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Chapter 12

Anna was now walking into the forest looking for something to cook, for her family. It was hard to now be a mother and a wife at the same time. She began to think of the time where Kratos made love to her, she blushed. Right now she had no time to think of such nonsense. She had to cook for her family! Anna began to pick up berries that were not poisonous; surely she didn't want to kill her son and husband. While picking up her basket she began to walk around. Memories began to flow in her mind. This place was very familiar indeed.

"Why is it that I have already been here before?" she muttered to herself.

She didn't feel safe at all at the mean time. Her body was frozen still when she saw a hill leading to something she would always want to forget. She dropped her basket and ran away.

'I knew this place was too familiar!'

In the meantime at the top of that hill, a half-elf smirked at the young woman running. "Welcome home…"

Sure Lloyd was a mama's boy (which Kratos envied because he wanted his Anna all to himself), but Anna didn't have to give Kratos such a hard job. Kratos was changing Lloyd's diaper. It wasn't a very good scene either, very messy and noisy. Kratos was covered in white powder, Lloyd was crying, and Noishe was barking (not to mention growling) at Kratos for making such a mess.

"Noishe! Whose side are you on?"

Noishe was now whining rather then braking or growling. He knew when not to temper his master. Kratos and Lloyd began to glare at each other. Who would win this fight?

"You are just like your mother…" muttered Kratos.

Lloyd threw one of his toys at Kratos, who got hit in the process. Before Kratos was going to teach his son a lesson, Anna appeared looking rather tiered. She took deep breaths and was sweating. She gave a little sweat-drop at the scene. Kratos holding one of Lloyd's toys covered in white powder, Lloyd crying wanting his diaper changed, and Noishe hiding on a small rock.

"W-What's going on!" she cried. Her husband was useless with kids…

Kratos pointed at Lloyd while Lloyd pointed at his father.

"He started it!"

"Papa! It!" (A/N: As you can see…they never got along with each other at the beginning x.X;;)

Noishe whined while Anna sighed and growled. No, she had no time to argue with both of them. They had to get out of here. She didn't want her son in danger nor her husband. She loved them both and will try to protect them at all cost.

"Kratos! We have no time for jokes! This place is…"

She was cut off by a male's voice. It was the half-elf who controlled the Iselia Human Ranch, Forcystus. Not only was he there but so was the one who was controlling the Asgard Human Ranch, Kvar and not only that but Mithos himself too! They were pleased to see their experiment well fed and taken care of.

"It's been a long time now, hasn't Kratos?" said Mithos smiling at him. Kratos pulled Anna behind him, pointing his sword to Mithos, Forcystus, and Kvar.

"Get out of here," whispered Kratos to his wife. She was about to protest, but he pushed her. "Take Lloyd and Noishe with you. Now. Get. Out."

Anna hesitated, but did as she was told. She grabbed Lloyd and ran, Noishe following them behind. Kvar gave an evil laugh that would irritate anybody. He stepped forward, Kratos giving a low growl ready to attack and protect his family.

"Now, now Kratos. Don't tell me you have actually fallen in love with that experiment," Mithos was the one who said this. "Forcystus, why don't you give our little monster a taste of our power?"

Forcystus nodded and disappeared. Kratos frantically looked both sides trying to find where the half-elf went. Mithos told Kvar that it was over and to go back to his Ranch. He didn't want a useless experiment anymore. Kvar nodded and left, only leaving Kratos and Mithos alone.

"You won't get her…"

"But I already have my dear friend."

With that he disappeared.

Anna was quickly running away from those three half-elf's. Something in her heart was killing her. She looked at her baby. He was smiling at his mother and giggling. Anna stopped trying to catch her breath. She had to keep her son alive and her husband too. Noishe was giving another whine telling them to keep running.


Anna fell down on her knees, one arm carrying Lloyd, and the other clutching her chest. Her Exphere was glowing a color she wouldn't have imagined it could exist. Anna panted and looked at her child. She knew she was going to die today. Somehow she felt it. Her hand was glowing brighter now, exactly where her Exphere was.

"Lloyd…I love you so much…You look exactly as your father…Urk…"

She put Lloyd in the ground and then with her to hands she began to hug her chest. Something was wrong…something bad was going to happen. "K-Kratos…help…"

To her rescue Kratos appears looking rather tiered. "Anna!" He ran to Anna who was choking now. He looked at Lloyd who was crying and scared too. This was bad, something bad was going to happen and he didn't like it at all. Anna's hands touched Kratos face and he faced her. Quickly they gave each other a passionate kiss.

"G-Get Lloyd out of here…please…"

"No…I can't leave you here! Think of Lloyd and me! What will happen if they catch you?"

"I'm dieing!" she cried. Tears rolling down her eyes. "The Exsphere is taking me away…please…save Lloyd…"

In a long time Kratos showed tears. His wife was dieing. He couldn't do anything about it and it was his fault for picking her as a victim…

Yuan sat there looking at two documents. Mithos was sitting down in a very comfy chair. The top angel sighed.

"Yuan pick already, I want this experiment to not fail at all…" muttered Mithos looking rather bored. One of his hands was resting his head.

Yuan nodded and looked back at Kratos who was leaning in the wall. "Which one do you think would do Kratos?"

Kratos sighed and walked to the two documents. He took one not really caring, but pitying this woman. He grabbed the left document and gave it Yuan. "Here, I don't really care."

In that left document was Anna Irving. The victim of the Angeles Project…


Anna gave him a cute glaring face. "You're crying."

Kratos sweat-dropped and then yelled at her. "Don't make a joke at a serious time!"

That's when Forcystus appeared behind the woods. "Lovely day?"

Kratos pointed at Forcystus with his sword. He would not take his Anna and Lloyd away. They were his and only his.

The small dwarf was walking around the forest. His name was Dirk, a very good dwarf indeed. He made things that other human beings couldn't do at all. He had made a home near Iselia and was content about it. Except the fact that people were still begging him to do things, but that was his job. Yes, today was a wonderful day indeed…until…

"Please…help…" said a small voice.

Dirk quickly ran where the voice was. He gasped once he saw a young maiden bleeding to death. She was hugging something, which he didn't expect. It was a baby boy crying. Dirk went to her aid, but stopped when she put her arms out giving Dirk the baby.

"Lloyd…His name is Lloyd Irving…please…please give him a home…" she whispered. Tears began to fall in her cheeks. Her husband had watched something horrible that she didn't want him to see.

"Alright, let's take both of you home…" muttered Dirk.

"No…Once I die, please give him this Exsphere on my palm. Please take good care of him…Please…"

The animal that was next to her whined. Dirk was amazed that this young lady had escaped the Iselia Ranch. He nodded, giving her last whishes to become true.

Kratos quickly began to look both ways. He was positive that she had fallen down in this cliff with Lloyd. Noishe should be here! He knew that Noishe was tracking Anna down, and he should be here! He stopped once he found a necklace that Anna always wore.

"No…" he whispered. This couldn't be happening…

He opened the locket and saw his family. Anna carried Lloyd and Kratos hugging Anna. Tears appeared in his eyes. His happiness was taken away…It was his fault. He cried loudly. Wanting this pain to go away. His child was lost or probably even dead. Why did this have to happen to him?

Yet what Kratos didn't know was that years later, he will see his son grown up. Going on a wonderful journey to protect a love one that he loves. He will also know the truth of his real parents and the truth behind everything…

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