going to the river to fish " Neeka announced. " Alright just come back when your done" Inuyasha replied. Kagome had softened him up quite a bit from when he was released from being pinned to the god tree. Ayumi had decided to go back to school since she had a concealment necklac incase Naraku's brother showed up in the future. Meanwhile at the river Neeka was fishing when another neko hanyou came into the open and joined her. " Who are you" Neeka don't tell me that you have forgoten me" the chestnut brown haired male hanyou said. " No it can't be " Neeka said as memories flashed through her head. " You were killed in the village along with the rest of the tribe so i gave up on having a mate" " Oh so you do remember me" Raiyu replied. " yes i do so we minus well get this mating process over so i can take this food back to my friends, If you want to come with me you may just don't attack my friends" " Still friends with that fox hanyou are you and i also smell dog hanyou and neko youkai plus human on you. You have a strange group of friends mate" " Whatever if you hurt them i will shoot you with my miko powers i've been training with Kagome so i can shoot sacread arrows now" ' Crap if she's really trained with Kagome who got turned into a hanyou by the sacred jewel if i make her mad she could kill me through the mark of us being mates.' Raiyou thought.

end of Recap

They had finished mating the mark being a diamond because of Neeka's father being the Lord of the Southren lands. The sounds of two cat demons well in thier case hanyou's were meowing to significate that they had mated. " Raiyou we have to get back to the group i don't want another lecture from Inuyasha" Neeka told her mate. 'Oh god dammit she's been around Inuyasha as well that means that she has trained with the others as well boy if i ever get her mad am i in trouble' he thought to himself. As they approached the village on which the group was residing Inuyasha's nose began to sniff the air Neeka had caught the fish but had the scent of being mated on her so he was wondering who they new neko hanyou was soon she approached with Raiyou trailing behind her "WHO IN THE SEVEN HELLS ARE YOU" Inuyasha shouted at Raiyou. " Calm down Inuyasha this is my mate Raiyou we promised to mate each other when we were almost 16" Neeka said trying to calm down the irritated dog hanyou. Kitsa and Shippo were both thinking 'aw everyone has someone they love but me even Kirara has a mate cause she has been sneaking off with a male cat of her species known as Riley according to Neeka who heard her in her sleep.'

Time skip

Kagome and Sango were both 7 months pregnant and Neeka was 2 months along from the time she had mated Raiyou. The problem was that Kagome didn't know she was expecting twins since they couldn't get a doctor in Kagome's time to examine her since she was a half demon. Two months ago they had told her mother that she was pregnant and her mother was excited about the fact of getting grandchildren with cute little dog ears as she referred to them as. Surprisingly Sesshomaru had come along and told them that he had taken the human girl Rin as his mate which shocked eveyone because Sesshomaru detested humans. Shippo had also finally got the guts to ask Kitsa to be his girlfriend so was currently courting her. Koga had finally given up his claim on Kagome and took Ayame as his mate soon after he learned that one of Kagome's friends was his daughter. Shirori the half bat demon girl they met awhile back had grown into a beautiful woman and was seeking a mate that was like her but she would come to the village once in a while to visit those who had helped her get where she was today.

Time Skip again

It was time for both Kagome and Sango to give birth to thier kids. Inuyasha was getting " This is all your fault sit, i'm in so much pain sit,sit, sit,sit,sit,sit,sit, sit,sit,sit,sit, sit,sit,sit,sit, sit,sit,sit,sit, sit,sit,sit,sit, sit,sit,sit, and SIT" she yelled as they finally came out at the same time Miroku was getting his hand squeezed so hard it felt like his bones were breaking after awhile Sango gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Raika. Kagome and Inuyasha ended up with a girl and a boy who were named Akiema and Akira. The girl had taken after Inuyasha in looks with a few streaks of black highlighting her silver hair and the boy had silver streeaks instead of black with a tint of brown in his eyes. Suddenly they heard a scream in the distance.

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