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Her brunette hair slowly fell from her pony-tail. She blew her front hair and began working for the Desians. She despised them all. She hated them all. She just wanted to go back home to Iselia. She hated the thought of the Desians making people into Exspheres. How exactly did she know this? A dear friend told her.

A silvered hair girl interrupted her thoughts. "Hey Anna what are you thinking?" Her blue eyes looked at her in confusion. Anna looked at the silvered hair girl who was now seven. "Koki…what are you doing here? You're supposed to go back to your mom." Koki made a sour face, "They took my mom away."

"Took your mom away?"

"You know where they put them into that thingy!"

"Where they make Exspheres?…"

"I think so."

Anna stood silent in shock. She looked at the poor girl. "Koki…" Koki left to play with one of the kids and left Anna alone. Anna shook her head. 'They may have taken Mari, but they wont take Koki away…' Anna sat down and rested for a little while. 'I'm tiered of this…' A Desian past her and looked at her. "Get to work!" He yelled at her with furry. Anna nodded and started to work again. After the Desian left, Anna sat down again to take another rest.

"Interesting…" said a man on top of a rock, which was pretty high up. Anna turned around and looked up at the man. "Who are you?" His dark brown hair looked all messed up to Anna. Anna looked at his sword which frighten her. His dark red eyes looked at her confused. "What is it?" Anna backed away, "S-Sword…" The man looked at his sword, "I see…" Anna shook her head immediately, "Who are you?!" The man looked at her wierd. "I-I mean…what's your name?…"

"Kratos Aurion and yours?"

"Anna Irving." Kratos raised his head, "I see…then why aren't you working?" Anna sighed, "I'm tiered that's why." She began to stand up, "You don't seem to look like a Desian. Who are you really?" Kratos jumped off the rock and landed in front of Anna. Anna stumbled back and fell. "Ow," she muttered in pain. "I'm a mercenary." Anna stood up and shook the dirt that was on her, "I think there's more to that…" Kratos raised his eyebrow, "Is there really?"

Anna nodded, "You don't have to say it sarcastic you know. Even if you are a mercenary why did you come here to the ranch? To help the Desians? Or to bring more people here and turn them into Exspheres?" Kratos made no emotion to what she just said. "Your quite a smart one, but no I'm not doing anything of that." Anna raised her eyebrow, "Is that so? Then why are you here then?"

"That would be none of your concern, now you better work since a Desian is coming towards your way." Anna looked behind her, but there was no Desian looking at her. The minute she turned around the suspicious mercenary left without a trace. "Wha?" Anna blinked her eyes. "Anna what are you doing your going to get beaten!" said an old man coming to her. "Ah…but…oh ok," she said still confused.

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