Summary: It's 1980. James and the Lily are married. The old crew (aka) Order of the Phoenix members are all called to have an immediate meeting due to an odd Apparition of some sort that reveals what looks like the future…What happens when one the hologram figures falls out of their time into theirs? What if this figures name was Harry Potter? (Takes place at the end of the fifth book)

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Chapter 1: James and Lily Chat

James potter and his wife Lily potter were currently sitting in their house at Godrics Hollow. They were newly wedded of about 2 months. Lily was 1 month pregnant, although nobody knew yet, it was a surprise.

They were at the moment getting ready to go the Headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix for an important meeting. Albus Dumbledore had informed them through the floo network that they were required to attend. Sometimes the meetings were voluntary but this one was mandatory. This only happened when something really important and urgent happened. Their portkey was going to leave in about 2 minutes to Hogwarts where the meetings were usually held.

James came behind his wife and wrapped his arms around her. "Hey love," he whispered in her ear softly.

Lily Potter smiled ruefully and laughed. "Oh James you're always the cheery one aren't you?"

"Of course! Silence and me don't always agree."

Lily laughed again "True, too true actually." she sighed, "Remember the last time you Sirius and Remus were together?"

James blushed in embarrassment but let a small laugh of amusement escape his lips. "How could I? It took us nearly two hours to redo the paint on the walls!"

"Well you wouldn't have to have done that if you hadn't tried to jinx Sirius!"

He held up his hands in mock surrender "Okay, okay! I admit I shouldn't have tried to jinx him… but still, he shouldn't have put an itching charm on my clothes!"

She rolled her eyes "Whatever, you have to admit though it was funny."

James quirked an eyebrow "Oh, so you are a Marauder?"

She slapped his arm playfully "Oh be quiet you!"

He chuckled "Alright, keep you're panties on…on second thought…" he smirked playfully and ducked as lily tried to swing at him. "Always the humorous one aren't you?" she sighed heavily. "I wish this war would end"

He wrapped his arms around her again and placed his hands on her stomach. "Me too Lils, me too." he rubbed her stomach in a circular motion "How's are baby boy?"

"Fine, but how do you know it's a boy?"

He smirked "Didn't you know I had the inner eye?"

"Really? I never knew." she rolled her eyes again dramatically.

James chuckled low in his through again "Anyways I think the portkey is about to leave." He held out the old sock that was most likely Albus's idea to use. The man had an odd way of expressing himself. The couple both grabbed it when it was time, and it glowed blue for a moment before taking them spinning through a mist of blue…

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