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Opening one of the massive doors, snow began blowing in and melted on the crème marble. She noted the big hole was still in the door…

Stepping inside the dark church, Seras dusted the snow from her hair. The alter of the church was covered in ash…so were the pews. There was a mass of blood staining the crucifix on the wall and few specks of blood in front of the alter. By the large window, she saw the stains of her own blood although all of it was a large brown spot.

Of course, there wasn't a speck left when he fell.

"Funny…how all this is still here," Seras said, her voice reverberating off the empty walls. Taking a step, she remembered how loud it was when Alucard stepped into the church.

"Look at you in those priestly clothes. Don't you have any shame? I though scum like you could at least feel shame…"

"Fifty-six years ago," she said with a faint smile. Her scarlet eyes slowly made there way to the large window. She could see a faint memory…when he cradled her like an infant and gave her the 'kiss'.

Then in a snap of the fingers, Seras was thrown into the blue Hellsing uniform and shot the vampire Jessica…

…not too long after that was her first injury…a blessed blade in her throat. Courtesy of Father Alexander Anderson…

…then the raid on Hellsing by the Valentine brothers…

…and to top it all off…Incognito.

It was then fifty-fives years later after her 'kiss' when Integra passed away. She was at the good age of fifty when she died…


"Amen," the crowd answered in union. White roses showered the coffin of Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing as it began to descend into her grave next to her mother and father's. Seras knelt down on her knees and threw in her rose, watching it fall and hit the mass of roses. She then watched a single red rose follow hers and rest next to her own. Looking up, she saw her Master standing directly next to her. His eyes were shaded by yellow glasses and his hat was adorned on his raven hair. His face was expressionless.

He was hurting…deep down in his heart…he was crying…but he'd be damned before anyone noticed.

"Master…" Seras whispered, though the cry reached his ears. He lifted his head in acknowledgment before turning to face her. He looked strange without his intimidating grin…

"Come along Police Girl," he said nonchalantly. He turned on heel and began to walk were ever his feet wanted to go. He didn't care for the moment.

Mutely nodding, Seras let herself glance at the coffin of the departed Hellsing before following her Master. Jogging up to him, then regaining a proper pace next to him, they were soon stopped by a young man in a black suit. He eyed the Nosferatu and the young fledgling.

"Lord Hellsing?" Alucard spoke up. This caught the man off guard and he jumped. Seras fought to keep a giggle from slipping.

Integra did not go to her grave a virgin, nor was she not married. By Her Majesty's orders, Integra married the next-up captain named James Aiken, later changed to Hellsing. Two years later, James had died in battle but Integra conceived a son and his name was Sir Lucio Abraham Hellsing. He was at the ripe age of 28 years, married, and they were expecting their first child five months from now. Lucio had brown hair, like his father, but the ice blue eyes, from his mother. His height though, came entirely from his mother.

Naturally, Alucard despised Lucio with a passion.

"Where do you think your going?" Lucio asked. Alucard arched an eyebrow.

"My services to Hellsing have expired," Alucard simply said before side passing the Hellsing master, Seras at his heel.

"Since when? Don't think for a moment that your free…slave,"

On that given word, the symbols on Alucard's gloves burned a fiery red and held him back. This didn't surprise the Nosferatu at the least bit but this stopped Seras from moving since she also had the symbols on her own gloves.

Alucard grit his teeth. Oh how he wanted to rip apart the young Hellsing and drain him dry. Maybe he'd offer some to his fledgling…

"How come?" Seras asked Lucio. Lucio eyed the female vampire with a look of…interest? No…he had a family on the way…

"The Hellsing blood runs through my veins and until I allow you to drink from me, your mine," Lucio said toward Seras, making her gulp. Alucard noticed the look the Hellsing son was giving his fledgling and he growled a low warning.

"Yes," Lucio cleared his throat loudly. "You know the drill…if I need assistance, you will be called upon," he said before excusing himself and joining his wife in the Rolls Royce Integra once favored.

Seras glared at his back.

"Jerk," she said. She then herd the low chuckle come from her Master. Looking to him, he grinned down on her.

"I could have said much worse Police Girl,"

Sitting in a dustless pew, Seras leaned against her back and closed her eyes. She was carrying a lot of weight and it was starting to make her back hurt. But her lips formed a small smile as she recalled the witty comment he made back then.

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So…how was it? My first Hellsing fiction was going NOWHERE! I could think of an ending good enough to satisfy the viewers!

Yes, Dark inside the Light is based off my name. But you'll see what it has to do with the story later on…

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