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Second First Kiss

Chapter One: Waiting

James stood on the platform holding his trunk in place carelessly with his finger. He had been hoping that he would see Lily here, so that he could charm her into forgetting about the incident last spring that had made her downright hate him. For the past three months, he had been thinking about how he could possibly make it up to her, and seeing her was the first step.

Still searching through the crowd of students to find her, he let his mind wander to what it would be like when she forgave him. She would realize her un-denying love for him and they would fall madly in love, living happily ever after. Sirius had spent most of the summer trying to knock some sense into him, but nothing worked. James just kept telling himself, "This is the year…" and going off into space, thinking hard.

It was going to be difficult, pulling her out of this warped schedule. Each year had been the same- bad first-year impression, bad middle-year impression, bad end-of-year impression- making it nearly impossible to erase his traumatic past. Yet, despite everything, as James stood watching for a certain red-head, he had a wonderful gut feeling, one that told him that this was the year. This was the year that he would finally win over Lily Evan's heart.

Someone to his left called out his name, jolting him from his thoughts. Suddenly he realized how many people were looking at him. Many girls had formed a sort of circle around him, apparently unaware that he wasn't paying them any attention. They just kept flirting away; batting their eyelashes and showing off their new tans. Currently, however, James wasn't in the least bit interested. Usually he would wink at them, flirting casually back, but today, his mind was occupied with Lily, and what he would say to her when he finally saw her.

She was furious the last time she had seen him. He had replayed the vision of her red face as she yelled maliciously at him over and over again all summer. He couldn't bear to think that she had hated him that much over the summer, because, if so, it would be impossible to finally break the ice. Unfortunately, Lily's hate towards him had reached an incredible all-time high, making this a crucial year.

James turned and felt someone grabbing at his robes. Sirius began dragging him to the train, "Come on, loverboy, we have to make sure no ickle firsties take our seats!"

James and Sirius soon reached the compartment that they had used since third year. They sat down opposite each other where Peter sat, looking dazedly out the window. Remus' trunks where piled off into one corner, meaning that he was off at the Prefect Meeting. James sighed and watched the platform swirl by as the train gathered speed. He hadn't seen Lily yet, which meant he would have to face her sometime at school when she was either studying or talking with friends, and neither sounded very pleasant.

The train ride was very boring. James spent most of the ride looking out the window thinking about Lily or playing wizards' chess with one of the Marauders. During an incredibly easy game of chess, Peter was losing so terribly that James had allowed him to win, simply because he thought it was something Lily would do.

After a few hours of looking blankly out windows and playing wizards' games, the compartment doors slowly opened, revealing Remus, looking pale and grim. Once they had all greeted him, he removed his bags from his seat and sat down.

James, who was far too busy obsessing about Lily, didn't notice Remus' subdued expression and began to ask him the very questions that Remus had feared- questions about Lily.

"How is she?"


Smiling, James continued, "Did she ask you anything about me?"

"No…" Remus murmured, not knowing what to say.

Raising an eyebrow, James asked what was wrong, as he had detected something in his voice.

Looking at his feet, Remus sighed. The very sentence seemed to boil up his stomach, and Remus tried very hard to resist it. He knew how much James loved Lily. He knew how badly he wanted her to love him in return. He knew that James had spent nearly all summer thinking up ways to make the past up to her. All of this knowledge made it harder and harder to say what he knew he had to, until finally, he knew he had to say it.

"James… she has… a boyfriend."

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