The True Holder of Shikon

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"N-No... This...can't be happening. Not now..." He fell onto his knees and tried to fight the scene he knew was about to happen.

"Who are you?"

The words hung in the air, each one painfully inserting a dagger into the Taiyoukai's beating heart. He let go, then. He let his barriers drop. He felt so vulnerable that he knew he had to leave.

"No one." He left through the door, being certain that his little brother got woken up. The hanyou stared at him in confusion. "Amnesia. The worst case." Inuyasha's expression changed to shock at the tone of voice his brother used. Kagome woke up and watched as Sesshoumaru left quickly. She looked at the hanyou in concern.

"Go after him. Make sure he's all right. I'll see what's going on." He nodded at her words and, without hesitation, took off after his elder sibling. Kagome then pushed her blankets away and got up, going cautiously into the other room, stopping when she saw Sango. The taiji-ya's eyes... They were completely blank, except for wonder and confusion. "Are you all right, Sango?"

"N-No." The answer was half-expected. "I-I don't know who I am. And that man... I made him upset." Kagome forced herself to give the woman a reassuring smile.

"Just get some rest. We'll see what we can do in the morning, all right? I promise." She felt so bad for Sesshoumaru. It was hard to pinpoint the reason for the taiji-ya's memory loss but she had a distinct feeling that the Taiyoukai knew something about what had gone wrong. "Just try to calm down. We can definitely find a way to fix this." She walked over to the candles as Sango got comfortable. As soon as the room grew dark, the miko covered her mouth and ran out, letting quiet sobs be her release.


Inuyasha followed the scent and found his brother by his tree. He stopped, keeping some distance from his sibling. The youkai was by no means unpredicable but, given the situation, the hanyou felt justified in being cautious. After all, he couldn't exactly tell if he was about to meet his brother's temper or if he was about to meet a stone wall. He would have taken either one with stride but the soft-spoken words hit home...

"She looked at me with no recognition. Her gaze was empty. No recognition, no love, no life. She said her name, repeated it as though testing it, her own name with her own voice..." Inuyasha's eyes widened. So that had been what he'd meant.

"She...can't remember anything?" Sesshoumaru looked up, an unreadable expression on his face. His eyes were like mirrors, his lips twisted into a thin line, a frown hinting from the downward angle of the corners of his mouth.

"Nothing..." His amber eyes narrowed at his brother. Inuyasha felt a strange sensation form in his stomach. His mind didn't want to register the fact of his friend's condition. "She...asked me who I was." He swallowed, not ready to ask but knowing he had to.

"What'd you...tell her?" The hanyou didn't doubt that the Taiyoukai was feeling something terrible... The hidden emotions in his voice made the hanyou want to cringe.

"I told her...I was no one." The implications made Inuyasha's stomach twist painfully. "What else could I do? Tell her the truth and leave her guilty?" The hanyou made a move to protest when Sesshoumaru slammed his fist into the ground. The bitterness tasted strangely like tears...and it smelled of blood...


The next morning, when everyone had been informed of what had happened, Kagome turned a questioning gaze to Inuyasha.

"Where is Sesshoumaru?" She asked quietly. Miroku looked at her sharply. Did she possibly know something? "I really think he holds the answers to this." Inuyasha opened his mouth but couldn't get a word out before his brother walked in, his face looking as though it were carved from ice.

"Do you wish to know what transpired?" The Taiyoukai turned his gaze to his brother. "I am surprised that you did not sense it. There is youki within her body." Inuyasha stiffened, his hands clenched into fists. His eyes hidden under the shadow of his bangs, he suddenly punched his brother right in the face.

"What the hell were you thinking!?" Sesshoumaru merely stood there, appearing as though he'd never been struck. His amber eyes went to Kaede, who averted her gaze instantly. Then to the others.

"What does that mean?" Kagome asked softly, her gaze on the one who should explain it himself. In fact, everyone's eyes were upon him. Inuyasha seemed to have lost his anger.

"It means that she is with child. A hanyou child." Sesshoumaru's voice was quiet, bearing nothing as to how he felt about the situation. Miroku's eyes went wide and he paled visibly. "She asked me to take her in the only way that I could. I should have refused but..." He averted his gaze, his eyes suddenly on the floor. "All that ran through my mind were the good things the situation would award. The child would emanate a youki that would protect its mother. It would also make the human much more agile and very energetic. It would enhance senses and abilities." He was silent, hardly wanting to continue. However, in order to get her out of her condition, they had to be aware of what exactly had transpired. "I did not think of the purification that her shards would attempt to exact on the unnatural youki in her body. It made her lose her sense. The child's youki was fighting the spiritual aura of the purification forced stress on her mind and body."

