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"What the hell did you think you were doing!" yelled Tsunade as she scrutinized the three teenagers in her office.

"You Naruto, who gave you permission to take the mission scroll and leave the village?" asked Tsunade as she glared at Naruto.

"Err.. well..i was…" stumbled Naruto. "You were?" asked Tsunade as she gave him one of her ' don't-piss-me-off-any-futher-or-I'm-gonna-kick-your-ass' smiles.

"Err…never mind?" asked Naruto as he backed away against the wall and started praying.

"Sakura, I thought that you would have more sense. Did you know how worried we all were? You could have sent us a letter saying that you were alright," said Tsunade.

"Err…sorry?" said Sakura as she backed away against the wall, joining Naruto.

"And you, Sasuke. What were you thinking? Did you WANT to become a substitute body for Orochimaru or something!" Tsunade asked Sasuke as she eyed him dangerously.

"Err….never mind. I'll just back away against the wall without further a due," said Sasuke as he joined Naruto and Sakura.

"Err…Tsunade-sama," called out Sakura. "Yes? You have a question?" asked Tsunade. "How did you know I was alright?" asked Sakura. "Yeah, Tsunade baa-chan. How did you know Sakura-chan was alright if she didn't send you a message?" asked Naruto curiously.

"I have my resources," answered Tsunade. "I see that we've got everything straightened out, right?" Tsunade asked as she eyed the three standing against the wall. "Yes," said the three in unison. "Alright, now hop along. I have work to finish. Oh, and don't you think of sneaking out again," warned Tsunade as the three of them rushed out the front door.

"Kids…." said Tsunade with a sigh as she started massaging her temples.


Walking out of Tsunade's office, Sakura decided to head back home. "I'll see you later. I have to go home," said Sakura to her two former teammates. "Okay, see you later Sakura-chan!" said Naruto.

Rushing through town, she hardly noticed the people who she passed as the only thing in her mind was the thought of her mother. Pushing open the front door, she found her mother in the hallway.

"Mom," she called as she rushed to embrace her mother. "Sakura! Sakura is it you?" asked her mother as she tightly embraced her daughter. "I was so worried. They said that you were missing," her mother said between sobs. "Mom, I missed you so much," Sakura said. "Oh..Sakura…please don't do that again," her mother said, her eyes shining with tears. " Okay," said Sakura with a reassuring smile.

Hearing a knock on the door, Sakura answered the door only to find her two teammates standing in her doorway. "Ino? Hinata?" asked Sakura as the two of them embraced her with a bone crushing hug.

"Sakura, I thought that you were dead. Thank goodness you're alright," said Ino as she embraced her best friend. "Sakura-chan, Hinata is very happy that you're fine," said Hinata as she started sobbing.

"I'm sorry. I'm really happy to see you all again," said Sakura as she tightly hugged them back, only to trip on the front rug and send them all tumbling down. "I see you're still a klutz," said Ino as they all started laughing.

"Sorry to disturb but, wouldn't you girls feel more comfortable inside than on the ground?" asked Sakura mother seeing them tangled on the ground and laughing like they were drunk. Flushing, they got off the ground and entered the house in fits of giggles.


"So Itachi was innocent all along," said Sakura as she finished her story. " I didn't think that things would turn out this way," said Ino. "Sakura-chan, is your injury all better," Hinata asked, purely concerened.

"Yup, I'm healthier than the two of you put together," said Sakura with a wide a smile. "Who are you calling weak?" asked Ino as she playfully began to wrestle Sakura to the ground. "Okay…I give up,' said Sakura as they both laughed.

"Sakura, you told us about what had happened but somehow I get the feeling you're hiding something," said Ino as she scrutinized Sakura. "I don't know what you're talking about," said Sakura as she faked a laugh.

Technically it was true. She had told them about the battle, about Itachi rescuing her and the arrival of Sasuke but she had 'failed' to mention the kiss Itachi and her had shared nor the fact that she was deeply in love with him or the fact that she had been in love with him since she was eight.

'But, oh well….' said Sakura to herself as she inwardly hid a blush.

"You're hiding something aren't you?" asked Ino. "No, why would I?" asked Sakura innocently. "Well, I suppose not," said Ino with a sigh. " You were hoping for something?" asked Sakura playfully. "Yup, I was hoping that you'd fall in love with Itachi so that I can have Sasuke-kun all to myself," said Ino with a grin.

