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Second First Kiss

Chapter Two

So far, Lily's first few minutes at Hogwarts had been more interesting than her entire summer.

She had gotten to the platform later than she expected, so she headed off to the Prefect Meeting before greeting her friends. Everything was normal. The Head Boy and Girl speech was no more than usual, dull but informative. What happened later was what had surprised her.

Once the speeches were finished, Lily stood up, heading for the door, but stopped. Someone had called her name and she recognized it as the Head Boy's voice.

"Lily… do you mind?" He gestured to the stacks of papers littered throughout the compartment.

Lily smiled and shook her head. She had wanted to go see her friends, but when the Head Boy asked you for something, it wasn't Lily's place to refuse. She was simply too kind.

At first Lily had thought that he had simply chosen her at random, but as the prefects began to leave and they were left alone, she noticed him blushing whenever their eyes met. When the compartment was finally clean, he thanked her and she made her way to the door for the second time, feeling uncomfortable. For the second time he stopped her.

"Wait, Lily…"

Turning around, she looked at him. His cheeks were pink and he was rubbing his palms on his jeans nervously, they must have been sweaty. "Y-yes…?"

"Would you… err…like to maybe go out sometime?"

Remus, who was standing outside the compartment, waiting, inhaled sharply.

Marlene, Alice and Emmeline sat in a compartment, anxiously waiting for Lily to arrive from the meeting. It didn't usually last this long.

"Is she alright?" Alice asked, nervously looking out the window, "are you sure that she got on the train?"

"Yes, I watched her." Marlene glanced outside the glass as well, watching the rain splash against the window. She wasn't that worried. Lily had probably gotten lost looking around for their compartment, that's all. Marlene wasn't naturally a worrier, Alice was and at times she could be incredibly overbearing.

"Maybe," Alice fantasized, "she's finally reasoned with Potter. She'll be sitting in their compartment, laughing at Sirius' dumb jokes in James' arms…"

Alice's story was cut off by a loud snort. Emmeline looked amused. "I seriously doubt it."

"It could happen, you know…" Alice argued.

"Possibly… But not after what happened last year."

They all winced. Just a few months ago, Lily had been nearly impossible to be around. That stupid trick with Severus and James had really annoyed her. So much, in fact, that they all had steered clear of her until it was over.

Marlene sighed, "Poor, James," and Alice and Emmeline nodded in agreement.

"It could be worse, you know. She could be with someone else… that would practically tear James apart." And then adding as an afterthought, "We're lucky she's not the dating type."

At that very moment the compartment door slid open to reveal a shocked-looking red-head with her trunk carelessly at her feet.

"Hi," she said dazedly.

Curiously, they asked in unison, "Lily, are you alright?"

Lily turned and looked Marlene directly in the eye, confusion and shock spread across her face. For a moment, she looked as though she didn't know what to say, but she finally spoke.

"Do you have any idea who just asked me out?"

Marlene's stomach lurched uneasily. Her mouth dry she shook her head.

"Amos Diggory."

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James sat there, starring at Remus. It was some stupid joke. It had to be. Lily didn't have a boyfriend… She just couldn't.

Finally, James said, "its not funny Remus…"

Slowly, knowing how difficult it was for him, Remus answered. "I wish I were joking."

James had a million questions bubbling in his brain. He wanted to scream. He wanted to yell. He wanted to hit someone. Who was it? How could they do this? Why now? He was angry, confused and hurt. His expressions etched clearly across his furious face. He wanted to do something he wanted to curse Remus for such a stupid hideous joke. His angry boiling hot words began to creep out his throat, but he could only choke out one word.


Remus forced himself to look James in the eye. He couldn't bear to see his loyal friend in such pain. It was too hard to watch. Remus prayed that his words wouldn't do as much harm as he had feared. He whispered something only audible to those near him. "Diggory."

In one glance at James, Remus realized that his words were more than just harmful.

They were deadly.

Marlene starred back at Lily. "What?"

"Amos Diggory just… asked me out."

Alice looked as shocked as Marlene felt. "And… what did you say?"

But they were all dreading the answer.

Lily swallowed, regaining her confidence, "I …said yes."

The only noise in the compartment was the sound of rolling candy beans, which Emmeline had dropped.

Marlene had an urge to slap Lily back to sense, but instead put on the best smile she could muster, and began congratulating Lily. She also managed to kick the others, forcing them to do the same.

Lily finally smiled, "You really think it's a good idea? I mean, I've never really…well… had a boyfriend before… But Amos is so kind… and Head Boy… I couldn't think of a reason to say no…"

Alice hid her shock under a huge, car commercial-like smile, "You look… so happy Lily…"

Emmeline nodded.

"Well," Lily sighed, looking satisfied with her friends' agreement, "I have to use the loo… I'll be back in a moment…"

The second Lily had left the compartment was full of groaning.

"Amos? What is she thinking?"

"I can't believe it… I really can't…"

"What was she thinking?????"

"How could she do this…?"

"Poor James."

Alice and Emmeline turned to Marlene, who felt like crying, "Poor James."

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