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Many moons a go I started this little piece to go along with the Battousai psyche one. I got writer's block, changed my computer, and forgot I had this! I just rediscovered it!

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Into the night

A dark haired soldier strode into his rooming quarters looking for the foolish daughter who had managed to stow away with he and the other soldiers as they had left their temporary post in Edo. He had just gone through a THREE hour meeting with his other compatriots, and was now returning to his chamber with obvious determination to discipline his child for her reckless action. Kyoto was not a place for her, for it was far too dangerous and bloody. There were men out there who would not hesitate to slice off her little head, or touch her in some sick way. She was just a child, but in this war, age didn't matter. Pedophiles and soldiers with little honor were common place. The man's eyes darkened considerably as he though of some sick man doing unspeakable things to his six-year-old daughter. He would kill them with no regrets if they had dared. For as much as he seemed a cold, stern, and strict man, his daughter was very dear to him and he could not bear it if something had happened to her.

"Kaoru" the dark haired man said without looking around his room. When there was no answer, he turned on an oil lamp and looked around the quarters. He spotted a single shoe, and a ripped bow. His sheets were rumpled, and the cozy furniture was tossed to and fro, with some being sliced right down the middle, and smear of blood upon the furniture. The man felt his anger diminish into fear as he followed the paths the smears of blood had led too. There was what appeared to be a lump covered with a sheet, and the man slowly turned away the sheet to reveal blacks strands of hair in a puddle of blood. The man looked stricken, but as he looked at the figure a second time, momentary relief flitted through his eyes. It was just a doll, NOT the dead body of his child. Even so, the man's mind began to picture the horrendous scene of what had happened to his daughter.

There was struggling, obviously, and the blood attested to some type of abuse. The messed up furniture attested to a fight, and the careless tossing of it, showed that the girl had hid, before she had finally been caught, and dragged out the window, blood leaving a sad trail. Strange thing was, when he looked outside the trail of blood was no where to be seen.

The man clenched his jaw at that and he furiously punched one of the pieces of furniture that had been in tact, leaving a gaping hole. The man shut his eyes, and took a deep breath to calm down, when he saw something white out of the corner of his eye. He walked towards it, and saw that it was a small piece of paper. With a feeling of foreboding the man picked it up and stared at the neat writing that stared at him from the page's face.

'We have your daughter,' it said, 'if you want to see her alive you will come to the back alley of the Red Bean tonight at midnight, and not a moment later. You've heard of the phrase, "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." It also applies to life for life. Now, If you so decide to ignore this letter, we will not hesitate to follow through with that statement.

Yashin Michiko

The soldier read over the note a few more times and clenched his jaws as he crumpled the paper into a little ball. How dare anyone take his daughter. Once he found them, he would not hesitate to kill the person who stole her. He repeated the neatly scrawled letters in his mind, effectively fueling his sadness for his missing daughter into hatred for the man who dared attack his family. The name sounded familiar to him and after what seemed like ages an image came to the forefront of the man's mind. It was at the beginning of the bakumatsu...


' For some time there had been a possibility of war, and about six months ago the war between the patriots and rebel groups had officially started. As the men were preparing their temporary base in Edo, word got around stating that a rebel army would be invading their territory. This came far sooner then ever expected.

The Ishin Shishi had recently set up a new temporary base in the city of Edo. This was not a common thing, as most of the main troops were set up around areas of Kyoto, and Okinawa. The troops were only planning on staying in Edo for a maximum two weeks, and then they would return to the area where the majority of their troops lie in waiting. It was a dark and silent night, but the air was much too still, and the atmosphere much too edgy for comfort. More then the average amount of troops were out keeping watch on this particular night, but even with that being the case, the camp should not have been so silent.

Kamiya Koshijiro held the main watch regularly surveyed the surrounding area. Afterall, in a war you could never be to careful, especially one in which anger and madness constantly blinded the soldier's from what was just. As he did so for the umpteenth time,
a slight movement was seen in the shadows of the moonlight. The colors were obviously those of the enemy soldier's, and the Ishin soldier pursed his lips. It was time.

He heard the sound of a katana being drawn, and Kamiya pulled out his sword to meet his enemy head on. He hadn't noticed the two older soldiers's who stood close by, but no move was made to ambush him. Instead clash against clash was heard, and his offender was put on the defensive, forced onto his knees. Koshijiro raised his katana to finish the young man, but a voice cut through the air.

"Yashin!" he heard an older man with firm cheekbones and dark wavy hair cry, and the young boy that Kamiya had cornered fell back into the shadows.

Koshijiro inwardly smiled as he met the new soldier's movement's with his Katana. This man seemed much more expereinced, and Koshijiro didn't feel so much like a moster. As fighting those who were so much smaller and weaker, did not bring him much pride. Distracted, Kamiya almost missed the soldier's quick movement. However, that handicap, lasted only a moment.

Koshijiro immediately raised his sword, and nicked his enemy's cheek from his right temple, down to his chin. Unfazed the man carefully wiped the blood that was sliding by his lips, and lifted his sword. He went in for another attack, but his enemy, Kamiya Koshijiro, blocked it, and slashed at the man with as much speed and focus as he.

The sound of metal sliding against metal was heard, and cries of war, hate and anger filled the air. Blood splashed through the air as the Katana's ripped into the souls of each enemy, and the lifeless bodies fell to the ground in a resounding chorus of anguish, and thuds. For a bit, it seemed as if the fight would have no end, as soldiers on both sides seemed to be evenly matched, and neither was willing to retreat for fear of the disgrace and dishonor it would bring them. Nontheless, after more attacks, and deaths on either side, the Ishin Shishi, began to push the enemy back. They destoryed any in their paths.

One of these men, was the wavy haired soldier Kamiya Koshijiro had slashed the cheek of.

