The Lion King: Jak Style

By Light-Eco-Sage

Rated: PG-13. For language, violence, and character death. Character-related Jak 3 spoilers.

Summery: Second in the Disney/Jak crossovers. Based on the movie "The Lion King."

Disclaimer: I don't own Jak & co. They belong to Naughty Dog. I don't own the Lion King, they belong to The Walt Disney Company. ::holds up big freaking sword:: Back, lawyers! Back!

LES: My last one in the sires was so un-original. So I am working harder to make this one more original. However there are certain scenes that I couldn't change around much. Also some songs are staying in, cause they fit. First, though, a quick list of the cast:

Simba: Jak

Mufasa: Damas. (I know he died in Jak 3, but using my magic narrator powers, I have brought him back to life.)

Sarabe: Ashelin. (Scary as hell, but there was only Tess and her. Ashelin seemed a better fit than Tess.)

Scar: Praxis

Zazu: Erol. (I just love torturing this guy!)

Nala: Keira

Timon: Daxter. (Super fitting cause Max played Timon in the very first Broadway staging of the Lion King. He won an award for that performance, I believe.)

Pumbaa: Brutter

Rafici: Samos

Hyenas: Metal-Heads

Well, that's everyone of importance. Buckle up, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Chapter I: A Prince is Born

We open up on Haven City, it's night now, but dawn will soon break the new day. However, for the Royal family of Haven Kingdom, this was no ordinary day. For today, they would declare their first-born son, Jak, the future King of Haven Kingdom. The green sun broke over the city walls and cast its brilliance upon the Palace.

The proud father, King Damas of Haven City, waited on his throne for the ceremony to begin. It was tradition, the ceremony always took place after sunrise. Most of the nobles were already there; including a man called Erol who was one of the King's advisors. Erol bowed deeply to King Damas as he passed.

Suddenly the doors of the throne room opened and in walked an old green-skinned man called Samos, the last of the Eco Sages and the personal friend of the Royal Family. He was the one chosen to perform this important ceremony. He walked up to the King and they embraced, as old friends. After this, Damas led the old Sage to where his wife, Queen Ashelin, was standing, holding a small bundle in her arms.

As Damas approached, she looked up at him and gave him that 'proud parent' smile that Damas himself wore. Queen Ashelin uncovered the baby's face and there lay young Jak Mar, the first-born of the Royal Family and the future ruler of Haven Kingdom. The baby open his eyes, they were the most astonishing blue color. A single tuft of green hair just visible under the blankets.

Samos began to perform the rituals over the boy, many strange rituals that were connected to the ancient Precursors. Finally, there was only one thing left: The Presentation. Samos carefully took the young boy from Ashelin and headed back to the waiting nobles with Damas and Ashelin following close behind. When they got there, the nobles were waiting breathlessly.

"People of Haven City!" Samos cried out for the whole room to hear, "May I present: Jak Mar, Crowned Prince of Haven Kingdom!" He held the baby up for everyone to see. All the people bowed to their prince and future King. And just at that moment, a solitary ray of sunlight shone though the window, illuminating the young prince. People gasped, he looked so… pure lit up like that.

Finally, Samos handed the baby back to the waiting arms of his mother. As a friend of the family, he added "Congratulations."

"Thank you." They whispered back. King Damas looked around the room, something didn't seem right. Something was missing…

"Praxis is not here." Damas whispered to Ashelin.

"Your brother?" Ashelin looked around the room. "You're right. Where is he?"

"I don't know, but there is going to be hell to pay." Damas said angry.

(Praxis' Study)

Praxis was pissed. He paced his study, raging at inanimate objects. He had a reason to be pissed off, though. The reason happened to be his nephew. He happened to have been the next in line to be King… until a few weeks ago when his older brother and his wife managed to have their little brat. And the law of the land said that the first-born of the King is the next in line. Thus, pushing him back to second in line.

"Stupid little brat!" Praxis punched his desk for no apparent reason. "How dare he steal my Kingdom from me!" Praxis picked up his chair and threw it at the door. However, at that moment, Erol happened to walk though the door. The chair sailed by and narrowly missed decapitating him. He screamed like a girl and hid behind the doorframe. "Erol! What are you doing here?" Praxis demanded.

"Er… I'm here to announce that King Damas is on his way!" The Erol added. "So you'd better have a good excuse for missing the ceremony this morning! He's as mad as a Metal-Head with a headache!"

"I'm so frightened!" Praxis said sarcastically. "Now get out!" Praxis picked up another chair to chuck at Erol's head when a commanding voice stopped him.

"Praxis!" It was Damas, walking in the door, looking very angry. "Drop the chair!" Praxis did and Erol breathed.

"Excellent timing, Your Majesty!" Erol exclaimed.

"Why, if it isn't my big brother descending from on high to mingle with the commoners!" Praxis said sourly.

"Ashelin and I didn't see you at the Presentation of Jak!" Damas scowled.

"That was today?" Praxis faked surprise. "Oh, I feel simple awful! Must've slipped my mind…"

"Well," Erol piped up, "As slippery as your mind is, as the King's brother you should've been first in line!"

Praxis gave Erol a death glare and he hid behind Damas. "I was first in line, until the little brat was born!" Praxis said, forgetting that the father of the 'brat' was standing right there.

"That 'brat' is my son!" Damas intervened angrily. "And your future King!"

"Oh, I shall practice my curtsy." Praxis said sarcastically, turning to leave.

"Don't turn your back on me, Praxis!" Damas shot after him.

"Oh no, Damas," Praxis shot back. "Perhaps you shouldn't turn your back on me!"

Damas grabbed Praxis by the shoulder and spun him around to face him. Damas' eyes were aflame in rage. "Is that a challenge?" Damas demanded.

"Temper, temper," Praxis said calmly. "I wouldn't dream of challenging you!"

"Pity," Erol said, "Why not?"

"Well, you see, as far as brains go I'm superior. But when it comes to power and strength!" Praxis sighed. "I've always been at the shallow end of the dream pool." Praxis left the room, leaving Erol and Damas.

Erol sighed, "There's one in every family, sire. Two in mine, actually. And they always manage to ruin special occasions."

"What am I going to do with him?" Damas wondered out loud.

"He'd make a very handsome trophy!" Erol suggested as a joke.

"Erol!" Damas' mood lightened instantly.

"And just think, you'd be able to hang him in the dining room for all to see!" Erol and Damas laughed as they left the room.

(Samos' House.)

Samos looked around his many books and notes to find what he was looking for. Finally, he found it. It was a huge and richly detailed family tree. The large flowing Precursor script at the top read: 'The Most Ancient House of Mar: The Royal Family of Haven Kingdom.' At the very top was Mar himself, then going down though the generations and millenniums ending at Damas and his wife, Ashelin. Now Samos got out a pen and made a new line connecting Damas and Ashelin's names. On this new line, he wrote: 'Jak Mar. Born: 1966'

(A/N: Ignore the year. I just asked my sister to come up with a year and this is what she said.)

Samos stood back to admire the newly updated family tree. "Jak…" he laughed. You get one last look at the family tree before it goes black…

Ashelin: Yes, I've got a complaint.

LES: What?

Ashelin: You made me Jak's mother when we are about the same age?!? In fact, he may be older than I am!

LES: Actually, if you factor out all of Jak's time traveling, then Jak is only about six years old in your time. So, you are older then him… in a way…

Ashelin: Well I'll be darned… I'm a flippin' pedophile!

LES: What? Oh, never mind…