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Rei sat in front of the fire at her temple. Figures started to dance in her head. Two of the figures was of Hotaru and a man. The man had long silver hair and golden eyes. A girl was running to them carrying a toddler. Then the scene changed to Rei and a mysterious man standing together with his hand on her rounded stomach. On the man's back was a baby backpack with a baby girl in it. The man with Rei had black hair in a high ponytail and dark blue eyes. The man leaned towards Rei and right before he kissed her the vision ended.

Outers' Mansion

Hotaru sat on the floor shaking. She had just had a vision of a silver haired man and her. Her hands unconsciously reached up to touch her lips where the man in the vision had kissed her. Hotaru's lips were tingling just like she had really been kissed.

"Firefly, are you ok?!" Shouted a worried Haruka-papa who had just walked in as Hotaru's vision had ended.

"I just had a vision. I think I need to call Rei." Hotaru said standing up just as the phone started to ring.

"I got it Firefly, you sit down." Haruka ordered pointing to the couch. Hotaru sat down reluctantly as Haruka answered the phone.

"Hey Pyro" Haruka answered (/"…"/ is the person on the other end talking)

/" Is Hotaru there I need to talk to her?"/ Rei said hurriedly.

"Yeah I'll holler at her." Haruka answered," Hotaru its Rei. She needs to talk to you!"

Hotaru stood up and grabbed the phone from Haruka," Hey Rei, why'd you call?"

/" I just had a vision which had us and some other guys. I think we need to talk to Sets about it. Did you have any visions today?"/ Rei said hurriedly.

"Yeah I just had one." Hotaru said blushing at the thought of the mysterious guy kissing her," A silver-haired man kissed me in it."

"WHAT!?!?!?!?! You had a vision about kissing a guy you don't even know!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" Haruka shouted with her eyes as big as saucers. Setsuna's laughter filled the room as she popped into the room.

"Hotaru-chan, tell Rei to meet us at the Time Gates." Setsuna said.

"Rei, Setsuna-mama said to meet us at the Time Gates. See you there." Hotaru told Rei.

/"Bye"/ Rei said hanging up. Hotaru turned to look at Setsuna then asked," Are the men in our visions our princes?"

Setsuna nodded," The silver haired man is Seon, Princess Serenity's older brother." Hotaru's eyes widened as she turned red again.

"Princess Serenity's older BROTHER!!!" Hotaru shouted in surprise.

"Yes, and according to your daughter in the future he was reincarnated as a dog demon." Setsuna explained.

"Daughter, DOG DEMON. WHAT FIREFLY HAS A DAUGHTER WITH A DEMON?!?!?!?!" Haruka shouted.

"Feudal Demon Lord to be exact. He's no particularly fond of humans, except for this young human girl he has taken in. She's an orphan in need of an adopted mother." Setsuna said," He allows her to call him Sesshomaru-papa in private. Now we must go to the Time Gates, Rei is waiting for us. No need to transform."

Setsuna summoned her key and raised it. Hotaru and Setsuna were surrounded by a red light and they transported to the Time Gates.

"Taru-chan, Setsuna, finally you're here!" Rei shouted.

"We had to explain everything to Haruka-chan, and she really didn't take it well." Setsuna explained.

"So you know what are visions are about!" Rei shouted.

"Yes they're mixed visions of the past and future. I've already explained everything to Hotaru about the man in her vision. The man in your vision is named Kouga; he is a wolf demon who took human form to protect his tribe." Setsuna said sitting down in a chair that appeared out of no where," He is in 'love' with another girl named Kagome, but she loves a hanyou. He is just starting to get over her. He is very caring and faster than Haruka. He was the prince of the wolf demons during the Silver Millennium. I just hope you can stand raw meat because he stills eats that."

"Raw meat, that's disgusting!" Rei said shouting.

"So are you ready to go see them and see if you can help them defeat this enemy who is destroying their friends, family, and innocent people." Setsuna said.

Both Hotaru and Rei nodded, and Setsuna opened a portal for them.

"Only transform when it is very vital. You will be able to use your senshi powers without transforming so you won't reveal your identities to anyone unless you trust them with your life." Setsuna warned," Good luck."

Hotaru and Rei stepped through the door not knowing what dangers awaited them on the other side.

End Chapter 1

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