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Chapter 13: The pain of lies

As Naruto expect, a few minutes later Sakura barraged into his house.

"Naruto, you baka! What the hell made you think you can guard 2 little kids!" she yelled.

Behind her there were a lot of guests. As the blond shinobi had feared, almost all of Konoha was in at his house, those he knew anyway. Kakashi and Rin entered after the pink kunochi, followed by Asuma, Kurenai, Gai, Shizune, Konohamaru, Kiba and Akamaru, Hinata, Neji, Lee, Shino, Ino, Tenten, Chouji and Shikamaru. Most of them just wanted to check his house; the others were here to see Sakura beat him to a plump. The kids were shocked on seeing so many people at once.

"They really don't trust you do they Naruto niisan?" asked Shizuka, as a sweat dropped behind her head.

"What the hell, is this pink forehead girl is yelling about", said Kazama as he entered the living from.

Everyone braced for impact as they noticed Sakura charge on the poor boy. Luckily Naruto was fast enough to catch her and restrain her before any damage was done.

"Okay, stop that Sakura, you going to make them think you're a psycho and you I told you to watch your mouth you want to get killed or what?" said Naruto as he withheld Sakura.

"She was seriously going to punch me wasn't she? Damn what a scary woman…" said the poor Kazama, realizing like Shikamaru that Konoha had a lot of scary women.

Finally, Sakura calmed down. Naruto explained the situation and gave the same reason he gave to Tsunade. Most of them understood apart Sakura who feared for the little Shizuka. Naruto might know how to handle boys but he certainly did not know how to handle a girl. He said he got it covered, he sent a special envoy to give a message to his aunt, so she can come and give him a "how to handle little girl 101" course. Just as he said it, Akahi came home with a letter in his mouth. Naruto read it.

"Great, she will be here in two days great… I guess I better start buying some outfit for you two. God knows what she will bring… come on you too. As for the rest of you, I know you came here to admire my house but now its not the time, so please leave", said the man.

Everyone got out as fast as they got in. Naruto locked the door behind and proceeded to the kids store with Shizuka and Kazama at his sides.

"I am going to the store with you", yelled Sakura.

"I don't need your help", growled Naruto with an obnoxious look on his face.

"Yes you do, your not good with female fashions so I am going to find costumes for Shizuka", she said.

"Fine, do whatever you like, but I get the last decision last thing I want for my little sister is a Haruno Sakura double", he said, realizing that arguing with her was pointless.

Sakura was about to pull another tantrum but then she stopped as she notice Shizuka was looking at her weirdly. She figured the little girl must think she must be a psycho-girl or something and she wouldn't be wrong especially the way she was acting with her bigger brother. Finally, they arrived at the store. Naruto bought some t-shirts and baggy shorts for Kazama, while Sakura added some nice looking costumes for Shizuka. They also bought under wears for the kids along with the usual household necessities. Naruto paid for everything, he then went to the grocery and bought lots of food and they were back to home.

After arriving home, Naruto started to prepare dinner, as it was night already. Sakura was surprised that the blond shinobi knew how to cook. Naruto gave her the "what, you think men can't cook? I am not Shikamaru" look. The dinner was good, considering there was no soup involved. Then Sakura set Shizuka to sleep, while Naruto did the same for Kazama. As she was about to leave, she apologized for her behaviors. She said she thought that he hadn't change that much and expected him to mess up.

"I may not have had a family but I can tell you one thing. I know how to handle my siblings and weather you like it or not, I am in charge of them and will always be in charge of them till they are old enough to walk on their own. So don't butt in my world, your world is not mine. You go worry about Sasuke and leave me worrying about my problems. I don't need you, that gay is the one who needs you", said Naruto in a serious tone.

Sakura didn't say much as she left, she really felt stupid. Uzumaki Naruto had changed too much in to short time. At 13 he's apartment used to be a mess and his food consisted of 100 ramen. Yet at 15, here he was, in a house that he kept always clean, cooking food way better then she did and taking responsibility for two kids he barely knew. The world has sure changed in two years, well more like Uzumaki Naruto. She wished Sasuke would be as good as Naruto. Then she stopped and rethought what she just said and smacked herself. Tsunade-sama told her that Naruto did not want anything with her, so she must try hard not to show too much affection and give him the wrong image, because if she did that, Uzumaki Naruto would go in a terror tantrum. The last thing on his mind is to impress the girlfriend of his best friend. It was probably for that reason that he distanced away from him.

