A Single Golden Thread

A/N: Last night at 2:00 A.M., I was suddenly possessed to write a poem about Sam and Frodo, having finished watching FotR a couple hours before. Here is the meager work of my forty-five minute toil. Unfortunately, I'm not very proud of it.

When the shadows creep upon your path,
And cruel, sharp winds blow past,
Just call for me, and you will find
I'll always be there fast.

Whether fog covers the road at our feet,
Or thunder bangs and rolls,
I'll stay with you 'til death takes me
And iron bells do toll.

If the darkness came to claim you,
It would have to pass by me,
And I would give you my own sight
If it meant that you could see.

For though we aren't bound by blood,
And don't go where we're led,
Friendship binds us for all time
With a single, golden thread.

A/N: Please tell me if this is any good, because I surely don't think so. If you review, no cursing, please.