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(Ten years after end of last chapter)

Rei and Kouga were sleeping peacefully in a LARGE red and light purple bed then…. "Mommy! Daddy!" Shouted a girl with long raven hair and large blue eyes.

"Queen Hotaru is here!" Rei and Kouga daughter Tenshi said cheerfully then she blushed," Would it be ok if I played with Princess Kotaru and Prince Onwa" She was blushing even more when she mentioned Onwa's name. (Tenshi has a MAJOR crush on Onwa)

"Ok can you tell Taru we'll be down in a second?" Rei asked sitting up.

"Ok." Tenshi said and ran out of the room.

"Remind me to lock the door." Kouga growled and pulled the covers back over his head.

"Wake up or you're sleeping outside." Rei snapped and pulled him out of the bed by the ear.

"Ow, ow!" Kouga yelped," I'm awake. I'm awake, woman!"

"Good." Rei said and kissed him before she went to change into her dress. (Just think her princess dress)

With Hotaru and the others

Rin was bottle feeding a small baby with red hair, kitsune ears, and a small red tail. Shippo was staring proudly down at the baby and was scratching it behind its ears. "Hey little guy." Shippo said. (Yes Rin and Shippo are married now and the baby's a boy named Taro)

Hotaru laughed when Taro took the bottle out of Rin's hand and threw it in Shippo's face. "I'm glad Onwa didn't do that." Seon said smiling. (SeonSesshomaru)

"Mommy and Daddy will be down in a little bit." Tenshi said as she entered the room then she ran over to Onwa and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, causing both of the little kids to blush. (Onwa has a crush on her too.)

"Can we go play?" Kotaru asked shyly as she peaked out from behind Seon's legs. She was very shy and always ran to Seon when she was scared. While Onwa was extremely kind and gentle except in fights then he and Kotaru were very good fighters.

"Uh huh!" Tenshi said and the three went outside to play. (The girls are wearing princess dresses like their mothers and the boys are wearing armor similar to their fathers. Like Onwa's silver armor with a dark purple cape.)

"Play nice!" Hotaru called after the kids. After a few minutes Rei and Kouga came down.

"Hey Taru!" Rei shouted and hugged her then she noticed Taro," oh my gosh congratulations, Rin-chan!"

"Thank you." Rin said blushing.

"So what's his name?" Kouga asked Shippo.

"Taro." Shippo said proudly.

"Well next thing you'll know you're going to have to take him to school and he's going to start liking girls." Kouga went on and on about bad things that happen with kids. By the time he finished Shippo looked like a ghost.

"Kouga if you say one more thing. You'll be sleeping outside for the rest of the year." Rei warned making Kouga stop.

"Ok I shut up." Kouga said then whispered to Seon," Beware of evil wives."

Seon shook his head," Not my fault you're an idiot wolf."

"Hey…" Kouga growled.

"Men apart!" Rei and Hotaru shouted glaring at their husbands," If you didn't forget we have a picnic to go too!"

"Yes ma'am!" Kouga shouted and gave a play salute to the girls who glared at him.

"Baka..." Rei said hitting him on the head.

"Yeah but I'm your baka…" Kouga said then frowned," That's not good."

The others laughed and the children came running in. "Are we going to see Hina, Kira, Mina, Mako, Kun, Zoi, Usa, Jad, Neph, and Kousagi?" (Ok now that's a lot of kids. And here's a list of their parents; Kunzite & Minako Kun and Mina, Zoicite & Ami Kira and Zoi, Nephrite & Makoto Mako and Neph, Jadeite & Setsuna Kira and Jad, and lastly Neo-Serenity & Endymion Usa and Kousagi)

They all boarded a ship headed for the Moon and the women chattered happily as they kept an eye on the children. About halfway there the children had fallen asleep. Tenshi had her head resting on Onwa's shoulder, who had his head fallen back against the seat. Kotaru was sleeping in her father's lap and was curled up like a kitten. Rei had fallen asleep and was leaning against Kouga and Kouga's head was placed on top of her's and he was snoring loudly.

Hotaru giggled and smiled up at Seon as he placed and arm around her shoulders. "Now is everything perfect?" Seon asked playfully.

"Well except for the snoring kids and Kouga." Hotaru said grinning," Yes I have to say. Everything is perfect."

and all the little kids said THE END+

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Hotaru, Makoto, and Minako were sitting calmly watching a movie then a bright light filled the room and all the electricity went off leaving the house in complete darkness. And then the lights came back on to revile three boys their age. One with brownish-red hair, one with blonde hair, and lastly one with black hair.

"G-Gaara-kun?" Hotaru asked the one with red hair.

end preview