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" Friends what is that anyway is it someone who will allways be there for you or is it a person that keeps you close by watching you never wanting to lose you?

Me and you well i dont know what we are but i've enjoyed the times we had all the laughs and all the smiles of course with the pain and tears also but we shared them together and thats what i think i'll miss most our relationship was like a cat and me the molerat...of course the cat and a molerat can fall in love but it can never last soon the cat will find his soulmate then he will leave his friend for one of its own kind letting the weaker specices wear away into the darkness until nothing is left to take away.

Weak....that's what i am and it's becuse of you...you kep't me from seeing the real world you were like a shadow that protected me that showed me love and how to feel...but at the same time took the light from me never letting me get the taste of the world on my own so now when it's time for me to move on i will not know what to do..it's too late to get the light my chance is gone so all in all i am truely weak...i hate you.

No...no...i could never hate you that is one thing i could never do i love you and thats all and even though it hurts me too much to say but i wish you and your new partner luck and my best wishes..becuse i have to face facts..we are like a cat and a molerat we can fall in love but it can never be where would they live how would they show real love....its time now to say goodbye i will never forget our times together nor i hope you will never too...well i guess i should say what i want to say but i can't...i just can't.

" Are you ok ruffus?" ron asked as he placed me on the ground near the woods in which in time i would have to call home but to rons question i just noded a yes slowly and solomly.

" You can stay with me if you want buddy but i will not be able to spend that much time with you." ron said somewhat happily as he turned around to kim who was in a red colored family van ron had bought rubbing her streached stomach calmly and soothinly i knew he had a family now and he had to leave me if not here my life would be the same with ron empty i allways knew you would be my irony so i did what i knew i should do i noded blankly then ran away into the woods from him and the pain then hearing his van start up and leave out of my life.

I love you that is what should have said i wish i had said it but it's now too late...it will allways be late..allways.

" A cat and a molerat can fall in love but they can never be.....never be. "