Chapter 1

Head Boys and Girls


Um, just to clear up something. When I'm trying to present individuals POV, I will be writing in the first person. Other than that, everything else is written in third. Mostly, POV will be when the character is sharing a person opinion/viewpoint. It'll be sectioned off by one of those thingies, you know (that dot, dot, and dot! ) . This is my first Draco/Hermione fic, so please, enjoy it and review!


Temporary malfunction is a Welcome Home mat for me. Nothing but the wide eyed Deer-caught-in-the-headlights glare to set the mood just right. I thought, passing my father in Malfoy Manor.

I have no reason to kill, and I have no reason to hate.

However, without that, I am no one. Simply another gloomy face student wandering the halls of Hogwarts, oh how refreshing it is to know I have no life.

I want to scream and tear the walls down. I want to dig my fingers into someone's face and watch the aftermath of their wounds eat at my soul. I want to kill my parents, I want to kill my headmaster, I want to kill Her. The "thing" that father told me to hate, just to make my life much more amusing… I feel like vomiting!

What have I done to deserve such strong feelings?

I slipped into my room, closing the door behind me. I sat on the edge of my bed, praying that father would not come behind me. Lately, I have been terrified to even sit next to the man. He gave me a horrifying scare last week, when I had accidentally walked in on him "having fun" with my mum. He stepped out of the room, pushed me against the wall and asked if I like what I saw. I ran down the hall into my room, gasping for air. I can still hear the echoing laugh in my ears. What the hell was that?

Thankfully, he did not come in. I thought about school. It was summer. As usual I had nothing to do. I read the Daily Prophet every day, I ate, I went shopping from time to time. Basically, I did nothing.

I searched my room, for something, anything to catch my eye. A very old Prophet did the trick.

I sat down at my desk and read it.

Hermione A. Granger has done it again! Congrats to Hermione,

For being the Wizarding World's smartest witch!

Having got the highest O.W.L in Hogwarts history!

We can gratefully say that we shall expect wonders from

This joyful, intelligent, and might I add beautiful witch!

Hermione's dark brown eyes stared up at me. There, in the pool of black, she held a secret. Something ghastly, possibly life threatening. She looked as if she was coming from out of Hogsmead, when someone snapped her picture. In the back, Potter was running to catch up with Hermione, Ron behind him.

Ooooo, how I wish I knew what had happened…

Suddenly, the door flew open, and Father came in. He had his cane out.

"Draco…what did I tell you about leaving your…muggle junk around the house?" Father said, holding up a camera. I swallowed hard and stood from my desk.

"Yes…you told me not to leave it around. I'm sorry Father," I said walking towards him and holding my hand out. We stood like this for a few minutes. Father dropped the camera and grabbed me about the shoulders. He looked down at me, pushing a lock of my long blond hair out of my face.

"You need a hair cut, soon."

He touched my cheek tenderly as he smiled, letting me go.

"Don't ever let me see your shit again, okay Draco?" Father asked at the door.

"Yes Father." I said. As soon as he closed the door I took out my wand, and headed towards my fireplace, throwing in floo powder, I made my way to Diagon Alley.

"But Harry…I know…yes…I know you do…I just don't think…I do! I do! Oh Harry, you don't know how I feel…I do love you…why? Why would I do something like that? Please…I'm not ready for this…please, be patient with me…I, I just can't right now. Things in my life right now need handling with. I promise…yes, the end of the summer, yes…we can make it official…yes…I know…Yes, meet you at The Leaky Cauldron in twenty…I love you too…bye," Hermione hung up the phone quickly, and wiped a tear from her eye.

She had been arguing with Harry since the end of fifth year, when he had asked her out.

She had immediately said no. The pressure of the press following her, her parents on the verge of getting a divorce, and her head becoming thick with depression, she could not handle another responsibility right now.

Harry had taken offense, and complained about her being self-centered.

"You don't know what the fuck I'm going through!" She had screamed. He had backed off from her, apologizing. She rarely swore. Harry loved Hermione, and she knew that.

She thought that there was more out there, that there was faith, hope and love. That it didn't lye in the boyishly cute Harry Potter.