"So...she lost her memory." Kagome finished softly. "Sesshoumaru, this...isn't going to be easy. I studied some of psychology in school but...I know from fact that amnesia isn't easy to battle." She looked to Kirara and Rin and Shippou then. "The only one from her past is Kirara... But we would have to bring devastating emotions to her in order to shock her back into her memories." The miko closed her eyes, refusing to cry from the hopelessness the situation seemed to radiate. "I'm sorry..." He said nothing before he left, going to sit by himself to think.

About an hour later, he felt someone approaching. He wouldn't have cared so much if the wind didn't carry her scent to his nose.

"I apologize." He didn't bother to look at her, knowing well enough what kind of expression she had on her face. She moved closer until she was standing next to him. He took a glance up before she sat down next to him. "I know that I've hurt you in some way. I only wish that I could take it back."

"It is not your fault." His voice was far from comforting but it was the truth. Sango looked over at him sadly. He sounded as though he was the one at fault.

"I suppose, then, that it is no one's fault." He looked away, a nasty expression on his face. "But...I do wish that I could know just what everyone was to me. Like you. Were you my friend? My companion? We were travelling, right?"

"I told you already." Her eyes narrowed. "I am no one." He was caught by surprise, though it didn't show, when she grabbed his arm. He looked over at her.

"There is no way that you're no one. You were in the same room with me, holding my hand as we slept together!" He nearly flinched at her tone. Then she let him go and sighed, turning away from him. "I know that I hurt you beyond words. Please, help me get back what I lost so that you are not in pain." He continued to stare at her wordlessly. "I've hurt everyone somehow. Losing my memory... It makes me wonder...where is my family? Are they wondering how I am?" He was silent for only a few moments, bringing Kagome's words back to the front of his mind.

"But we would have to bring devastating emotions to her in order to shock her back into her memories."

"I can take you to your family. If you believe it would help you." She looked over at him to find him giving her a cold stare. Then she smiled.

"Y-You'll take me to them?" He wasn't really prepared to see how she handled the entire situation. But he believed that it was something that would shock her. It would bring devastation to her emotions. He nodded almost hesitantly but then she threw her arms around him, thanking him over and over. All he could was sit there in her embrace.


He told her that he would take her so they left at night, when everyone else was asleep. She asked him why after he told her that the others couldn't know. He simply told her that they might not have approved taking her so far in her condition. It was a believable lie. And it wasn't like he was a saint. He could lie really well. Though, sometimes, lies were appropriate. Especially when it came to the taiji-ya's memory.

"How far is it?" She asked, brushing his hair away from her face. He had told her that it would be easier for him to run that way, with her on his back. She had blushed when he put his hands on her legs to hold onto her. It seemed like such an intimate position to her. She slightly tightened her hold around his neck and rested her forehead against his back. He was such a quiet person. He didn't really like to talk to her. She briefly wondered why.

"We are almost there." Even in the dark, she could see the tall wooden gates that wrapped protectively around what must have been a village. He merely jumped the fence, gaining a light protest from the girl on his back. However, as soon as she told him to stop, the words halted in her throat.

"What..." He set her down and held her back slightly. Even in the dark, she could see what was lying before her. Her village. Her people. Death. "This is..."

"This is the village of the taiji-ya. That is what you were raised to be. You went through hell..." He turned to look at her only to find her on the brink of tears. Then, finding strength in her legs, she ran away from him. He was almost hesitant to let her go but perhaps she would gain her memory as she saw the familiarity of her surroundings.

Though there were tears in her eyes, she refused to let them fall. She felt as though that would disgrace her, that would disgrace Sango. She kneeled down next to a river, splashing her face with the chilly water.

Why did he have to bring me...? Though...knowing feels a little better than wondering. How I wish I could remember them. Shouldn't all of this...rekindle my memory?

To be truthfully honest, she did feel comfortable in the forest. The village had felt so familiar. The pain and devastation felt even more familiar. She pulled her legs up to her chest and rested her head on her knees. What was wrong with her? She had no wounds on her head. What, then, had made her lose her memory?

