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Chapter 1

Zach had the private investigator buzzed in. The nondescript man sat down and wordlessly slid a file across the desk to Zach. Zach opened the file and glanced inside. He sighed heavily. "Are you absolutely sure about this?" The PI gave him an 'are you kidding me' look. "Mr. Slater, I know you wanted a different answer, but the facts would not let me give it to you." Zach nodded once. "Facts have a way of ruining a person's fun. Thanks anyway." The PI stood up and left the office. Zach swiveled his chair around and stared at the painting of the casita. Maria had seemed willing to believe he would get an innocent woman in trouble to get what he wanted. That knowledge still hurt him. She thought he could be like Michael – destroy a woman's life. Zach didn't particularly like Kendall, but he wasn't going to be responsible for having her sent to prison for a crime that she didn't commit. It would have been much simpler if she had poisoned Greenlee. Unfortunately, the file on his desk proved otherwise. Zach sighed. He stood up and grabbed his coat. He needed to come up with another idea to break up Ethan and Kendall, so that Ethan would leave town for good.

Zach tapped his thumb against the steering wheel of his Jaguar, as he waited at a stoplight. He glanced at the movie theater to his left. Sometimes they played old movies that he liked. He saw that the marquee was advertising 'Sabrina' – the original with Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn. He felt something twist inside him as he remembered an incident with his father concerning that movie. He had seen it advertised in the tv guide, and being a Bogart fan, had sat down to watch it one evening. He was bewildered at first, since it wasn't a typical Bogey flick, but Audrey Hepburn was so alluring, that he kept watching it. Unfortunately Alex Sr. walked in, and when he saw what young Alex was watching, he had delivered a scathing lecture about watch girly movies, and how his son was not going to become some candy-assed pansy. Zach's fingers tightened on the steering wheel at the memory. As the light turned green, Zach tried to distract himself from his father's voice in his head by remembering what the movie had been about. He remembered that his draw to the movie had been more than Audrey's doe eyes. The movie had been about two brothers in a powerful corporate family. The older brother worked hard and lived for his job. The younger brother had been a devil-may-care ladies man. So much like Alex and Michael had originally been destined to become. The younger brother started to fall for the chauffer's daughter, which went against the older brother's plans for him. So the older brother decided to nip the relationship by horning in on the girl himself. He romanced the girl, making her fall in love with him.

Zach slowed to a halt at the next stoplight, chuckling to himself as he wondered if it could be that easy. He goes out for a drive to figure out a way to break up Ethan and Kendall. Then he sees the marquee for Sabrina. Was it, perhaps, meant to be? But how the hell do you make a person fall in love with you, enough to forsake all others? If he had known how to do that, Maria would be in his arms right now. It was a ridiculous idea, and could only happen on a movie screen. Besides, Sabrina merely disliked the older brother in the beginning of the movie. Kendall hated his guts. She wasn't even approachable, much less malleable. Zach turned on some music to try and distract his brain from picking at this crazy notion. Instead of music, the radio station was giving a weather alert. A blizzard had practically shut down the state of New York, and the storm front was apparently moving south. The newscaster was advising people to get where they needed to go and stay there or risk being stranded somewhere undesirable.

Zach stared at the radio, wondering if his own personal demon was feeding him this plan in order to more smoothly pave the way to hell. He decided to challenge the demon some more. Weather was unpredictable. How was he to know when (or if!) exactly a blizzard would hit town, and how could he contrive to get Kendall to be with him at the time so they would be trapped together – all without endangering either of their lives? Zach let his demon stew on that problem for a bit as he pulled into the condo complex. He whistled as he strolled to his door. As he was unlocking the door, he heard a bang behind him. He whirled around and saw Kendall standing in her doorway, having flung open her door moments ago. She marched over to him, her eyes flashing. "Where is Ethan? What the hell did you do to him?"