The chuunin selection exam started two weeks later. Gaara and Temari were the guest honors. Like previously expected only genins from Konoha, Suna, Kusa, Taki and Kiri participated. The mist village was still a surprise; it simply meant that they were still neutral. The village was still in high alert, every detail was double-checked and even triple checked. Naruto knew that Orochimaru was not crazy enough to attack but then again we are talking about a snake here.

The new defenses they added were enough to scare the shit out of any invasion force. Suna also had their guard fully up. It was obvious that the two villages had increased their defense drastically, to a point making them the two toughest forts in the 5 countries.

The exam underwent as scheduled, Ibiki was still in his interrogator mood, while Anko played with the fear of death of the genins at part 2. The poor boys wondered how such a hot looking woman could be so deadly and sadistic. Genma and Shikamaru attended part 3, which was held in the final week of the exams. This time again, there was a need for preliminary matches. It was made clear that the genins would be considered chuunin, if they met the requirement, even if they lost at the preliminary rounds.

The final battle was between Kiba and Sakura, which was really a surprise. Well not for Kiba, he showed his mastery of Inuzuka clan skills on his targets by keeping his calm and attacking in perfect synchronization with Akamaru. Sakura however was the surprise, mostly because she was underestimated. Most of her opponents fell for her good looks and ignored her massive strength. She bit them hard, it was certainly not the day for most of the genin males, first Anko, now Ino and Sakura. Konoha sure did have a lot of hot scary women.

Kiba was no such fool, as their match began, he was attacking her at full force. She was hard to contend with, since if she touched you there only two things that could happen either face the raw force of an earthquake or be disabled via one of her medical jutsus. Finally realizing that his attacks were no avail, Kiba and Akamaru formed Soutourou the double-headed wolf and began attacking with their garouga attack. However, things backfired when Sakura performed kuchiyose of her own. Kiba was uninformed that Sakura could summon, well no one was apart, Tsunade, Naruto, Jiraya and Shizune. Soutourou got the surprise of his life when Katsuyu made her appearance. With Sakura's order, Katsuyu became hard as diamond and when Soutourou made contact, he knocked himself out. He had a big hard head but not hard enough to go through the slug queen's diamond body. With Kiba and Akamaru both unconscious Sakura was declared the winner. She was so excited she even pulled a Chun-Li special victory dance.

With the exam now over, the people went back to their usual duties. Naruto had send Shizuka and Kazama to go and celebrate with Sakura, who threw a party after her victory dance. This way Gaara and Naruto could discuss at his house.

"So what is that you absolutely needed to talk in private?" asked the blond shinobi.

"Well first of all, I would like to thank you for sending the tanuki guardian to help me deal with Shukaku, Shinku Asura…" said Gaara quietly.

"Don't tell me that evil bastard told you my name, grr incompetent fool, you are lucky you know, if you said anything like that you would have been dead on site". Said Naruto angrily.

"Yeah, he told me, that's why I wanted to talk to you in private. I know we are not allowed to call you by that title but anyway, thanks a lot, he sure made Shukaku more tolerant, I can sleep without having to worry about him waking up and killing everyone around. You should have seen Kankuro's and Temari's face the first night though, they were so white I thought they were ghosts", laughed the Kazekage.

"Well, I think it would have been much safer to have a Kazekage that can sleep as allies. Anyway I think I know the other reason you are here… does it have to do with Akatsuki?" asked Naruto.

"Yep, that's why I came to talk to you, apparently you are one of their target's also. I want a piece of them. I didn't like the last goons they sent for scouting. Those people have no moral. They almost killed the civilians when our trackers caught them. I know we are in a upcoming world war, but I am pretty sure they will try to strike at us at the same time", said Gaara quietly.

"That you can be certain. Apparently they think that I am a demon container, to bad for them they going to find it the hard way", smiled Naruto.

