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Chapter 1: A Tale of Many Sides

Raven closed her eyes as she sat in the early morning light meditating. She could hear the sounds of the other titans waking up in the floors beneath the roof. She remained focused though.

For the past several weeks she had been experiencing a feeling of unease. Although unable to pinpoint where the feeling was coming from, it seemed to be growing stronger with each passing day and this was making her nervous. Normally nothing could bother her, but this feeling was something she had never felt before. It was one of foreboding. Something bad was going to happen. Something very bad. Very Soon.

"Dude…why do you get up so early?" BeastBoy asked when he entered the living room an hour later. Raven was sitting on the couch drinking a cup of tea, her nerves sending off warning signals. She had no other way to calm herself besides meditation.

"Morning…" Cyborg drawled as he started to make some coffee. None of them ever got up earlier than Raven, and that is how she liked it.

Raven ignoring BeastBoy's question stared out one of the windows. She could see dark clouds rolling in, telling her it would probably begin raining soon. Not at all what she wanted. The black haired girl looked briefly at StarFire and Robin as they entered simultaneously, both muttering good morning's, and Star smiling merrily.

'If only they could feel this dark cloud that is getting stronger with each passing moment.' Raven thought to herself. They had no idea, and she didn't want to say anything, knowing that she herself knew not what was exactly wrong.

"You look tired friend Raven. Does something not bother you?" StarFire asked as she plopped down next to Raven on the couch. In truth, Raven was paler than normal, and she had dark circles beneath her eyes.

"I'm fine." Raven replied still staring out the window quietly. The other Titans noticed her detachment. In truth, over the three years they had been together, she had opened up and been nicer to them all, showing them a side few would ever see, but her sudden distant and quiet behavior, along with the fact that she looked exhausted fueled the worry behind the glance that Robin and Cyborg shared.

Over the past three years, Cyborg had taken on a brotherly role towards Raven, and in turn she opened up to him more so than the others. He'd back her up if she needed it, but since she had no problems with any of them, she rarely needed his help with anything.

Raven jumped a little when the dark clouds let out a loud bang of thunder. Taking a steadying breath, she stood and went to the window where she gazed out at the sheets of water that now fell from the clouds above.

Cyborg and Robin exchanged another worried look. Raven had never jumped at the sound of thunder.

"Hey Cy, bet I can beat you at a game of Mario Cart." Taunted BeastBoy as he tried to lighten the mood. Star, being her cheerful self jumped up and down happily as Cyborg and BeastBoy sat down to play a video game.

A loud alarm went off, and the groans of BeastBoy were heard as Robin shouted, "Titans, Go!"

Finally reaching the city, the Titans tried their best to ignore the torrential downpour beating upon them. They were outside a warehouse, and without hesitation broke down one of the doors and entered, happy to be out of the rain.

"Uh." Raven grunted as without warning she was thrown into the wall of the warehouse after being hit with what appeared to be a long tentacle of an octopus.

"Raven!" Cyborg shouted, and was relieved when she struggled to her feet. "You'll pay for that ugly." Cyborg said as he aimed one of his large guns at the over grown octopus.

The other Titans were spread out around the creature now, and without noticing the fact that it had more than just eight legs, they were quickly outnumbered by the arms attacking them.

Getting to her feet, Raven muttered a curse under her breath. She looked up rubbing her hurt head to see her friends either in the clutches of the beast's arms or trying to fight them off. Star was back into a corner, and Robin was busy jumping over and dodging limbs. BeastBoy struggled first as an elephant in the creatures grasp, and then made himself into a mouse, dropping out of its hold. Cyborg was shooting arms off left and right as an ugly peach colored tentacle flung him through the air.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Raven yelled, her hands glowing with a dark aura. Several crates nearby flew into the air and hit the creature, forcing it to let go of Cyborg and stop its futile chase of BeastBoy, while Robin and Star were still occupied.

The beast turned its main attack onto Raven, and she flew about, dodging its wild arms. She had counted nearly twenty so far, and then lost track. It was too late to block one of the arms that was swinging towards her, and with a quick swipe she was being knocked into the wall again, only this time it was pinning her their.

