The Many Deaths of Wedding Peach

You thought we were gone, you thought we had vanished, you thought you had gotten rid of us. We did not, we rose from the ashes to burn brilliantly once more. We vow to bring you many more wonderful stories of Wedding Peach's death. Enjoy our decadent fantasies. The haters of Wedding Peach will not die easy. Just to welcome past readers we dedicate this chapter to all those who flamed us. Yes, we do have Dark and Twisted Souls

Warning: this story likes flames

Flames are welcome on our story, if you are willing to be poked fun at. P

Disclaimer: We do not own Wedding Peach. Who would want to? The show sucks!!!!

Chapter One: DEATH BY BUS

Momoko opened her azure eyes to a brand new day. She yawned, stretched, and bounded out of bed. Padding downstairs, she saw her father sipping at his cup of coffee, his keys on the counter, his newpaper in his hand. All was as it should be.

"Morning Daddy!!!!" she exclaimed in her most chipper voice.

The older man flinched, as he usually did when he saw his least favorite girl in the world--who just happened to be related to him. How had his lovely wife spawned such an awful daughter? He gazed at the late woman's picture… perhaps she had been foolin' around, around the time Momoko was conceived… perhaps she had met a lovely man known as the devil right before his 'special' daughter had come into her womb as a fetus. How he wished she had had an abortion…

"Yo." He said cooly to his magenta-haired maybe-daughter. "I really have to go to work right now, byeeee!" He made his escape.

Momoko, clueless of her father's hatred towards her, set out on her merry way to school.

She sang badly all the way along the sidewalk, causing harmless pedestrians to curl into the fetal position, clutching their ears.

"Woo!" she cried, "I have to cross the road!!!!!"

She skipped merrily through the crossing, and was, (not) unfortunately, hit head on by a lovely bus.

She died, slowly and painfully in the middle of the street, as her suffering was cheered on by the slightly-deafened public.

No one came to her funeral.

When her father found out the news, he went to Disneyland in celebration.

The bus driver who ran her over was given a medal of honor and had a holiday named after him.

The bus was placed in a museum.

All the world was jubilant.

The end.