Is it odd to write a fanfiction for a character that really only showed up once on IZ? Not really. I liked Vampire Piggy Hunter D, and though he's based, of course on 'D' from Vampire Hunter D, the piggy hunter will not have the same attitude. Then again, I don't know, because I've never seen Vampire Hunter D. Enjoy the fic...though it really goes nowhere, just a random thing . And though they never gave him the name D...that's the one he gets. For he is a weasel towards Vampire Hunter D

Also, I plan on making his costume one day. .yeah. Mmyep.

The vampire hunter sat slouched against the wall. A fang hung over one lip, gently poking the skin beneath it. D sighed.

"Damn it, damn it, damn it," he muttered, hand ready at the hip to draw his sword. The thought always crossed his mind; why the hell did his sword shoot laser beams? And why did that kill the Vampire Pigs? And why were there even vampire pigs in the first place? Why not...women? Or just people?

He touched a gloved finger to a fang and bit gently. How low did you have to be to feed on pigs, of all things? What about cows? Wouldn't that be...less demeaning to vampires in general?

The air was silent. D glanced back at the ever darkening horizon.

Damn. The piggies were coming.

Why pigs?

Something in D made him stand up and slaughter the weak wave of piggies. He ran for the nearby mansion, flipping over the gates all artistic like. An onslaught of piggies crashed toward him like a wave. D fought through it in practiced motions, blade arcing through the cold night air.

It really would be a beautiful thing to watch, he thought, the way he fought. Choreographed like a dance, his blade moving through the air. But there were PIGS in the air. Pigs, of all things.

Why couldn't it be...regular vampires? He'd much rather enjoy that. And hell, a love interest wouldn't hurt. But no...

Then everything went dark. The piggies fell away. D blinked, taking a few steps forward.

The GS2 must've been turned off. Huh.

D yawned and headed for the mansion. Finding a nice room, he barricaded himself in sufficently. He didn't know when the system would be turned back on, but he figured he should get sleep while he could.

Hope you liked! I may write some more stuff for Vampire Piggy Hunter.... I like making him annoyed at the world. Who knows, he could come out and meet Gir before being flung back into the game. Or he'll meet Count D... I'd like to see that.