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Lyra sat on the bed, silent. In two more minutes, she would go to the bench. Pantalaimon watched her with silent eyes. "What changed in me, Pan?" Lyra asked. Her voice was no longer rough and boyish, neither was she. She'd grown into a beautiful young woman. Pan thought, then replied. "You grew up," he said, as though it explained everything. Lyra felt for the little diamond at her neck with a sigh. She got up. "We'd better go," She told Pan. She was left with her thoughts for awhile, then voiced something. "Do you still love her?" She asked Pan, referring to Kirjava. He nodded, sweet memory consuming him.

Will Parry was overjoyed, yet filled with sadness. Once again it was time for him to sit at the bench with Lyra, his only love. Kirjava also shared the mixed feelings of will, and paced back and forth. "Come on, Jav," he said. "Time to go!" The two hurried off to the garden. People glanced at him strangely as he ran. He grew up a lot, but he still seemed boyish at times. When he reached the garden, he saw a sparkle on the ground. He bent down to pick up, noticing it was a necklace with a small diamond, then stopped and looked at his watch, and sat down below the rose, right where Lyra sat. He slipped on the necklace, and there was a flash of light.

Lyra looked angrily at the bench, then felt something slide off her neck. She sighed and picked it up, then sat down under the large, red rose. She fastened it around her neck once again. Suddenly a bright white light surrounded her, blinding her. She blinked, determined to make it go away, but it wouldn't, so she forced herself to look around. Something large was near her, but she couldn't make it out. She stepped forward and suddenly fell through a hole… When she woke up, she found herself lying on a bed. A hand offered her a coke. Wait, a coke?! She blinked hard, then looked up to see-Will. He smiled at her, a warm, loving smile, but it made her shrink back. When he mouthed Lyra and leaned in to kiss her, she pushed him away. "What am I doing here?" she asked. Will was prepared for the question, but he didn't realize she would reject him. Maybe it was the shock. He told her his theory.
"I believe it was the necklaces. I found this," he held up the diamond necklace, "On the sidewalk, and put it on. You have yours on-" Pan interrupted.
"Her slipped off and she put it on. That was most likely it." Will nodded.
"Lyra, isn't this great? We're together again." Lyra sat up and walked over to the window.
"Actually, Will, I have someone else." She knew pain filled his face, and didn't want to see. He was still her friend, she just wasn't in love with him any more. "You know it's been long years, and, well, I got lonely. I never knew I would see you again, so I went up to another boy I had feelings for, and told him about it. I really need to get back to my world. We really had something…" Will looked at the girl he had last seen when she was, what, eleven, twelve? And now she was close to twenty…It had been long. Lyra continued. "I really need to get back Will…" She pleaded. He nodded, knowing they couldn't be together anymore. But he would always love her. Always. "I'll help you," he managed to say. Lyra hugged him. But it wasn't a special hug. It was simply a friend hug. They were friends. Just friends. Forever friends…

Awww...poor Will. He really likes Lyra. Will Lyra be able to get back? Will Will's feelings get in the way? Will Lyra ever return his love, or are they just friends? What about her boyfriend-what will happen to him? Will I get to electrocute him? Read on, next chapter soon, and hopefully longer!