"So, what are you doing out here without weapons, Sango?" She just barely got out of the way of a sudden attack. Her eyes went wide when she noticed a woman standing not too far from her. Not just any woman, either. She was a youkai. Sango felt her adrenaline beginning to flow. "Still as sharp as ever, huh?"

"Who are you?" She demanded, her eyes narrowing. Kagura stared at the taiji-ya in shock. What was wrong with her? Suddenly, it clicked. The poor woman had lost her memory. This could only work to her advantage.

"My name is Kagura. Don't you remember me, Sango-chan?" Kagura stepped closer, her eyes softening as she watched Sango struggle with the realization that she had forgotten someone else. "What has happened to you?"

"I don't know." Still, Sango continued to hold onto her guard, never losing the feeling that something just wasn't right. The beautiful youkai in the elegant kimono obviously knew who she was. But, just who was Kagura? Could she be trusted?

"Well, perhaps I can help you. Come with me, Sango. We can get your memory back." Sango didn't want to be stupid and act on impulse but yet she wanted desperately to fix what she had done to those that cared for her. Kagura held out her hand and the taiji-ya hesitantly took it. The youkai pulled a feather from her hair and, before Sango even knew what was happening, they were in the air. "Relax, I know someone who wouldn't want you to forget him."


Sesshoumaru was growing edgy. Sango had been gone far too long for his liking. Was he stupid to let her go off on her own? Had he failed to make another decision regarding the taiji-ya? She was smart. So, she would at least scream if she needed help... Biting back vulgarity, the Daiyoukai took off, following her scent to the river. Suddenly, he felt his heart sink. The scent of Naraku was there. It was unmistakable.

"Sango..." It wasn't Naraku himself, of that Sesshoumaru was sure. It had to have been Kagura, then. The wind youkai wasn't stupid. She was capable of taking advantage of an obvious weakness. So, since Sango wouldn't know who she was, Kagura could use that to make the taiji-ya follow her to Naraku. Angry enough to turn his eyes red, the Daiyoukai stormed back to the village. Then he made a decision. It had been his best one in a while. He headed back to get his brother and the others.


The castle wasn't overly large and it appeared barren. Perhaps it was because of the obvious miasma in the air. Sango was only protected by the fresh wind surrounding the youkai in front of her. Kagura had said nothing on the way there, chosing to remain silent and enjoy the ride before all hell broke loose. On the way, the youkai had discovered that Sango was pregnant. With Sesshoumaru's child. She was certain that Naraku would have a fit when he found out.

"Stay close to me so that you don't breathe in the miasma." Sango nodded and, when they landed, she followed closely behind. The presence in the palace was ominous. It made her stomach lurch until she felt like throwing up. "We're almost there. The one you are to see is named Naraku. Be respectful." The name shook Sango to the core. It was really familiar. But she couldn't shake the feeling that she was in some kind of danger. Kagura opened the door and focused her eyes on the hanyou. His crimson eyes were focused behind her, on the face of the young taiji-ya. "Sango is here to see you." She gently led the girl into the room before excusing herself and closing the door. Kagura almost felt bad for leaving Sango in there alone.

"Sango..." The way Naraku said her name made her shiver. "What brings you here?"

"Kagura told me that she could help me. Perhaps you are the one that can bring my memories back to me." For an instant, his eyes went wide. Then he smirked. He could use that to his advantage. There was absolutely no way that he would pass it up. Not when he could make her willing to be his.

"Of course, dear Sango. I can help you." He took a deep breath before letting out a sigh. "Come closer." He whispered harshly. She didn't say anything but did as she was told. "What..." He noticed that her scent was different. She had... Then he sensed it. The youki. That tiny amount of youki that signalled pregnancy. "So, you're pregnant." She stiffened. Her eyes went completely wide.

"H-How...?" A hand unconsciously went across her stomach. The hurt look of the man that led her to truth flashed through her mind. He had told her that he was no one when he was fighting off foreign emotion. He had been holding her hand when she woke...

"Come to me, Sango. I will restore your memories." Something inside of her screamed for her to retreat, to run from him. Something inside of her was trying to take over. Confusion made her back away. "Sango." His demanding voice made anger well inside of her. Suddenly, someone...made her voice words that were not her own.

"I will never listen to you, Naraku." She stood tall and straight, her glittering eyes narrowing. "You taint the jewel so easily with the blood of the Holder before you continue to ruin the lives of those around you. How foolish you are to believe that every shard is able to become tainted. Those within my soul are far from evil."

"Midoriko..." The hanyou stood and narrowed his crimson eyes threateningly. "How very charmed to have you in my presence once again."

