Unatomic Stacey

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"You failed another mission!" Admiral Degill cried angrily and I cringed as the rest of my team stood far off their faces sour, "I can't believe that you couldn't bring Maximus back here after he escaped prison in a foot powered ship!" he cried, "your in an advanced craft running on the best Fuel for Goodness sakes!" he shouted, "and from what I heard everything went down hill after you sneezed and your snot made a bubble frightening Glenissa," he added.

"But I'm still recovering from a cold and I accidentally forgot my handkerch…." I started to explain my almond brown eyes pleading for forgiveness.

"No more excuses Stacey," Admiral Degill snapped at me and I heard the rest of my team snicker, "every time you're around you somehow cause your team to mess up!" he shouted, "why they've not failed a mission while you were out of commission with your so called flu," he reminded me and I cringed, "you're the most unatomic atomic I've ever witnessed in the Atomic Force," he said and my team members gasped while I stood stiff in surprise, "yes I know that around the force they tease you and call you Unatomic Stacey," he said and I was barely able to stop my self from snarling, "and even though I don't like or approve of name calling," he said to me, "your unfortunately living up to it," he said frankly and I was barely able to keep myself from telling him what I thought of his name Degill.

"Is there anything else Sir?" I asked formally trying to keep a straight face to hide my shame.

"No Atomic Stacey," Admiral Degill responded with a sigh, "I have nothing left to say to say to you," he said and his voice was filled with disappointment, "you and your team may go," he said and I gave him a salute and left the room behind my team.

As we exited the room I quickly wiped the corner of my eyes with my handkerchief. No sense in making my team know that I was on the verge of crying. Worse yet, they would've shown me the total opposite of sympathy.

"Well I hope you're happy," Glenissa snapped angrily at me after we were a good distance from Admiral Degill's office, "it's so embarrassing to have you as our leader," she continued.

"Believe me," I said between clenched teeth, "the moment the ban of leaving the Atomics permanently is lifted I'll be gone," I spat, "I heard that the ban should be lifted this year," I added superiorly.

"Well I say good riddance to poor leader rubbish," Bart threw at me, "why Sparky isn't as good an agent as me," he said and I knew that was true, "but at least he and his great leader doesn't suck as much as you do!" he blew, "Sparky and I might be from the same planet," he said and I recalled that the only difference between him and the green guy Sparky was that Bart was a foot and a half taller, sixteen years older, and his hair purple unlike Sparky's green hair, "if I were in the Atomics Male Division I'd never suck as bad as you do," he told me.

"But you aren't in the Force are you?" I asked superiorly my eyes flickering with a victory, "you weren't allowed for what did they saw again?" I asked sarcastically as Bart's face started to turn red with anger, "oh yes, you weren't allowed for special REASONS!" I started to say happily at first but cried at the last word when Bart attacked me and was about to punch me in the face.

Suddenly I felt something grab my ankle and pull me from underneath a murderous Bart. I looked up to see X5 looking at me and then looked up at Bart.

"What's going on here?" Atomic Betty demanded firmly, "If X5 hadn't pulled Atomic Stacey from under Bart it seems that he'd have hit her," she said disapprovingly.

I stared up at the yellow robot that had saved me from having to get into a fight while I was ill.

"Thank you X5," I said with a tired sigh.

"Bet she started it," Sparky muttered from beside X5.

"Hey I'm ill!" I exploded, "and he jumped me by the way smart aleck," I added angrily not caring how frightened he looked as if surprised that I had heard him.

"Muttering is bad manners Sparky," X5 admonished automatically, "are you okay?" he asked me and I nodded then he turned me right side up and steadied me.

"Yes," I responded and straightened my pink and white uniform, "I have to go home and REST now," I said and gave Sparky a glare and smiled inwardly when he went red with shame, "Goodbye everyone," I said kindly but only smiled and waved at Atomic Betty, X5 and Sparky despite feeling rather pissed at him and left not responding to the rude mumbling coming from the rest of my team mates.

I pressed a red button shaped like an atomic agent on my cell phone and disappeared. I soon reappeared in the bathroom at my house on Earth. I quickly slipped out of my pink and white uniform and stepped into the already made warm bath in my bathtub. I relaxed happily in the tub, my aching muscles screaming in relief.

