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"Deck the halls with boughs of holly..."

"GINNY! Turn that radio off NOW! It is 5:00 in the MORNING!"

"Too bad! It's Christmas anyway, you should be up by now!"

"I am coming over to your dormitory and chasing you all over Gryffindor Tower if you don't . Turn. It. OFF!!!"

"Calm down, Percy! What has gotten into you? Besides, boys can't go into Gryffindor Tower," George said as he threw down a pile of presents onto Percy's bed.

"Yeah, no call for all that shouting, and on Christmas Day, too!" Great. Now everyone was in his dormitory. "Happy Christmas and Hanukkah, everybody! Shall we begin the gift unwrapping?" George asked. Apparently everyone had brought along their presents too. So they all began unwrapping.

Fast forward until only one present is left.

"Hey, what's this? Oh, my gosh, it's a time-turner!" Percy exclaimed.

"What? It must be from the Ministry, or McGonagall or somebody," Hermione said. There was a note in the box. It looked very old, and carefully preserved with magic.

Dear Whoever Receives This,

We are enclosing this time-turner and sending it off into the future simply because it would be very, very amusing to see you arrive here at Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on December 25, 1962. If our calculations are correct, you should be the person in the bed next to the window with all the initials carved onto it, sixth year boys' dormitory, Gryffindor Tower, December 25, 1992. We've charmed the time-turner so that you have absolutely no choice in this matter. See you right about, oh, 13 seconds from now!

One of Hogwarts's Greatest Pranksters Ever,

Minerva McGonagall

"What?!" yelped Percy as he was enclosed in a swirling vortex of light and color and transported into the past.

In another time, another place, the same thing was happening.

"You two! Get up! Pillow fight in the Common Room. Now!" Sirius yelled at Remus and James. James immediately sprung up, grabbed two pillows, and dashed down the stairs. Remus however, stayed in bead for a few minutes. He was there long enough to hear a package drop in front of his bed. He had been distracted by the full moon! It was Christmas. He ran down the stairs to stick his head in the Common Room to yell,

"Hey, all you people! Happy Christmas! Presents!" They all abandoned their pillows and made a mad scramble for their dormitories at this reminder. Remus, Sirius, and James (Frank and Peter had gone home) all jumped onto their beds and started unwrapping. Remus saved the latest package for last.

Fast forward until he opens it.

"Hey, you've still got one present left, Moony. Open it!" James said. He obliged, and gasped.

"It's a time-turner!"

"What?!" The other two exclaimed simultaneously. There was a letter attached to the bottom of the box.

Dear Whoever Receives This,

We are enclosing a time-turner that shall transport you into the past. Specifically, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, December 25, 1962. If we did this correctly, you should be the one in the corner bed, fifth year boys' dormitory, Gryffindor Tower, December 25, 1972. The time-turner is charmed, so you have no choice but to come. See you in exactly 13 seconds! Hopefully. If we didn't make any fatal mistakes.

One of Hogwarts's Greatest Pranksters Ever,

Lilliana Sprout

"WHAT?!" And of course, Remus Lupin was also swept away into the past inside of a tornado of light and color.

The last prankee was the odd one, as they lived before the pranksters did. Actually, rather, they were born before the pranksters at least.

"Albus! Wake. Up. It's the first day of Hanukkah and Christmas! And you're sleeping when it's already 7:00 a.m." Greg Vector yelled as he pummeled Albus Dumbledore his old teddy bear.

"I'm up, already!" Albus muttered as he rolled over and sat up. He put on his glasses and stared at Greg.

"You could have waited for 15 minutes! You know I always wake up at exactly 7:13. And you are incorrect. It is 6:58," Albus said as he glanced at the clock.

"Whatever. Anyway, Happy Christmas! I got one for Aberforth, too. I've always wondered why you two weren't sorted into the same house. You are twins, after all." Greg dumped a pile of presents into Albus's lap.

"That doesn't mean we're one person. Even though I suppose we were once, but that was sixteen years ago. Besides, I'm not sure Aberforth can read, and he'd need special tutoring for that, I suppose. I'm serious!" He said as Greg laughed. He looked over his pile of presents, and picked out the one he had forgotten to put in front of his friend's bed last night.

"Happy Hanukkah, Greg!" He tossed the parcel at him. Each opened his presents until only one was left.

"Hmmm. What peculiar wrapping paper. Oh dear, I'm afraid this is an involuntary time-turner," He commented as he opened it up.

"Yep, it is. Don't be surprised if I happen to disappear over the next few minutes." Albus read the letter.

Dear Unfortunate Receiver,

I must say, I disagreed with my associates on this prank here, but they insisted. They also insisted that I send out one too. Just them wasn't enough. This one is rather special. It will transport you into the future. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on December 25, 1962, to be exact. If we did this correctly, (and I sincerely hope we did, for your sake) you should be the fellow in the third bed from the door, Gryffindor sixth year boys' dormitory, December 25, 1942. See you in thirteen seconds. Remember, I did not want to do this, so do not blow up at me once you get here.

One of Hogwarts's Most Reluctant Pranksters Ever,

Jon Binns.

Albus too, was enclosed in a brilliant vortex and carried away.

Meanwhile, we shall observe our conniving little pranksters. They were sitting inside the Room of Requirement on Christmas afternoon, writing these letters, charming these time-turners, and wrapping these packages. Then of course, they sent them off into different years.

Minerva McGonagall was a Gryffindor fifth year. Top of her year in all subjects, especially Transfiguration. She was really the ringleader of the three most notorious pranksters in Hogwarts history. Only a few could even hope to rival them. She was tall, always wore her hair in a long ponytail, and wore square-shaped glasses. She had so far managed to become an Animagus with the form of a tabby cat.

Lilliana Sprout was a second year Hufflepuff. Though she was quite young, she was probably the best Herbology student of her whole house. And she was brilliant when it came to spying on people. She could naturally do a Disillusionment Charm on herself without having to use a wand. She also knew the Forbidden Forest inside out, especially the tree line, as she mainly got around safely in there by acting like a squirrel.

Jonah Binns, known as Jon to all his friends, was a bookworm. He was a Ravenclaw seventh year, and Head Boy. This made him a very convenient decoy, and of course there was no curfew for him, so he could wander around freely. He was also a history fanatic, and probably knew more about wizarding history than any student in the school. He was the quiet one of the three friends, the more serious one. But when it came to pranks, Minerva and Lilliana always managed to drag hi along.

It was odd for a second year, a fifth year, and a seventh year to constantly hang out together, but these three had made a very effective team for the past year and a half. And now, sitting around a circular table, they awaited their victims.