"Well, from what I understand even you cannot handle 8 other demon containers by yourself", said Gaara.

"There isn't 8 others there is 7 others, they mistook the only other Shinku for a demon. From what I heard, he is coming to meet me, although I still haven't met him yet. He is taking his time touring the world for some reason. Anyway, I have my eyes on Akatsuki also, I'll inform them of you. The code words will be Tengu. Don't worry they won't suspect my foxes", said Naruto quietly.

"Well, I'll trust you, after all you are my only ally against them at the moment. I am surprised to hear from Godaime that you still refused your rightful title as Hokage. After all you are much stronger then her", asked Gaara.

"The reason is simple, as long is Akatsuki is not done, I can't take care of the villagers. Which brings me to your problem. You are the Kazekage, they are known dirty players, which means they will use any means necessary to get you", said Naruto

"Yeah, I took account of that, although I became Kazekage to protect my people, I also made them hostage targets and as kage I cannot bargain them like chips. I guess I understand your decision", said Gaara quietly.

"What have you in mind if that were ever to happen? I suggest you figure out a plan quickly to counter them with", said Naruto.

"I am thinking of going easy on them at first and if they try to use my people against me I give my self up, till we reach the outskirts of Wind and then show them my true power. However, that is dangerous plan, so I need to get their info first before making such harsh decisions", said Gaara.

"Don't worry, we'll find things on them soon enough, they can't find for ever you know", smirked Naruto.

"This other guardian you speak off any idea when he will show up?", asked the Kazekage.

"Like I said, he didn't meet me yet, I don't even know him, but I will know him when I see him, I hope", smiled the Oni Hogosha.

"So how is family? I was surprised to hear you adopted siblings", asked Gaara.

"Well, I met them in Snow country. They parents were assassinated and they were left to die. Since they were orphans and outcastes like you and me I decided to add them to my own. Outcasts must live together you know, to survive this horrible world", laughed the Shinku.

"I see, well you better offer them a sister-in-law soon, it's hard to live without a mother figure. As for me, I have the unfortunate role of selecting a wife and concubines that I am trying to avoid. God these people, we are only 15, but they expect us to be founding families already", said Gaara shaking his head.

"That's funny I almost forgot the sand costume I think its nice what you did though. You know if you want you can change those customs you're the boss now, besides who wants a wife unless you truly love her. As for me getting a wife, ain't gonna happen. My demands are too high for any girls", laughed Naruto.

"Yeah yeah, keep talking like Temari. That's what she used to say, before Shikamaru fell from the sky. There love letters travel more often then messages between me and you. I guess one of these days she will finally decide to settle here and start their family. I do intend to change those crappy rules though, because I am sure that finding one wife would take me an eternity, considering I scare the shit out of them", laughed back the Kazekage.

"You serious? That's funny I thought Shikamaru didn't like bossy women, thanks for the tips I am going to enjoy drilling it in front of everyone. Yeah people are growing up fast I guess, so many couples already", said Naruto as he leaned back.

"What about your ex-teammate she was sure impressive today. Is she still digging Uchiha Sasuke? I heard the last Uchiha made quiet a bad impressions recently", said Gaara as he looked for a reaction on Naruto.

"She is, that's another thing I wanted to talk about, don't talk about Mr. waanabe snake man's bad record in front of her, she maybe the only hope I got of curing that fool", said Naruto quietly.

"Oh shit, you should have told me that earlier… God I hope Temari doesn't spill the beans", jumped Gaara.

As Gaara feared, Temari did spill the bean. Her beans hit the poor Sakura like a ten-ton boulder. She learned all the sick details, about how Uchiha Sasuke had been flinging with village girls forcefully. How he kills villagers out of pleasure and all his other bad stories. It took a while for Temari to realize that his ex-teammates were left out of these details well mostly his fan club. Sakura was very depressed and angry, angry at Naruto. She was on her way to her ex-teammates house and she wanted answers.

Gaara was happy to open the door when the bell rang and lucky that his sand was fast enough to block the isshi resshin that came after it. Both teen understood what had happen. The secret about Uchiha Sasuke was out and Haruno Sakura was not pleased about what she heard.