"Aren't you going to change back?" my mother asked suddenly from the doorway.

"Huh?" I asked slightly surprised at her sudden appearance.

My mother rolled her eyes and with the flash of her hand a mirror appeared in front of my face. I looked into to it to see that my hair was still in those repulsive shocking colour orange pigtails that I had intertwined today into the shape of a butterfly at the back head and each pigtail had a long orange ribbon which were each made into beautiful bows. I gave my reflection a look of revulsion and closed my eyes tightly.

When I opened them my hair was in a ponytail, which I pulled and let my waist length light brown hair flow freely. My eyes had changed back to their beautiful gray instead of that typical blue.

I looked at my mother and noticed that she smiled.

"A little witch like you shouldn't run around looking like that once you leave THAT Atomic place," my mother said simply but didn't hide her distaste of the Atomics, "I'm just glad that you put your foot down and became the only Atomic who wore a disguise to hide her identity from all the other Atomic agents," she said as she came and sat at the edge of the tub, "the mission didn't go well did it?" she asked suddenly and I looked down.

"I didn't mean to sneeze and make a snot bubble," I said sadly, "but what kind of agent is scared of bubbles?" I demanded remembering Glenissa, "she's a talking cat that looks like a light blue Aisha from neopets," I continued, "they had only demanded my presence because they needed an Atomic present to access one of the areas we needed to go to try and catch Maximus," I added bitterly.

"I don't know why you just don't use your powers to get well," my mother said frankly.

"You know that I want to live like a normal person unless I need to do different," I whined, "I love being a witch but I want to live normal like Daddy," I told her.

"It's surprising that your father had witch blood in him," my mother said reflectively, "he had told me when we had me that he was a regular mortal," she said with a laugh, "I got total disagreement from my parents when I decided to marry him," she said, "then on our wedding day his father burst in and we all found out that my Michael was the son of an evil Warlock who had cursed Michael his second and only other son to be without powers forever because he refused to use his powers for evil," she reminded me, "my entire family went berserk because we are also from a traditionally wicked witch family," she said with a smile, "they threatened to disown me but changed their minds a year after your father and I were married," she said happily, "but he and your twin brother weren't meant to last," she said remembering how my made had died with my five year old brother years ago.

"I miss them too Mom," I said as tears formed in my eyes, "I look in the mirror and see his brown hair and my brothers eyes," I said in a cracked voice, "then I remember he's not here and my only brother's not here," I said tearfully, "and my damn job at the Atomics doesn't make it better," I spat angrily.

"Then why don't you just quit?" my mother suggested simply, "it's dumb that you're staying because of that promise you made," she admonished.

"I'm also staying because leaving the Atomics without proper reasons right now is illegal by intergalactic standards," I reminded my mother, "and I Stacey Carmichael will not go to prison willingly," I declared and held out a finger threateningly, "besides," I said, "I love being an illegal entrant in the Atomics because I'm a witch," I said mischievously, "especially right under Admiral Degill's nose," I added with a laugh.

"I don't see why they can't allow witches into the program," Ms. Carmichael said frankly as she brushed back her jet black hair, "and they wonder why witches are evil or turn out out bad in the end sometimes," she continued, "I'm a 'bad' one by choice," she said proudly, "being an intergalactic witch robber of banks and anywhere with rare antiques or any stuff I feel to take without buying or earning," she declared.

"And everyone thinks my Mom is really just a freelance writer who's rich," I stated sarcastically as I thought about our white mansion which I was now in soaking in one of the more than twenty luxury bathrooms, "most fifteen year olds would be spoilt rotten by all of this," I said honestly.

"You're not fifteen for four months honey," Ms. Carmichael reminded me, "and you're not spoilt because you're special," she said happily, "plus I alternate between us being rich and middle classed every year," she added, "and I have a special surprise on your birthday," she concluded and winked at me.

I giggled. My mother always threw great parties. I couldn't wait for my birthday party when I finally became one more year closer to being eighteen.

End Prologue.

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