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Chapter Three:
The World's Worst Scenes From a Hat

"Gee Laria," Atemu sighed as they all gathered backstage, "That was some 'punishment', I didn't get to say anything the whole game."

"Yeah well," the Authoress waved him off, "After I said that I changed my mind. I can't have any of that Stephanie Myers crap in my perfect story."


Their attention snapped to the doorway, Seto stood over the threshold with his arms crossed over his chest. He glared at his sister.

"Why dearest Seto," Laria smiled sweetly, "What beings you here?"

"You're ego is out of control!" Seto growled.

"Hey pot, it's me kettle," the Authoress said, "You're black!"

The four players chuckled at them.

"See, it's stuff like that," the CEO glowered at all of them, he wasn't sure which one he despised the most right now, "I'm not going to stood for it anymore!"

"Psh," Laria rolled her eyes, "And what are you going to do about it?"

"Well from now on I'm going to watching you," Seto said, "And if your ego gets even the slightest hint of encompassing the world I'll be stepping in and popping it."

The twins stared at each other for a moment, the silence was making everyone tense. They waited on the edge of their seats for either of them to speak again. Finally Laria spoke.

"Tea, you're fired."

"What!?" Tea and Seto exclaimed at the same time.

"If you're going to watch me Seto, what better way to watch me then to be a player in the show," Laria explained.

"That's not what I meant!" the CEO protested.

"Too late!" Laria jumped to her feet and snatched her notebook off the table beside her," Now come on, we have a lot of great stuff planned."

She flipped through the pages of the notebook as she brushed past her brother. The other three players also stood and followed her. Seto sighed, very aggravated at them all, but he knew there was nothing he could do about it so he headed to the stage himself, leaving Tea backstage alone. She glared after them. How dare she get fired after just one chapter. She huffed and stormed off. She'd get her Whose Line moment yet, just you wait!


"Hello! And welcome back to Whose Line is it Anyway!" Laria was once again sitting at the Whose Line desk, and the other three players, plus their newest member were sitting on the stage, "And welcome also to our new player, Seto Kaiba!"

"Traitor!" Bakura exclaimed as the fan girls cheered loudly for the CEO.

"I'm not a traitor!" Seto snapped, "I... I don't know how it happened!"

"I'm disgusted in you, Kaiba," the spirit sat back in his seat and shook his head.

Choosing to ignore this outburst, Laria continued her little spiel, "That's right, this is the show where everything is made up and the points don't matter, just like Christmas carols during the other eleven months of the year. Out side of December nobody wants to hear them anymore."

"That doesn't stop you from blasting them in your room all year," Seto grumbled.

"Hey Laria," Malik piped up, "If this is supposed to be a Holiday special, shouldn't there be decorations?"

"Oh yeah!" Laria reached under the Whose Line desk and pulled out a small plastic tree. It was so stickily and undecorated that it could be classified in the category of 'Charlie Brown Tree', "Thanks for reminding me!"

"Thats all you're gonna put out?" Joey asked as she put the tree atop the desk.

"Well, Seto already had the Christmas decorations at the mansion put away already," Laria pouted, "And this was all they had left in the store..."

"If you had done your Holiday special before Christmas like sane people, you wouldn't have this problem," Seto grumbled again. He really didn't want to be there.

"Couldn't you just use your notebook?" Atemu asked.

"Laria blinked and looked down at her notebook. Oh yeah... she had forgotten about that. Damn him, she looked up at the Pharaoh with a glare.

"How dare you undermine me!"

She scribbled something down in her notebook, she'd teach him. Snapping her fingers red, green, and white Christmas lights appeared in Atemu's spiky hair. Seto almost fell out of his chair laughing as the lights blinked festively.

"Laria!" the Pharaoh whined, poking at the lights. There was no getting them out, they were woven into his hair tighter then a sailors knot.

"There," Laria beamed, "Is that enough decoration for everyone?"

"Yes!" Malik and Joey quickly agreed before they received the same treatment.

"Good," the Authoress nodded, "Now we can move on to out next game... World's Worst!"

All four players stood up and walked forward to the 'world's worst' step.

"Now in this game our players have to come up with the world's worst present to give to the Pharaoh for Christmas," Laria explained, "I'll buzz you in between, take it away."