She wanted to scream. But her parents were next door, talking about "stuff". Something that she was now aware of…Their "divorce" has been put on "hold". Mom was going to have a baby, and dad found out it's going to be a bouncing baby boy. He always wanted a son. It's not that he didn't love her; he just…wanted two of the kind…

She pulled her wand out of her drawer, slipped it in an invisible hoister underneath her shirt on her back, and left her house to Diagon Alley.

"Hello Tom, is Harry here yet?" Hermione had come up to the front desk of the Leaky Cauldron to find Harry. Tom, the keeper of the L.C gave her a gape-tooth smile and shook his head.

"No ma'am. Haven't seen him yet but when he gets here, I'll make quickie to tell you," Tom said. He laughed hoarsely and moved away from her.

"Okay...thanks." Hermione sat down at one of the tables alone. She fought the urge to get up and leave, afraid of facing Harry again, face to face so soon.

"Well I'll be…is it not the smartest bitch, I mean witch around. Granger…" Hermione turned around to see Draco Malfoy standing above her, cronies-less.

"I see you're riding out solo today Malfoy. What? Did your body guards grow brains over the summer and realized what a real git you are?" Hermione asked coolly. She couldn't let Malfoy get her today. Her life was already complicated without him making her feel like crap.

"What do you care for mudblood? What? Waiting for your ugly boyfriend Potty? Or is it Weasel? Maybe you're shagging both of them? Right slut you are!" Malfoy said sneering. Hermione closed her eyes in frustration.

"Listen Malfoy! I don't have time for your bollocks! It's been a busy summer…not that you'd care. Just bugger off." Hermione shot him an evil glare and turned around in her seat, staring at her folded hands. Malfoy stepped back, surveying her heavily breathing form sitting in the chair.

"Whatever mudblood, have fun shagging Potty and Weasel." Malfoy had exited the Leaky Cauldron. At that time, Harry had come up to her from behind, dusting soot from off his clothes.

"Hermione…hey, thanks for coming. Having you been waiting long?"

"Not much," she stood and hugged Harry tightly. He quickly kissed her on the mouth lightly, afraid of her reaction. She smiled shyly and sat down.

"How's everything at home?" he asked. Hermione grimaced.

"Mum and Dad are exceptionally well. Mum is going to give birth soon; you should see how Dad is. They already made up a name for him…Brian." Hermione shrugged and gave Harry a half-hearted smile.

"Ah, I see…"

"About what happened on the train…?"

"That was my fault."

"No…I shouldn't have blown up," Hermione said shamefully. "I should have…maintained my control." Hermione said. Harry gave her a cheerful smile. Everything was okay, since she was blaming everything on herself.

"It's okay Hermione…you're just—" Harry was interrupted by a large Official Looking Owl landing in front of her. The Hogwarts seal shown brightly from the envelope, and her name was written in curly handwriting. With shaking hand Hermione took the letter from the Owl as it took off. She tore it opened and read it. Then she re-read it again.

"I'm…I'm…Head Girl! I'm head Girl Harry!!!" Hermione exclaimed, jumping up and down.

"Does the letter tell you who the Head Boy is?" Harry asked.

"It says that I won't know until I meet him in our quarters…our quarters! This means we'll be sharing rooms! How strange! I'm so worried! I wonder who it'll be…" Hermione whispered, lost in her thoughts of possible candidates.

"Hermione, are we going to talk about it?" Harry asked quietly. Hermione had almost forgotten why she had come to the Leaky Cauldron.

"Oh yes…about that…Harry I…"

I couldn't help but think of how Granger hadn't changed much over the summer. Her hair was still a mess, and she still hadn't experimented with makeup yet…what a pity.

"DRAKIE!" Someone yelled from behind. He closed my eyes, knowing from whom the voice was coming from. Pansy Parkinson stood in front of him. She had dark blue eye shadow on, making her look more like a hooker than usual.

"Drakie…your father said you'd be here, in Diagon Alley…wandering. Have you missed me terribly?" Pansy asked, pressing herself against him. He gave her a strained smile.

"Oh, yes. I did." Pansy gave him a beaming smile. She stood up straighter, all 5'2 of herself to present herself as the Classic Slut.