Yashin,who had not involved himslef any further in the attack once he was called, was He stared at Kamiya in distress. Soon however, a look of anger replaced his pain, and the young boy emerged from his hiding place, Katana in tact. He stood for a second, staring at his father's 'killer' with bloodlust in his eyes. But then,with new determination and extravagent speed, the boy sliced his enemy's side. Koshijiro had not expected that, grabbed his side and swung his katana around. He missed, and the Ishin soldier realized he had previously underestimated the boy.

However, one fact had remained the same. Although this young man fought well, he lacked obvious focus. He was angry, and his movements were slightly out of line. The Ishin soldier used that lack of focus to his advantage, and after a few matches with his blade, the young boy became yet another casuality of war.

As Koshijiro saw this victim, he felt something akin to sorrow, and a thought occurred to him. What if he could form a new sword style, one to protect, rather then destroy?

Koshijiro shook his head, this was not the time for idealistic daydreams. Right now they were at war, and even those undeserving, could and would die. With that thought, Koshijiro put the boy's death and his ideal for the sword in the back of his mind, and flicked the blood from his katana. When he sheathed it, a movement occured behind him, but it went unnoticed.

As the dark haired soldier left the battle they had just won, a piece of paper slipped out of his gi. It was in this time that the man who Yashin had thought was dead, weakly shifted up from his position. Unlike many of his companions, he was able to shift his body mid attack to prevent fatality, and for that reason he had managed to stop Koshijiro's sword from penetrating his heart.

When he looked up, however, he saw that Yashin had fallen, and that the boy's killer, was that Kamiya Koshijiro.

"Yashin..." the man whispered in a deathly tone.

Fury consistent with that of a father who lost his only child filled the man's heart and mind, and he considered a way to exact his revenge. As he did this, he saw a small piece of paper with an image on it float to the ground. There was a baby girl, a woman with black hair and blue eyes, and his enemy beside them. He knew it must be that man's family, and a wicked gleam crossed his face as he thought of a devilish plan. The man ripped the paper just a bit and wrote something on the back with the blood from his cheek.

Kamiya Koshijiro heard something in the background, and turned around to see a surviving victim fleeing the scene. He attempted to run after the man, but refrained, knowing that only a coward would run from a battle. It was then that Koshijiro caught sight of a ripped picture floating to the ground. Realizing that, he reached for something on the inside of his gi, knowing that he had thoughtlessly shoved a picture in there on his way out.

It was missing.

With hesitant finger's, the soldier picked up the picture from the ground, and frowned. It was the one that he had brought. Koshijiro flipped it, an ominous feeling in the pit of his stomach.

There in the scarlet hues of blood, was a single word, expressing the hatred that had been shown in their battle.


Kamiya cursed inwardly. He was an idiot.

End flash

The man tightened his throat, and tore the paper to shreds. When he looked at his pocket watch, it said 9:30pm. It was two and a half more hours until the fateful rendezvous. Until that time he would have to perform some duty and find out how to get out of it before it was too late to save his child.

After a moment or so the man smelt the distinct scent of smoke nearby, and noticed as ashes began to fill the air. Kamiya Koshijiro ran out to see his captain and others filing out of a nearby base with their nose and eyes covered.

"Kamiya!" The captain ordered, once he spotted him, there has been a call for action. "Shogunate soldiers are burning bases all over the place. We have to hunt the enemy down, and find a way to save our wounded men."

"What?" The stern man said in response to his captain command.

"You heard me!" the captain shouted in irritation, "Get to it! We have no time to waste. This can easily take all night!"

When the captain said those last words, Kamiya gritted his teeth. 'All night?' he thought to himself. Koshijiro knew that he could either do as told, and risk his daughter's life, or ignore them for once and run out to find her. Normally the choice would have been easy, but for the samurai, such a choice was a difficult one to make. Duty and obedience was a main factor in the code of the samurai, but his child was part of his heart. Would he go search for her, or do as commanded? The man thought about it for a second and bowed to his captain. He had duty to fulfill but he would not give up on his child.

With much on his mind, Kamiya Koshijiro approached his captain and listened carefully as the man sent each individual person on his or her perspective assignments. Koshijiro did not notice the flying wood pieces, until a piece of flaming wood hit his fighting arm. The man bit his lip at the pain, and looked up to see the enemy. Shortly after, the Shogunate soldier stabbed Kamiya's leg, and he fell to the ground.

Using this as an opportunity, the enemy grabbed his katana and aimed it for Koshijiro's heart. He was just about to finish the man, but Koshijiro felt a strong adrenaline rush, and stood on his wounded leg, hiding his expression of weakness.

Kamiya Koshijiro, would not be taken down that easily, escpecially with his daughter's life on the line.

With that thought Koshijiro blocked each incoming attack with precision and grace, and for a moment he was able to use his attacker's force against him, and get the upper hand. Using his sword as leverage, Kamiya Koshijiro pushed up on his attacker's katana, causing him to lose balance. Then the strong soldier swirled his katana around and went in for the final blow.

The enemy's defeat seemed inevitable, but just as Kamiya was readying for the strike, he felt an arrow stab into his already wounded shoulder. Thick blue liquid flowed from the wound and mixed with his blood. The majority of Koshijiro's strength gave out almost immediately, and his perfect vision became blurry and unstable. One of his compatriots's were soon beside him, and the enemy soldier fell to the ground.

A strong feeling of dizziness overtook Koshijiro's senses, and he collapsed to the ground. The soldier barely discerned the fall of a second enemy, when a distant but clear and familiar voice penetrated his mind.

"It's Poison!"

And with that, the man felt the rest of his strength give out. His vision went completely black. Two phrases went through his mind as it did. Would he be able survive, and if not what of his daughter? Would she be saved?

To be continued...

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