"Quit being such an imbecile and fight me to your demise!"

"Who am I to refuse a lady?"


It was in the air. It was in his gut. It was making his throat burn. Naraku... The barrier had slipped ever so slightly. His amber eyes narrowed in the direction. Sango and Sesshoumaru had disappeared. He could only guess that his brother had tried to resurface her memories. What a terrible time to be dealing with such a thing...

"Kagome!" The miko looked at him, wide awake. The houshi had sensed it, as well. It had woken them from a sound sleep. "Shippou, you stay behind. You don't need to be involved." The kitsune wasn't about to protest but he wanted to be there. He wanted to help.


"I said no, runt. You'll only be in the way!" The hanyou gripped Kagome's legs as she climbed onto his back. She looked back at the kitsune.

"Don't worry, Shippou-chan. We'll be back in a while, okay?" As worried as Kagome was, nothing compared to the chill that ran down her spine. Strong spiritual powers were in use. "I sense Sango, Inuyasha... This doesn't look good."

"Sesshoumaru's no where near them. What the hell is going on?" Suddenly, the hanyou sensed his brother moving out, toward the source of their grievances. "Come on. We've gotta catch up!" Kirara ran outside and transformed, ready to give it her all. Miroku climbed on her and the friends took off.


Midoriko flew at him in a rage, now being able to fully unleash her wrath upon the being, the disgusting hanyou, that had ruined her precious soul.

"You will pay for corrupting what is rightfully mine!" She threw all of her power into her hands and attacked, punching him. Naraku was shocked as he flew to the ground, the skin on his face nearly dissolving from her raw power. Sango had long since been lost within her mind, pulling the pieces of her memory back together. Midoriko handled the battle with ease. A barrier against Naraku's shouki formed around her body. The hanyou didn't know what to do to defeat the powerful priestess.

"How could I help such temptations and greed? Your soul is a very powerful thing...and it was quite easy to corrupt!" His voice only sent Midoriko into a rage. He was mocking her! Who did he think he was? No mere hanyou could last long against her powers of purification.

"Shut up you selfish knave! Leave well enough alone and stop your attempts to anger me more!" His eyes narrowed. He was ready for a fight with her. Kagura wasn't there by now so she must have left. He knew that it had to be a one-on-one with the priestess. She was certainly ready to take him on.


Sesshoumaru raced toward where he sensed her last, when the barrier slipped. His eyes narrowed. He had to get there before Naraku gained any influence. Obviously, if she was using her powers, she either had her memories back or...that priestess within her had taken over. He looked up to see Naraku's incarnation, Kagura, heading his way. It was probably her that had taken Sango away to the hanyou. He growled, pulling Tokijin out and getting ready to attack her the instant she landed. He watched her ease onto the ground and then instantly attacked her. No matter how strong she was, she knew she couldn't defeat the enraged Daiyoukai.

"Where is she?" He hissed protectively. His eyes were red already and it wasn't even the start of the fight. She just evaded his attack, clenching her teeth and trying to pull out her fan. He didn't hesitate but went at her again.

"If you...stopped..." He paused for a moment, chest heaving, marks jagged and eyes red. "She is with Naraku now."

"Where?" He was past demanding but if she refused to tell him then she would die at his hand. Looking at the ground, she struggled with herself.

Naraku binds me so that I may not roam free like the wind... If I lead him...will he finally defeat Naraku?

"I will lead you." He transformed, his massive head rearing back. Fear instantly struck the wind sorceress as she gazed at his magnificent form. Then, she knew what he wanted. He glared at her with eyes narrowed and sharp fangs bared. She would do as he wanted. She would take him right to Naraku. Pulling out her feather, she flew into the sky, leading him to the barrier.


Sango was withdrawn into her shared mind, piecing memories together. Flashes of him as well as those of her people and what has become of her village. She remembered what had last happened to her. Attacking...Sesshoumaru and the others. Then she remembered what Naraku had told her. That she was pregnant.

Midoriko, you mustn't overdo it! The baby...

I understand, Sango. I have been trying to protect the both of you from the harmful effects of your constant purification.

Constant purification?