"You fool, I trusted you. This is how to treat your promises? You kept me out of his crimes? What you think, that if I didn't know about them I would be still madly in love with him and keep out of your way? If you don't love me, you can say it on my face, I understand but to go so low as to use my love as an excuse… I ... REALLY HATE YOU UZUMAKI NARUTO", she yelled, as she was about to get out.

But Naruto held her back she was about to punch him, but he intercepted it, he then dragged her back inside. She was struggling out of his grip mercilessly but he held on even after receiving many of her elbows and kicks he held on till she calmed down. She then began to cry and hugged him and cried like a baby. Gaara figured it was a good time to go enjoy her party and let them talk it out, after all he did not want to be in the way of one of Haruno Sakura's tantrums, he knew Uzumaki Naruto could take them but he wasn't sure about himself.

"Why did you do it, why? Do you think that I am so desperate that you could simply use me like that. Am I that weak to you? You could have told me you know. It would have been much less painful hearing from you…" she said as she sobbed on his arms.

"Sakura, what ever you may thing this has nothing to do with me trying to get you off my tail. If that was the case I would simply ignore you like I do to the rest. The reason I did it, is because I still believe that fool can be changed. God knows what that Snake freak did to him but he can be saved only by your love. Now if you stop believing in him then there is no hope. I am strong and even I have hard times digesting them. You must keep faith in him Sakura", he said quietly.

She knew he was right, Naruto was the type of guy who would tell you when he didn't want you around him. But still she had hoped he didn't keep hiding from him on such matters.

"You can hate me all you want Haruno Sakura, I'll quarrel with you all day long if I must get you to hate me. But remember this, if you lose faith in Sasuke, then I will seriously hate you. Now mind getting off my lap, before some paparazzi comes and takes a picture for the Konoha Times", he finished with as a sweat drop from the back of his head.

She understood him and realized that she was on top of him without the slightest realization. The scene would give a bad impression to any spectators. So she got off of him quickly. Last thing she wanted was to give him more trouble then he already put himself into. She guessed that the part that the Hokage liked and hated about her favorite ANBU. Always keeping the pain of others inside him, he would do his best to keep something away from you if he knew it would hurt you. Tsunade liked the protection part but hated the weight he put on his shoulders for it. Sakura now felt the same.

"From now, promise you won't keep his bad details away from me. I don't want to have my burdens on your shoulders Uzumaki Naruto. Like you said the other day, I stay off your world you stay off mine. If you don't, you will have bigger problems then having pictures of me sitting on your laps at Konoha Times", she giggled.

Naruto gave her a weird look wondering what she meant by that. Was she going to extort him by revealing that he is Uzumaki Arashi's real son? She wouldn't do that unless she was stupid enough to face his and Tsunade's wrath.

"You know, rumors that you slept with me and I was carrying your you know what? You know how those S.E.X. stories go around fast don't you? I will even scream them loud enough to make sure that every damn villagers hear it. I will also take possession of your siblings, by claiming that you're a bad parental figure because you dig me in front of them and etc…", she continued with a grin.

"You wouldn't!" screamed Naruto.

"Oh yes I will, hey what would it matter to me, at least I will gave husband that can cook for me and is hot enough to make all other girls jealous. But for you, you get to have a psycho-wife, lose the chance to recover your best friend and gain the title as a sadistic pervert", she smiled.

"God, you really are an evil woman aren't you. I was right, becoming obaasan's student was bad for you. The Sakura of before would never tax me. All right woman you got a deal, just please don't extort me", said Naruto with a pleading puppy face.

Sakura being pleased with her answer invited him back to her party. Naruto agreed, it was a bad idea to disappoint her now, she just gained some power over him. Everyone was expecting to see Uzumaki Naruto battered and bruised after they heard Gaara talk about Sakura bragging his house. they were amazed to see he wasn't that bad hit, a few blues on his shoulders where only thing apart. The party lasted all of the night and the next day Gaara and Temari left for their home after a little Temari and Shikamaru soap opera.

