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A Different Journey


" As long as I have this, I can become a real youkai! I won't let them call me a hanyou anymore!" Inuyasha said to himself as he ran away from the village holding the darkening sacred jewel in his hand. Suddenly, he heard an angry, hateful voice behind him. It was, Kikyou.

" Inuyasha!"

Time seemed to pause for a moment as the wounded priestess ran after the hanyou, leaving a trail of blood behind.

" I trusted you, I really trusted you," the miko yelled in her mind.

" I never doubted you, not even once, but you..." the hanyou thought.

Kikyou grasped the bow firmly with her left hand, while she released the arrow with her right. The arrow soared in the air and made its way to Inuyasha. He was surprised, shocked, angry to see the arrow coming towards him, yet he could do nothing as it struck his chest, pinning him to the goshinboku tree where they were to meet each other on that fateful day. The chain holding the Shikon no Tama slipped silently out of Inuyasha's hand, and landed on the ground in front of Kikyou.

" could you..." Inuyasha managed to let these words slip out of his mouth. He felt his strength leaving him quickly, his mind clouded in drowsiness. All he could do was to watch Kikyou bend down to pick up the Shikon no Tama, blood still dripping from her shoulder. Kaede and the villagers rushed up to the injured priestess and they all spoke at once in concern. As his vision began to blur, Inuyasha recalled the memories he shared with Kikyou, the happiest memories of his life, and he felt his heart soften. He no longer felt hatred or anger; he was just a sad and lonely soul.

" Am I going to die like this? Oh well, that's all right with me. Kikyou, even though things turn out this way, I...still..." Inuyasha whispered until he finally gave in to the eternal slumber placed on him by Kikyou's arrow.

As Inuyasha's mind drifted away, Kikyou held up the Shikon jewel, and summoning the last of her strength, she spoke to Kaede in a commanding tone.

" The Shikon no Tama has been polluted by someone like him. Listen well, Kaede, take the Shikon no Tama and burn it with my body, so that it will never pass into the hands of evil things again!"

With that, Kikyou fell slowly to the ground. Kaede was yelling for her sister at the top of her lungs, but no response came. The wind blew the goshinboku leaves from side to side, swaying slightly above Kaede. Her sister's words about the tree rang continuously in her head.

" You see, the goshinboku leaves have amazing medical properties. It could heal any wound, and it could even restore the life of someone who is dying. However, it will put that person in an eternal slumber and his or her body would never be decomposed, very much like a demon sealed to this tree by the fuuin no ya..."

Kaede didn't hesitate the slightly bit as she pulled down a small branch of the goshinboku tree, and beat her fist on the leaves in hopes of turning them into mash that she could apply on her sister's wounds. When she had a handful of the mash of leaves, she spread it on Kikyou's shoulder. Like magic, the bleeding stopped and the wounded started to heal itself. Kikyou was breathing again, and when Kaede checked her pulse, it was weak but present. She survived.

" Is Kikyou-sama okay?" a villager asked.

" She'll not wake up for a while, but she's alive, she will live," Kaede answered.

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