Malik was the first one to step down.

"I bring you sand," he spread his arms wide as if he was presenting something magnificent, "It's everywhere, get used to it!"

Laria buzzed him out, he stepped back up on the stair and Joey stepped down next.

"It's called a thong."

Laria buzzed, Malik stepped down again.

"I present the might king with a comb," he said, "So he can comb that rats nest he calls hair."

"Oh like your other half is any better," Atemu growled, pulling at the lights again, to no avail.

"In fact, I did buy him a comb this year," Malik stuck his tongue out at the former Pharaoh, "That's where I got the idea."

Up in the audience Bakura shot a sidewise glance at Marik. Sure enough, there was a lavender comb stuck in his unruly blonde locks. Several of the prongs had broke off, and the rest had almost been completely engulfed by the hair. Well that seemed like a great present.

On stage Laria had buzzed Malik out and Seto had replaced him.

"It's an Xbox."

"That would be a great gift," said Atemu, "You could get me that in real life."

"Screw you Pharaoh!" Seto glared, "You don't deserve an Xbox, it was actually for your High Priest instead."

"But..." the former Pharaoh blinked at him, the lights in his hair blinked at him also, "You're my High Priest."

"Exactly," Seto grinned.

Atemu glared at him.

"I should stop this before it gets violent," Laria said buzzing the scene over.

The players graciously returned to their seats.

"I'll give fifty points to Joey for not causing a Pharaoh outburst," the Authoress said.

"Awright!" Joey pumped his fist in the air excitedly.

"And now it's time to move on to our next game," Laria reached under the desk again, "Everybody favorite game... Scenes From a Hat!"

The players groaned loudly as the stood up again, but it wasn't heard over the cheers from the audience. Laria pulled Shadii's turban out from under the Whose Line desk while Malik and Joey went to one side of the stage, and Seto and Atemu went and stood at the other side. Laria shook up the papers inside the turban.

"Now we all know this game, right?" Laria asked, "Before the show we asked our audience to write down scenes they'd like our players to to act out, then we picked the best ones and put them in this hat.. er, I mean turban."

"Yeah yeah," Malik looked back her, he and Joey were standing by the Whose Line desk, "We did this like every time, I'm sure we've got this by now."

"Alright, we'll get started then," Laria reached into the turban and pulled out the first suggestion, "Why the Grinch really stole Christmas."

Malik stepped up first, he stood center stage and pretended to shove stuff into a bag, "Ha ha! I'll show Bakura who the real King of Thieves is!"

Laria buzzed him out and pulled a second slip of paper from the turban, "Your first reaction to snow."

Atemu stepped on stage this time.

"The sky is falling!" he yelled as he ran around the stage, "The sky is falling!"

Laria buzzed him out. She pulled out another slip of paper, "The twelve Yugioh days of Christmas."

Atemu stepped on stage again.

"On the first day of Christmas," Atemu sang, very out of tune, "Seto gave to me..."

Atemu stopped singing and shot the CEO a death glare, "Nothing! Cause he's a huge jerk!"

"Call me what you want, Pharaoh," Seto shrugged, "I'm still not buying you an Xbox."

"Damn it!" Atemu growled, exiting the stage before the Authoress buzzed him out. Laria shrugged herself and pulled out another slip.

"People you don't want to get caught with under the mistletoe."

She grinned evilly to herself.

Seto was the first to step on stage, he was immediately buzzed out before he could say anything. Joey replaced him and was also buzzed out as soon as he stepped on stage. Laria chuckled as they both glowered at her.

"Why do I get the feeling that Laria put that suggestion in herself," Atemu mused.

Seto folded his arms over his chest and griped, "I really wouldn't put it past her."

While the two were muttering to themselves, Laria was buzzing the game over.

"That was a great game everyone!" she said as the four players returned to their seats, "Simply splendid!"

"Cut the cheerful crap and just give us the points," Seto sighed.

"Fine," Laria thought about it for couple seconds, "I'll give the points to... ME!"

"Lar..." Seto gave his sister a look, "Enough with the ego."

"Hey, I didn't get myself anything for Christmas," Laria pouted, "So this is a gift from me to me!"

The CEO sighed again. It was just useless.

"How fun," the Authoress smiled, "And we have lots more fun coming up, so don't go anywhere!"