It was a pretty bad night for Naruto, first Gaara knows about his other side, then having Haruno Sakura gain some control over him after dodging his bullet life would not get any worst. Man now he was certain he had no feeling for her, the girl sat and cried on him for at least 10 minutes and yet he did blush. Besides who wants a psycho girl like her, one second all nice and cuddly and the next miss psycho killer.

The next two months went pretty well, the Myobu was gaining more information, Naruto was having tougher missions and Sakura was getting used to her lover's bad deeds. At one point she even asked Naruto if he wouldn't mind that she beat him to a pulp when they get him back.

As for the results of the exam, all the former Konoha rookie 9 and Tenten became chuunins. Kiba also succeeded joining ANBU, he was put in the same team as Neji, Lee and Shino, while there forth teammate was sent to join ANBU 12.

Shizuka and Kazama were getting used to their new school and making new friends. Kazama and Konohamaru became best buddies and worst enemies of their sensei Iruka. Truth be told, with Naruto as their unofficial trainer, Kazama and Konohamaru were a force to be reckon with even for the greatest chuunin academic teacher of the village.

Kazama was also impressing with his learning abilities, the lad had caught of with the group and was a likely genin candidate for this year. Konohamaru and his monkeys and Kazama and his wolfs summoning were the main attraction of the class. Sure they did not summon big ones but a small ones were disturbing enough. Iruka was probably glad that Kazama did not learn the orioke from his best friend. As for the Shizuka, she was much more artistic and quiet, she was the angel of the class. Iruka had problems believing that she was even Kazama's sister.

The kids were also used to getting left out a few days without their big brother due to his missions. It wasn't that bad, whenever he wasn't home, either their aunt Yuna, which they were very fond of, would replace them or Sakura would.

However, Naruto's next mission was said to be long, a week long mission, it was his longest till date. It was also one of those S rank missions that would creep you out. He was to visit Mist country, live at the house of a famous lord who personally asked for his service. Kill one of the 7 Swordsman of Mist, a nukenin, known as Sasaki Hanzo, considered the second strongest among them and a student of the Mizukage. There was two major problems with this mission. He was a favorite of the Mizukage, even after he became nukenin, kind of like Orochimaru and Sandaime relationship. Second Mist had still not given their position in the struggle.

So the blond shinobi parted for his mission, asking his aunt to stay at his house and watch over the siblings and this time even Takeo joined in. On his way there he had a strange feeling that he was about to meet someone there, he did not know why.

End of Chapter 13

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Akatsuki: Dawn, a group of 9 S-ranked criminals, very strong that are looking to cause trouble. Their goal is to capture the 9 jinkuchi or the 9 demons.

Katsuyu: The big slug boss that Tsunade and Sakura summon.

Nukenin: missing ninja, criminals.

Tanuki: Raccoon dogs.

Tengu: Goblins that lived in the mountains of Japanese mythology, they were known to cause mischief. In this story, it's the codename given to identify Akatsuki by Naruto.


Garouga / Big tornado spin dog attack (?): A technique that comes from the Inuzuka bloodline. Can only be used with Soutourou. Just like the name says it's a big spinning doggy tornado. User: Inuzuka Kiba, Akamaru.

Isshi resshin / Will of an earthquake: A shidou style attack, where the user uses her fist to deliver a devastating punch that create an earthquake upon impact, this move is considered deadly as a direct hit can result to death depending the power used by the user. User: Haruno Sakura and Tsunade.

Kuchiyose Katsuya / Summoning Katsuya the slug: A summoning jutsus that summons the powerful slug Katsuya. User must have a contract with the slugs. User: Haruno Sakura, Tsunade.

Orioke / sexy: A very provocative and effective against perverts ninjutsu. The user trasforms himself as a beautiful nude woman giving massive nose bleeds. User: Uzumaki Naruto, Konohamaru.

Shindou style / Impact style: A taijutsu style based on Tsunade power attacks. Moves include the famous isshi resshin that she uses to create earthquakes upon the impact of her fist. User: Haruno Sakura and Tsunade.

Soutourou / Two head wolf: Inuzuka bloodline combination ninjutsu. The user and their dog combine and form a big two headed dog. User: Inuzuka Kiba, Akamaru.