"Too bad, huh?" Sakura answered as she tried her best not to laugh. "Ne, Sakura-chan….I think I have to go back. Sakura-chan must still be tired, so I'll let Sakura-chan rest," said Hinata as she started heading for the door. "Well, I have to go too. I have a flower shop to run," Ino said as she left as well.

"Bye," Sakura called out through the door.

'Goodbye Ino-chan. Goodbye Hinata-chan. Forgive me but I'll have to leave you again," thought Sakura to herself.


After saying goodnight to her mother, Sakura sneaked out through the balcony in her room. 'Sorry, mom,' thought Sakura as she headed for the Konoha gates. 'This scene looks familiar,' thought Sakura as she recalled the time when she had snuck out of Konoha to look for the firefly cave where Itachi had took her.

'This time, it's you I'll be searching for Itachi,' whispered Sakura as she slipped through the Konoha gates. She smiled as she recalled the incident that had happened only two nights ago.


" Itachi, what did you want to talk to me about?" asked Sakura as they slowly strolled under the night sky. " Sakura, I think it's time for you to go home," said Itachi slowly. " What? Why? " asked Sakura in confusion. " Your wounds have recovered. You should be able to travel home," Itachi said again.

" Itachi, are you chasing me away?" asked Sakura silently." You're not denying it. You really don't want me around, do you?" asked Sakura as tears clouded her eyes.

Keeping silent, he looked away. " Why aren't you answering me? Don't you dare turn your back on me Itachi. Look at me," cried Sakura as tears streamed down her face.

" You can leave by morning," said Itachi as he started walking away. " I said I would fight with you. Itachi, don't turn your back on me again. Please, not again ," cried Sakura . " This fight was originally mine. Take Sasuke with you. He is of no use to me," said Itachi as he disappeared into the night.

" Why?" asked Sakura as silent tears fell on to the forest ground.

Seeing that Itachi had already left, Sakura wiped away the fake tears that streamed down her face. 'I didn't think that he'd fall for it,' thought Sakura as she giggled slightly. In truth since the day that he had talked to her about the events that had happened in the past, she had begun to understand him more.

He was someone who didn't want to burden anyone with duties that he considered his own or could endanger the lives of the ones he loved. Thinking about it, at some point Sakura knew that he would chase her and Sasuke away in order to protect them.

At that time, Sakura made a promise to herself. Whatever he said or whatever lies he told, she would not believe them. In some ways, she was very alike Itachi. She did not want Sasuke to get involved, so she faked the act and left with Sasuke planning to go back to Itachi once Sasuke was safe. 'Forgive me Sasuke, I've loved you once but I belong with him,' thought Sakura as she headed back to the cabin.

(end of flashback)

(Itachi's pov)

The moon seems dimmer and the lake seems darker since you left. I wonder if I'll ever see you again. It's been four days since you left. You don't know how hurtful it is to let you go, Sakura.

I hope you will be happy with Sasuke.

I hope he treats well.

I hope he never breaks your heart.

As I think about all these things, I recall the warmth of your touch and the taste of your lips. I know I'm being a hopeless romantic but I can't seem to get you out of my mind. I can't forget you, love.

Surprised, I started sensing your presence.

"Liar," I hear you say as I turn to face you. "Sakura, why….?" I asked as you smirked at me. "Because, this is where I belong," you said as you embraced me gently. "Itachi, I can't believe you fell for my acting,' you said with a grin.

'You were acting?' I asked truly surprised, I had been sure that I had broken her heart. 'You have to catch up on all those years you missed, you know. You couldn't even tell that I was acting,' you whispered into my ear. I could tell that you were amused.

'If you had truly broken my heart, I would have been more dramatic about it,' you said again.

Chuckling, I gathered you closer into my arms. 'You can punish me later. But right now we have some catching up to do,' I whispered into your ear. Tilting your chin, I brought our lips together.

In my mind I prayed that this moment would not end.


Like the passage of time,

My love will never stop,

In this cold lonely world,

I'll be the air you breathe.

Have you ever gazed at the moon?

And seen its mysterious light?

I will be the light you see,

Guiding you under the night sky.

Those dreams when we were young,

Do you still see them now?

Do you still recall our days of laughter?

Hand in hand under the cloudless sky.

When all truths fade away,

What would you believe in?

Would you turn and hide?

Or would you stay with me?

Hiding behind these cruel lies,

Can you see me behind this mask?

In the shadows I clutch to your smile,

Afraid to let go, afraid to forget you.

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