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Summary: Well, all of the Tate groups knows- to an extent... Um, Kate's having a really crappy time, and Tony's trying to help. This is my first fully Tate fic- though I have to admit that I did throw in my GAbby. But you can completely ignore it, if you so desire. For my own purposes, McGee's not here. I don't know or care where he is. Tate Group- please don't ruin the ending for everyone else, okay?

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Kate walked into NCIS headquarters feeling incredibly tired and moody. She sat down quietly at her desk and began the long and tedious process of filing reports. Tony, her most recent object of obsession- and annoyance- was sitting at his desk too. He looked incredibly well rested and happy, which annoyed her even more. What right did he have to get a good night of sleep anyways?

But that wasn't fair she decided, as she looked back at her computer and began yet another day of work. After all, how many days had he come into work after clearly not sleeping? A lot more than she had…

Just then Gibbs walked by her desk. He glanced back at her then set his coffee down on the edge of her desk. She gave him a questioning look and he shrugged. "You look like you need it a lot more than I do…" was his only explanation as he walked to the elevator.

She sighed; great- so even her boss knew that she was incredibly exhausted. But- wait- he had given her his coffee? Why?

"Wow Kate, you really are tired…" she muttered out loud.

Tony looked up from his desk. "Stay up past your bedtime last night Kate?"

She bit her lip, determined to keep her tongue in check. 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…' she told herself, over and over again.

But Tony was apparently in no mood to be ignored. "Oh…" He grinned knowingly. "Who was there this time Katie? Dwayne? Harrison? …Gibbs?"

She snapped. "Don't call me Katie!" She was yelling- great- the one thing she had been trying to avoid. "And why do you always assume that-when someone's tired- they were having sex? Get your mind out of the gutter and butt out of my life!"

Not in the mood for anymore of Tony's bullshit, she pushed out her chair and ran off, intent on finding someone to talk to- Abby. On her way down to the lab she began to berate herself. Why did she always let Tony- of all people- affect her like this? Why was it always him that she yelled at? Why couldn't she find someone else to fixate on?

The elevator had stopped and the doors were about to shut her back inside. She gave herself a quick mental shake and headed towards Abby's lab.

Kate stopped at the window and stared. What the hell was- Oh my God she realized suddenly; the two of them are dating! She backed slowly away from the window and blink several times in rapid succession.

Well, on the one hand, that was great for Abby. But, on the other hand, it meant she was one of the three people in the building who wasn't involved in a relationship. Of course, you never could tell with Tony… Hell, he probably had some hot, blonde-haired, blue-eyed twenty-two year-old waiting in his bed right now.

And that reminded her; she was supposed to be up there with Tony right now. Gibbs was bound to notice her absence soon, and she didn't think that he would appreciate what she was doing. So she did the only thing she could do- she went back upstairs, leaving Abby to her… Well, what appeared to be her new fascination.

She hurried back upstairs and sat back down at her desk, not really sure of what emotions her face must have been showing. Apparently Tony knew…

"Wow Kate, what happened to you? You look like you don't know whether to jump for joy or attack the next person who talks to you…" He paused as he realized that he was the one talking to her. "If I were you, I'd go with jumping for joy," he advised her. She glared at him- daring to say another word. "So what'd you see Kate?"

She clenched her fists at her side. "Nothing. That. Concerns. You. Got it?"

Tony was taken aback. Kate rarely ever even yelled- but this was worse than yelling. She was scaring him- literally scaring him. "Uh… Sure Kate. You- uh- you want me to get you anything?"

Kate sat down at her desk, what little energy she had now drained. "I'm sorry Tony… Would you get me some painkillers though? Please?"

He looked at her sympathetically. "Sure…"

He left and she sank her head down onto her desk.

"So what were you doing last night Kate?" Tony asked when he returned a few moments later.

She froze- could she tell Tony? She sighed- she had to tell someone, and clearly that someone wasn't going to be Abby. "Absolutely nothing…"

He frowned. "So what- you just decided that you'd rather sit on the couch?"

"No, I just- I couldn't sleep. I haven't slept in over four days…"

"Well did you tell anybody? Have you thought about going to the doctor or anything?" Kate was impressed- Tony actually sounded concerned.

"I'm telling you, aren't I?" she snapped. "Sorry- I've also been really grouchy."

He set down three ibuprofen pills and handed her Gibbs' coffee. "I hope you feel better…" He gave her a light squeeze and went to sit at his desk.

Not very likely she thought miserably. "Thanks… I'm sure I'll be fine in the morning." She popped the pills into her mouth and swallowed them dry.

Tony looked at her for a long time before nodding. "Right… I'm sure you will be." He gave her an encouraging smile, though he was worried about her. Something was wrong with Kate; that much he could tell. But he had decided not to push it- Kate would tell someone eventually. He could only hope that she would choose him.