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It was truly a beautiful twilight sky. The stars filled the night sky shining brighter than diamonds.
The winds were still and the air was cool.

Her eyes wondered from the sky looking towards the Konoha gates. With a soft sigh, she closed her eyes imagining what it would be like to sit under the twilight sky, staring at the stars all night long and being close to the one she held dear.

Sakura opened her eyes again waking up from her reverie. She knew that it will never happen. She still blamed herself for letting Sasuke leave the village. She tried to stop him. But she did not, she could not. Sasuke had already made up his mind. She knew that she could not have changed his mind once he had decided.

Sasuke was never a sociable person. He was an avenger. Living only with the thought of killing his brother to avenge the Uchiha clan which his older brother completely wiped out. Sasuke never forgot that day. Sakura knew this and she tried her best to change him by always being cheerful and trying to make Sasuke happy. But however hard she tried, Sasuke stayed the same.

Sakura knew she could not do anything for Sasuke so she kept being cheerful and letting Naruto take over. Naruto with his stupid attitude, who would thought that he could change Sasuke. But he did, Sasuke had considered forgetting about his past. Naruto had changed him little by little and they had come good friends (if they will ever admit it).

But now it was too late. Sasuke had already left. His hatred had grown stronger. He had gone to join Orochimaru.
What hope Sakura had left, left with Sasuke as he walked out of Konoha.

She was now an empty shell. With no hope of ever having Sasuke close to her.

She was now taking lessons from Tsunade. She was learning to be a medical ninja. She concentrated hard and healed whatever Tsunade had asked her to heal. She made progress after a few weeks. Tsunade had complimented her.
But the truth was, she healed everything in front of her imagining it to be Sasuke. She healed with all her determination.
With all her strength, her soul, her heart.

She loved Sasuke. But to him she was nothing but a pest. It broke her heart everytime he said it. But there was nothing she could do about it. Nothing.

As she thought about these things she cried again and again. She cried until she couldn't anymore and fell asleep.

' "Sakura,"called out a familiar voice. She turned around to find someone standing in front of her. "What are you doing here?"she said to the person in front of her. "I just wanted to see you,"said the figure in front of her.
"But why, I thought we had agreed to meet here later,"said Sakura. "Well since we're both here,........"said the figure again.
"You wanted to talk to me about something?" said Sakura again. "Yeah, but first I want to show you something,"said the figure.
"Hmm......okay,"said Sakura with a slight blush. "Good,"said the figure taking hold of her hand and pulling her away.
They arrived at the edge of the forest. "Close your eyes,"said the figure. "Okay,"said Sakura as she closed her eyes.
The figure then took her hand and dragged her along. Sakura could feel her that they were in a cave. The air was damp and she could reach out her hand to touch the damp walls of the cave. "We're almost there," said the figure.
The figure then led her through a narrow opening. She could feel that the air was cool inside the narrow opening.
The narrow opening then led to a wider part of the cave. She could hear water dripping at a distant end.
"Okay, you can open your eyes now,"said the figure still holding her hand. Sakura opened her eyes.

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