"I've been thinking about you all summer Drakie…I dream about you…doing the best things to me…only you can fulfill my needs Drakie! Only you," Pansy said looking up at him through her long eyelashes. Draco shrugged his shoulders. Pansy was still pug-like. Her short black hair and freakishly pale complexion was insufferable. Suddenly, a large owl darted out in front of Draco, hooting loudly and stretching out its leg.

"Wretched thing!" Pansy yelled, swatting the owl with her hand. It flew away once Draco detached the letter from its leg.

"It's from the school…" Draco said, tearing the letter open and reading it. "I'm Head Boy." He smiled grimly.

"And who's the Head Girl?" Pansy asked impatiently.

"Doesn't say. I'll meet her when I get there."

"It's probably that bushy-haired mudblood Granger! Or…it could be Millicent, you know how she's been sucking ass holes for all the teachers last year, I wouldn't be surprised." Pansy said rudely. Draco cringed at the fact that he might have to spend the rest of the year with Millicent, or worst, Granger.


As Hermione jumped from out of her seat in the Great Hall, she eagerly grabbed Harry's hand, and had Ron tag along with them. She was going to her new dorm, one that she'll be living in for a year.

"Pepper and Sugar," Hermione said eagerly. The portrait slid open, and Hermione ran into the room.

"Oh MERLIN! Look at this place!" Hermione cried, searching the room. It was twice the size of a normal common room, a room with a small library and long tables was set to the side, then there were couches, rugs, armchairs and tables decorating the room, fit to please a king, or in this matter, a queen. Hermione's stomach, however, plummeted when she realized the house colors that hung from the ceiling, welcoming the newcomers.

Red and Gold


Silver and Green


Hermione felt tears forming in her eyes, as she tried to swallow the fact that she'd have to stay with a Slytherin. Harry had realized this and come behind her to massage her shoulders.

"Shh…it's okay Mione. I'm always going to be here…I'll make sure—"

"—make sure WHAT Potty? That I lay my hands off of Gay-Ranger?" Draco had appeared from out of no where, his sneer in place.

"Bugger off Malfoy," Ron said angrily.

"What is it Weaselbee? Upset that Potty here's got hold of the only girl that'll possibly shag you? If you want to call her a girl that is…looks more like a bear to me…"

"YOU SHUT UP ABOUT HER!" Harry had jumped from next to her to in front of Malfoy. She saw that they were about the same height, Harry and Draco. Although Harry had grown into a handsome man, of 6'1, and became shaggy and dark, Draco had become a fallen angel. His blonde hair curtained his angelic face. His gray eyes had become dark and icy as they stared through Harry's sharp green ones.

"What are you going to do Potter? I can do whatever I want in this room…it IS mine. You two shouldn't even be here! It's against the rules! Haven't you ever read Hogwarts: A History? Bugger off Potty and Weaselbee, and let me move into my dorm comfortably." Draco stood his ground, waiting. Harry backed back, grabbed Hermione and gave her a passionate kiss. He then turned, and walked from out of the room, Ron behind him.

Hermione now stood face to face with Draco.

"What are you looking at mudblood?" Draco asked savagely. Hermione scolded him and turned to pull off her cloak, slipping it in a nearby closet. She still had on her muggle clothing, consisting of baggy jeans that hung off her curvy hips, and her tight pink shirt, showing off her chest. Malfoy's jaw dropped, but he quickly recovered as Hermione turned around.

Her belly button is showing, He thought, damn…look at those curves leading to her…

"Malfoy…if we're going to be working together we have to…"

Rise each others libidos? Fine by me…

"Be nice to each other. I would really like to get to know you…and possibly become…"

Fuck buddies? I had that on my mind too…

"Friends…" Hermione said slowly, looking into his eyes under her long thick eyelashes.

"I don't want to be your friend Granger. We'll never be friends." Draco said venomously. "You're just a mudblood who thinks she's a know-it-all. Stay out of my way, and I'll stay out of yours. Get in my way…and I won't be responsible of what I might do to you," Draco said. He was now extremely close to her body, threatening her, warning her of his power. Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Whatever you say Malfoy, I can't forget that you're an insufferable git," Hermione said, turning around and walking up her stairs for sleep. Draco groaned, watching Hermione strut her way up the stairs made him go mad. Draco couldn't take his eyes off of her rear.

This is going to be a horrible year with Miss. Mudblood…

"Good night Malfoy!" Hermione said happily.