Unatomic Stacey

Chapter 22: Expect the Unexpected

(Three Days Later at the Carmichael Residence at 9 a.m.)

Stacey got up and looked around. She knew that she was in her bedroom. At least that's what her mother had told her. She still couldn't remember anything else. But her mother had at least made her body permanent. She had planned to run off to another location. But her mother wouldn't have it.

I can't live like this. A stranger to the world. – Stacey

Suddenly Stacey heard a sound behind her. She turned around to see a green man and a yellow robot.

"M…!" Stacey readied to shout.

"Wait," X5 said, "I don't think she remembers us Bart," he said to his companion.

Bart looked at Stacey suspiciously.

Stacey gulped and took several steps back.

Why doesn't she just use her magic? – Bart

"Stacey Carmichael?" X5 asked and she gasped, "do you remember the Galactic Guardians?" he asked her.

"A little," Stacey said, "I hated it there," she recalled.

"You left," Bart said to Stacey.

"Do you know the current plan of your grandfather?" X5 asked formally.

"No I only know that he's with Dertah," Stacey revealed.

"Where is that?" Bart asked incredulously.

"I don't know," Stacey admitted feeling bad.

Bart and X5 sighed. This was going to be a long day.

(Meanwhile at a place Underground)

"I'm very disappointed in you Dertah," Lord Carmichael told her.

"I couldn't stop her my lord," Dertah said sadly as she hid the fact that she was lying, "I only live to serve you," she said looking at him with tear filled eyes.

Lord Carmichael sighed.

"Of course you do," Lord Carmichael agreed, "in fact I think you deserve a treat," he said suddenly.

"No Lord Carmichael," Dertah protested, "I failed you," she pointed out.

Lord Carmichael was momentarily taken a back. Then he smiled.

"Actually I have a revelation," Lord Carmichael said.

"Revelation?" Dertah asked surprised.

"Everything I did besides taking Stacey and planning to rule the universe was a ruse," Lord Carmichael revealed.

A confused Dertah looked at him almost warily.

"Don't worry my love," Lord Carmichael said and gently stroked her hair, "your Lord's not having any mental delusions," he told her.

I'd hope not. – Dertah

"Of course not Lord Carmichael," Dertah said confidently, "you are my Lord and your health, wealth and power are perfect," she said to him.

"My Dertah," Lord Carmichael said approvingly, "you compliment me," he said smiling.

"As you should always be," Dertah said and curtsied.

"I…I…" Lord Carmichael stuttered, "I can't get over how beautiful you look," he confessed, "and you're no longer connected to my niece," he said his eyes sailing over her body.

Dertah smiled inwardly.

"I'm yours to do as you see fit," Dertah said humbly.

Lord Carmichael whose hand by his mouth was shaking chuckled.

"Don't tempt me," Lord Carmichael whispered still eyeing her intently.

I guess I'll have to learn his true plans later. Right now he seems completely enthralled with the way I look. Me not being a part of his niece anymore most be very attractive. After all, as a dependent I was hot enough already. – Dertah

(4pm at a Local Park)

Michelle sat on a park bench feeding the pigeons.

This is nuts! I know about Stacey's dad losing his powers because he didn't want to be a bad wizard. But my family…they'd cast me out if they knew I was in contact with a …deserter. Well she's their daughter but still, a deserter is a deserter. I'd at least be allowed to talk to her if she were a bad witch, but only her mother is. God, what am I going to do? – Michelle

"Hey," a voice said suddenly.

Michelle looked to see her older sister Lucy. And while that name might sound innocent, her twin brother's name was Lucifer.

"Mom says you should come home," Lucy said brushing back her golden blonde hair.

"Mom doesn't care when I get home," Michelle said, "not unless it's after seven on nights I'm not going out with friends or to the movies."

"Are you arguing with me?" Lucy asked her sky blue eyes showing a hint of red.

Michelle gulped.

"No," Michelle said in a tiny voice.

"As a dim you're worthless enough already," Lucy stated, "you shouldn't be trying to make your family any angrier," she told Michelle.

Michelle nervously nodded.

Michelle then straightened her pink summer dress and got up.

Luck wearing a tight black leather top, green cargo pants, and black pumps, grinned.

"You truly know how to excuse innocence," Lucy said as they walked away, "no one would believe that you're one of the invitees to Lord Carmichael's wedding," she revealed.

Michelle gasped.

"And you better keep your mouth shut," Lucy snarled, "I know about Stacey," she said, "tell anymore little family secrets and I'll reveal your little talk with that child of a deserter to mother," she said smiling.

A visibly shaken Michelle nodded.

If she talks I'm dead. – Michelle

End Chapter 22

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