The wind knocked from her lungs, Raven struggled to breathe in air. She felt a crushing feeling around her midsection, as she was taken from the wall, and held like a child's doll in the air above her friends.

StarFire saw her friends' dilemma, but was of no use as she blasted bolts of green lightning at it, only to be thrown into Cyborg. Robin had managed to get clear of most of the arms, and was busy helping BeastBoy who was being chased by at least seven arms.

"Raven!" StarFire called out, but was once again knocked back into Cyborg as she tried to come to her friends' aid.

"Stay…back…" Raven finally managed to say between gasps for air. She didn't want Star, her best friend, to get hurt because of this thing. She couldn't even find the air or strength to mutter her incantations or spells.

"Hold on!" she heard BeastBoy yell before all went black due to lack of air.

The Titans had watched her pass out. They were angry now, and StarFire was thoroughly pissed that it had hurt her friend.

StarFire's eyes turned a deep green, and she began attacking the creature relentlessly, followed by BeastBoy, Robin, and Cyborg. The team attacked the creature head on, hoping to destroy it soon.

Cyborg and StarFire finally delivered a painful blow, and the creature, swinging its arms wildly released Raven, only to send her limp body catapulting into a pile of crates. The creature created a large hole in the wall nearest it, its legs crashing about as it dove into the water near the docks and disappeared.

"Raven…Dude, is she alright?" BeastBoy questioned as he came up to stand by Cyborg who was checking Raven's limp body for injury.

"How is friend Raven? She is okay is she not?" Star asked as she looked over Cyborg's shoulder at her friend.

"I think she broke a couple of ribs, but other than that she should be alright." Cyborg said as he and Robin lifted her light body from the broken mess of crates.

"Robin, will she be all right?" StarFire asked as he walked past her, following Cyborg who had the girl's limp body in his arms.

"I hope so…" Robin said in a detached voice as StarFire and BeastBoy followed them from the warehouse, and made their way back to the T-Tower in the pouring rain.

It had been four days since the Titans fight with the creature, and Raven had come to only briefly before passing out again. Besides the fact that she had three broken ribs and a concussion, she seemed alright.

When she'd finally come to, Cyborg would force her to drink a foul smelling soup, and then she would fall back to sleep almost immediately. During her few moments she was awake, she saw that every time she'd come to, a different person would be by her side as if in shifts. She was glad when she saw Robin most of the time, but refusing to admit to herself that she cared for him more than she let on.

On the fifth day she finally woke with a bit more strength, and was glad to see Robin at her bedside. He gently helped her to sit up, and she could tell that he hadn't gotten much sleep. He had dark rings around his eyes, or what she could see of them beneath his mask.

Cyborg came in after Robin called for him, and forced her to swallow another fowl concoction.

"Friend Raven has finally waked up!" Shrieked StarFire as she burst through the door. Wincing at the sudden loud sound, her head began to ache dully, and without hesitation, Robin smiled at her tiredly, and ushered the ecstatic Tamaranian from the room.

"How long have I been out?" she asked when she and Cyborg were finally alone.

"You've been out for four days." He said taking her finished bowl from her and setting it one a tray. "Yo broke a few ribs and you've got a concussion so you gotta take it easy for a while." He said handing her a cup of herbal tea, the kind she liked.

"No arguments there." She muttered almost cheerfully. She felt like she had been punched all of a sudden, as that dark feeling washed over her again, and she could feel herself getting dizzy. She wanted to throw up. The feeling that engulfed her was twice as bad as it had been before her injury.

"You okay?" Cyborg asked as he watched her inhale sharply and try to calm herself, noting the fact she had just gone even more deathly pale.

"I don't know. When I figure it out though, I'll tell you. I don't know what it is right now though, but I will find out. Otherwise it will happen very soon and it will be very bad." She said in a distant voice that sounded not like hers at all, but that of someone in a trance.

"O..k…a…y…" Cyborg said a bit confused. "I'll let you get some rest." He said standing and leaving with the tray, saying goodbye at the door.

Raven sighed to herself after he had gone. She had a bad feeling of what, or who was behind bad omen. "I truly hope that it isn't her." Raven said in a low whisper, dreading to say the name of the one she despised either the same, or worse than her father.