Though, it made sense. That was why she had lost it against her friends... The purification bounced back on her. It was so consistant that it took out her memories. She didn't have long to dwell on her musings because of the battle... Midoriko seemed to do well on her own but...she didn't want to leave her alone. The priestess was pretty riled up and was doing well but it was still Naraku. Suddenly, the entire castle shook and drove even the priestess and Naraku to their knees. The roof of the castle came right off, revealing a very pissed off Daiyoukai's true form. Sango took back a portion of control of her body and jumped away just as one of Sesshoumaru's paws attempted to crush Naraku right where he kneeled. She ran to get out of the castle as quickly as she was able. made it. I'm so happy...

But she didn't have time because the walls began to shake from the battle that was unfolding. She rushed to find her way through the maze of hallways.

Dammit! Midoriko, any suggestions?

Suddenly, she got the idea and focused some of her spiritual essence into her hand before punching the wall. She watched as she illusion vaporized, the entire wall disappearing.

What a way to make an exit...

Her eyes focused on her lover and the father of her child. How she couldn't wait to clobber him for getting her pregnant before Naraku was defeated... With a frown, she realized that he was in her village last, which wasn't very long ago. He had to know exactly where the hanyou was in order to make it there so quickly. Someone had to take him... The only candidate seemed to be Kagura. But she'd had her fair share of bouts with the sorceress. Why would Kagura try to help her? Or even help Sesshoumaru?

She must wish to be free from Naraku. Come. Let us dispell the shouki around the castle. If we purified the air itself, the battle will be easier.

Why didn't you do that when you had control?

Incantation isn't something to do right in the middle of a battle. Follow the forms of the prayers and signals as I show you... Then say the words...

As she followed the priestess's words and signals, she felt like it was easier to breathe. Her eyes opened when she finished and a purified wind swept away the disgusting shouki. The castle fell and disappeared before her eyes as though it were never there.

"Now what...?" She asked quietly, her eyes on the battle between Naraku and Sesshoumaru.


"The barrier vanished!" Kagome exclaimed excitedly. "Can you sense it?" Inuyasha sped up and gripped her legs tighter.

"Yeah, I can..." Almost as soon as they cleared the trees, a great canine entered their line of vision. His massive size was astounding, even to those that had seen it before. "He's fighting... Look!" He jumped up and Kagome noticed the young woman right near where they were fighting.

"Sango!" She cried, her eyes filled with relief. Sango was alive...

"Hurry, Inuyasha! Go faster! We've got to aid him!" Miroku was beside him on Kirara, racing to get there as quickly as possible. Almost immediately as they arrived, a swarm of Saimyoushou invaded their vision. Kagura was forced to face them by the hanyou that held her heart in his hands...literally.

"Stand aside, Kagura! I don't have time for you!" Inuyasha drew the Tessaiga and faced her, an almost desperate look on his face.

"Inu scum! Move it!" Inuyasha just barely got out of the way before Kouga slammed into the soceress, flinging her to the ground. "I'll deal with her! You get moving!"

"Sure!" The hanyou wasn't about to argue or even thank the wolf at the moment. He then went to join his elder brother, who was in the process of going back to his human form. The Daiyoukai then drew Tokijin. "Ready, Sesshoumaru?" The two looked at each other before going into the battle together. Kagome ran to Sango, knowing instantly what the taiji-ya wanted when she got over there. The miko handed over the bow and arrows.

"Help them, okay?" Kirara was helping Miroku while Kouga was battling Kagura. Sango aimed for the glowing black sphere within Naraku and let go of the arrow.

"Die, Naraku." The glowing arrow pierced him, striking him and purifying the jewel at the same time. Sesshoumaru grabbed Inuyasha and jumped back, evading the explosion of purification. Sango was armed with another arrow, ready to strike the remaining piece of the hanyou. She released. But not before he destroyed Kagura first...


Sango stood and caressed her swollen stomach. She looked down at the white lillies on the graves. Kagura had gotten a proper burial in her village for her deed of leading Sesshoumaru to Naraku.

"Are you ready?" She looked over her shoulder to see her Daiyoukai standing behind her. His eyes were focused on the lillies. Rin was awaiting them at the Kaede's village with the others. They were celebrating Sesshoumaru and Sango's bond. The taiji-ya smiled and brushed her fingers over the mark on her neck. She was so happy...yet it felt odd to not worry about Naraku. Midoriko had finally receeded back into her mind, finally at rest when Sango took the entire Shikon no Tama into her body. Still, however, the shards remained on her forehead. She didn't mind that she was the Holder. No one could get ahold of the jewel, anyway.

"Yes, I am." She held out her hand and he took it before pulling her into his arms. He raced off toward the village, toward their future together.

She was happy.


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