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AT long last chapter seventeen

"Tier!?!" All the containers repeated after their respective tenants informed them.

"I thought you said that he disappeared, and was a phoenix." Naruto asked Kyuubi. "Does that mean he is a Jinchuruki as well?"

"Don't know kit."

"Since when do you call him Kit, fox- breath."

"Judging by your reactions, your tenants have told you who I am. First let me tell you I am not a container like you are but actually a spiritual being in human form. As Naruto can attest to demons and hanyos have the ability to shape shift in order to hide in plain sight without causing a panic, though it seems you have yet to learn this technique Uzumaki." Kanto explained

"What is he talking about Naruto?" Gaara asked.

"For my last birthday, the fox gave me some new features." Naruto explained while dropping his disguise. "He explained that all containers will eventually be merged with their tenants and become hanyos, so he started the process early. Unfortunatly we got into an argument, and he refused to teach me how to shape shift."

"Let me guess, he's still a sore loser?" Kanto guessed.

"Yep!" Naruto laughed. Kyuubi just growled in the back of his mind.

"That's all good, but can someone tell me why we are here?" Maki asked.

"Ah yes, about that. The Akatsuki." Kanto started. "For one, the red cloud wants to destroy this world's structure, and rebuild it as one that they control. Their fake leader goes by the name Pein, but in reality their true leader is Kurodo. He goes by many names up to and including Uchiha Madara, and Tobi. To do this they need to collect and ungodly amount of chakra. That is where we come in. Kurodo is collecting the energies of mystical beings to generate the energy he need. Now there are only a few left. Kyuubi, Ichibi, Ryo, Kri, and I are all that remain."

"Hold up I thought Ryo died over fourteen years ago." Naruto inquired.

"That's what the Uchiha's told us, he died of old age." Jiraiya said.

"I should have known, Ryo had too much energy in him before he disappeared to have died like that." Hana said.

"Ryo was sealed in the youngest of the Uchiha brothers."

"What!! Sasuke?!" Naruto screamed.

"Ano… if that's true, then the book….could it really mean you Naruto-Kun?"

"What book?" Maki asked.

"A couple weeks ago we went to a book store and Hinata found a book of prophecies. In it there was this odd one, what was it again?" Hana asked Hinata.

"I have it here Hana-ne san." Hinata opened the book to the page and showed everyone.

After Dragon Betrays Fox

Phoenix Will Seek the Union of Fire

To Stop the Shadow of the Red Moon

Four Will Unite To Shed Light

As The Fifth Is Lost in Darkness

Li2! &ll &e tr#e D+k$s

&o )#in B#c & &$#t

&ny !#l /-ng H)

Divi$n (&l Brig Death

"Well if what Kanto says is true, then it might be the midget here." Temari said.

"What was that pig tails?" Naruto ground out angrily.

"You heard me short stuff." Temari stared, only to stop when a wall of sand went between the two of them.

"Naruto if you could, please refrain from antagonizing my sister and Temari leave my friend alone." Gaara requested.

"Naruto-kun now is not the time for this." Hinata said.

"Your right, my love I apologize for my behavior."Naruto replied.

Naruto actually apologized .Jiraiya thought.

"Not that I believe in prophecies, but if what you all are saying is true, than the four of us will team up to take out this Atkatsuki, which is in my opinion a good thing, but what about the fifth, and the rest of the poem? "

"The fifth is indeed Sasuke Uchiha. He is currently lost within the grasp of Orochimaru and his quest for revenge. As for the rest of the prophecy, and trust me true prophecies are rare and true, is unreadable. The thing is the future is not written in stone and I for one do not want to lose my life so the world can be destroyed or taken over by anyone, especially Kurodo." Stated Kanto.

"You seem to know a lot about this Kurodo." Jiraiya stated

"That is a long story." Kanto said

"We're listening." Hana said, receiving nods from everyone.


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