Becoming One..

Hey guys! This is my first fanfic! oh yeah!! Hahaha ..I hope you like it. It''s a Love story about Inuyasha and Kagome facing obstacles to be together..and that''s pretty much all I can say without ruining it for everyone.. Well, that''s about it for me, and, like I said before, I hope you like my Story! ( I do not own Inuyasha!!!)

Chapter One: First day..First feelings

"Kagome!" a voice called from downstairs, "Time to get up, you'll be late for school!". Kagome slowly got up and began getting dressed when she heard a knock on the front door. She could hear her mother greeting whoever it was, the voice of the person was muffled, because Kagome had her door closed. She shrugged it off and put on her bookbag, opened the door and went downstairs.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome said with a smile, yet surprised. "Yo, Kagome. I came to walk you to school." he replied, also smiling. "How nice of you inuyasha." Kagomes mother added, passing Kagome her lunch, "you two have a good day at school." With that, Inuyasha and Kagome began walking down the steps of the temple and down the street to their new school.

"Nervous?" Inuyasha asked without looking at her. "Nervous? why would I be nervous??" Kagome laughed, "Are you?", Inuyasha looked at her and smiled, which made Kagome want to melt right there..They had been friends for as long as she could remember. Inuyasha and his family had moved to Kagome's street when they were both babies and they had a bond that can't be described. Inuyasha and Kagome's parents worked at the same building, which Meant Kagome and Inuyasha got to spend a lot of time together. But today was different..and Inuyasha knew it. They were now starting their first day of high school..becoming two young adults in the world. Inuyasha knew that there would be guys who would like the way Kagome looked and promised himself he would protect her from that world.

"No?! don't be stupid..." Inuyasha said cooly, still thinking about what High school would do to them. Kagome just looked at Inuyasha out of the corner of her eye, she knew Inuyasha was too proud to admit he WAS nervous..and so was she. They stopped, waiting for the cars the pass so they could cross, when a bunch of '12th graders' came by. "hey guys! look at the dude with the white hair! what a queer!" Inuyasha just stared at the ground, ignoring them. He had always had white hair.. his parents had always told him it was just a birth defect, but it had always bothered him.... he tried dying it black before, but he was still made fun of. He was snapped back to reality when he heard Kagome yelling at them.

"What's your problem?! what do you have to be proud of?" Kagome was staring at his 'green' spiked hair, she walked over to him and slapped him accross the face. "Think before you speak, I don't know why you make fun of him when YOU'RE the one who looks like the freak!" She glared at him for a moment. Kagome never even had a bad thought of Inuyashas hair color when they were growing up, or even now. He was the kindest, most generous person she knew, She thought that was what made him 'Inuyasha'. She turned to walk back to Inuyashas side when the guy grabbed her hair and threw her to the ground. He pulled out a knife from his jacket and was inches away from her neck when someone got to his neck first. Inuyasha lifted him off his feet, the guy was just dangling there, grasping inuyasha's hands, trying to make him let go.

"If you ever, EVER touch her again, I'll KILL you! you understand me?" Kagome never seen Inuyasha act this way.. it was almost as if his eyes were He let go of the guys neck and the gang ran off down an alley way. Almost instantly Inuyashas face turned kind and concerned as he ran to Kagomes side.

He cupped her face in his hands. "Are ok, Kagome? Oh, this is all my fault.." Kagome eyes filled with tears and hugged him. Inuyasha just crouched there, dumbfounded. "Thank you Inuyasha.." She said, not letting go of him. Inuyasha returned the hug, slightly blushing. "Why did you do that, Kagome? I don't care what anyone thinks of me?!" He scolded her. Kagome let go of Inuyasha, slightly pusing him away. "But it bothers ME! You've always been kind to me Inuyasha're my best friend and I'm tired of sitting back and letting people push you around. So what, your hair is white. what's wrong with that? It doesn't bother me? so why should it bother anyone else. It wasn't his place to even talk to you, your bigger than that Inuyasha!!!" Inuyasha's stare was broken when he noticed the gash going down her cheek. His eyes widened, it was his fault that Kagome was hurt.. his fault Kagome did what she did. He heard the school bell ring in the distance, they couldn't be late, he knew how much Kjagome was obsessed with having a 'perfect school record'.

"Can you stand?" Inuyasha said, standing up himself. "Of course I can" She started to rise up, but fell back down with a yelp of pain. " ankle!" Inuyasha picked her up, bridal style. "Inuyasha? what are you doing?" Inuyasha stared down at her. "Taking you to school.."