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Chapter One:
Scenes From a Hat

"Laria," Yugi asked the Authoress fearfully, "This isn't going to be bad is it?"

"Not for me," Laria grinned, flipping though her notebook. "Is everyone here yet?"

"Yes!" said everyone.

"Great, now we can start the game."

"Game?!" Seto exclaimed, "You didn't say anything about a game!"

"Oh," Laria tried to look innocent, but didn't succeed, "Guess I forgot to mention it."

Seto sighed.

"Please tell me it's not a Shadow Game," Atemu said eyeing Bakura.

"It's not a Shadow Game!"


Laria glared at the former Pharaoh

"Are we going to do this or not!?" Laria asked everyone else.

"I'd rather not..." Ryou said timidly.

"You have not choice matter," Laria grinned looking down at her notebook, "Atemu, Seto, Ryou and Joey, follow me, the rest of you can go sit in the audience."

"Audience?" Ryou squeaked

"I don't like that..." Seto groaned.

"I'm blaming this on you Kaiba." Atemu sneered at Seto.

"Are you sure I can't go sit in the audience?" Joey gulped.

Laria just merely grinned at them and snapped her fingers.

Laria sat at a desk next to a stage, at the back of the stage were four chairs were the players sat. Everyone else sat in a the audience that was around the stage watching the show eagerly because they were all (or mostly) Fan Girls of the players.

"Hello! And welcome to 'Whose Line is it Anyway'" Laria said happily to the audience members. "The show where everything's made up and the points don't matter. Yup the points don't mean a thing, just like winning a duel against Joey—"

"Hey!" Joey interrupted, "I came in second at Duelist Kingdom!"

"Yeah, well I came in first," Atemu said pompously sticking his tongue out at Joey.

"Enough!" Laria glared at the players, the smiled back at the audience, "I'm your host, Laria Kaiba, and here are today's contestants."

There was some cheering and clapping from the audience.

"'Still mad about the last comment I sad about him,' Joey Wheeler!"

Mild clapping.

"'To cute to be on this show, but I made him do it anyway,' Ryou Bakura!"

Ryou Fan Girls, as well as a few other Fan Girls, scream hysterically.

"'King of Games,' Atemu!"

The audience cheered.

"How come you didn't say anything bad about him?!" Joey complained.

"Yani wrote this," Laria said simply.

"That explains it."

"Can I get back to hosting now?" Laria glared again.

"Even if I say no she'll do it anyway..." Joey muttered.

"And last but not least," Laria glared at Joey hearing his comment perfectly, "'I can't believe my sister is making me do this,' Seto Kaiba!"

The audience was completely silent. Seto glared up at everyone.

"Now if you've never seen the show before, the players come up and make everything you see of the top of their heads, then I give them points," Laria said, "But the points don't mean a thing cause at the end I pick a winner and they get to do a little something special with me—"

Some of the more sick minded members of the audience (which included all the yamis) burst out into a fit of giggles.

"Now our first game is... Scenes from a hat!"

The audience cheered loudly at that announcement. Laria pulled out a turban that looked oddly like it belong to Shadii.

"Now, before the show, we asked our audience members to write down scenes they'd like to see... then we pick the good ones and put them in this hat."

"This isn't going to be good," Ryou sighed as he and the other three players stood up and walked up to the stage. Seto and Joey went to one side and Ryou and Atemu went to the other. Laria reached her hand into the turban and pulled out a piece of paper.

"'What Yugi is thinking when he duels'"

Up in the audience Marik grinned evilly.

"This ought to be good."

"You wrote that didn't you?" Yugi asked.

"No," chuckled Bakura, "I did."

"What are all the yamis after me?"

"Looks that way to me." Yani smiled.

Back down on the stage Seto walked to the middle of the stage and got down on his knees (which then made him the same height has everyone else, but everyone understood it anyway).

"I hate being short!" Seto said in a whiny voice, Laria buzzed him out.

Ryou came on stage next. All the Fan Girls screamed hysterically, just because he was on stage.

"I wonder if I can put anymore buckles on my clothes."

Laria buzzed Ryou and Atemu came on stage next, stood there, and said nothing. Laria giggled and buzzed him out. Laria pulled another paper out of the turban and read it.

"'The worlds worst TV show'"

Ryou walked on stage.

"Today on mash potato TV"

Laria buzzed him out and Seto stepped up.

"The show where everything made up and the points don't matter." Seto said imitating Laria. Said Authoress/Host glared at her brother as she buzzed him out. Figuring that a new scene would be best she pulled a new paper from the turban. But her hopes of getting a better scene was quickly extinguish when she read the scene.

"'Scenes that would cause a spit take'" Laria glanced up at the players. "Oh no..."

Ryou walked on stage and motioned to Seto. Seto sighed and joined him. Ryou grabbed onto Seto's jacket and pulled him into a kiss. Seto's eyes (as well as everyone else's, except the Yaoi Fan Girls, who screamed loudly) bugged out of his head. Laria pounded the buzzer repeatedly. Ryou let Seto go and the players went back to their seats.

"That was something we didn't need to see," Laria grimaced trying to get the mental images out of her head.

"Just giving the people what they want," Ryou blushed.

"Ok, I'll give you 1000 points for kissing my brother."

"Someone had to."

"Can I go brush my teeth now?" Seto asked.

"Yeah sure," Laria shrugged, "We have to take a commercial break now, but don't go anywhere, because we'll be right back after this for more fun!"

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