Summary: Inuyasha invades Kagome's school. Short, and nothing earth-shaking happens, but that's as it should be. These people already have their own sakusha, they don't need me messing around.

Disclaimer: Like I said, these people have their own sakusha. Rumiko Takahashi, if memory serves. They beong to her. I have no claim on them whatsoever and only know dog-boy from a few mangas and a spoof anyway. However, if you could actually believe that I did own them, there's a duplicate well in my backyard that I'm willing to sell for a very reasonable price….

Kagome sighed. Things were just not looking good. Her grades were down, down, down, and they weren't likely to pick up with all this time-shuttling. Sure, Inuyasha was being most unlike himself and had said she didn't need to come back for two weeks if she didn't want to, and she didn't because she had to study, but now she kept wondering why he didn't want her around.…Augh! Now she wasn't listening in class. This was awful. She tried to concentrate on what the teacher was saying. Something about hypotenuses. What was wrong with her lately? She had the strangest feeling that something was not right back there.

CRASH! The whole class jumped as something collided with something else just outside their classroom. Then doors slammed, all up the hall, one after the other, as if someone was opening them, not finding what they wanted, and moving on. The screaming started about two seconds after this and continued to swell. The class sat frozen as the slamming doors came closer and closer. Finally it was their door that was thrown wide.

The figure framed in the door was wearing clothing that they would have laughed at if it hadn't been for the rest of him - strange dog's-ears rising out of far more silver hair that one head should be able to hold, clawed fingers, and an immense sword in one hand. It was the sword that caused the screaming. It looked like it had seen a lot of blood, although its blade was clean, and it would see more.

"Kagome." said the intruder. The moment he opened his mouth, silence reigned. Everyone was too scared not to let him speak. "Kagome." He repeated. "We need you." Everyone slowly turned to look at Kagome, who stood up hands on her hips. She looked angry.

"Inuyasha!" she spat. "This is my school! How could you?"

"I-" he began.

"Osowari!" she shouted. The stranger plummeted face first to the ground. "Stupid inu!" Kagome said angrily. "Baka!" He levered his head up, spitting out formica floor covering, and stood.

"We need you," he said, "now. Not in two weeks, not at the end of the day. Now."

"What could possibly be so urgent-" Kagome began. The inu-thing turned away.

"Keh." he said. "I should have known you'd care more about what these humans think than about Kaede's life. You're like that."

"What?" Kagome shrieked. "Kaede's life?"

"Like I said," said the youkai, smirking, "We need you."

"Fine." Kagome said. "I'm coming. But you're going to owe me such an apology…."

"Whatever." he snapped. "Just come on." Kagome paused at the doorway and turned back to look at her classmates, who were still in shock.

"Look," she said, "I'm sorry. I'll explain when I get back, I guess…. See you." And she and the stranger were gone.

Okay, wasn't that fun? Let's face it, who hasn't at some point sat in class and wished that one of your favorite characters would smash into your school and want you to come with them? Mostly, though, I was just sick of all the slash in the Inuyasha fanfic I read. Booooooring. Do review, please,because I've never done this before.