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MI6 Accused of Employing 14 year old Boy!

The London Times, London England – From various reports, and anonymous letters, the media received reports of the MI6 allegedly employing a 14-year old boy, Alex Rider, in their service. The Prime Minister refused to comment, and the head of MI6, Mr. Alan Blunt resigned today without explanation. He was followed by Mrs. Tulip Jones, the head of special operations at the MI6. Alex Rider, the son of the prestigious and infamous John Rider, was orphaned at an early age following a fatal plane crash that killed both his parents. Alex grew up with his uncle Ian Rider who died in mysterious circumstances last spring. From interviews with friends and teachers, it seems that since then the boy had started missing school for weeks at a time with no valid excuse…

Blunt's hand crumpled the article with rage. Across from the table, Mrs. Jones only sighed. The two former spymasters were having lunch together. Blunt's usually emotionless face was more than a little red, and he was seemingly temporarily speechless with rage.

"How did they get our names?" It was a dumb question, but it was the only thing Blunt was able to say.

Mrs. Jones glanced at him. "Seeing that you appear at every press conference, it's not surprising the London Time knows your name. Still, from the amount of information they have is rather…astounding. Abnormally astounding; I think we had a leak."

Blunt thought for a moment, "Could it be Alex?"

"For all we know, Alan, the boy may be dead. He could have fallen into the Thames, along with the helicopter." Mrs. Jones did not meet Blunt's eyes.

"We both know the boy is not dead. In fact, we both have a pretty good idea where Alex is." Blunt returned to the article:

Teachers claimed that Alex Rider returned to school each time with unexplained bruises and injuries. Anonymous reports claim that Alex Rider was involved with the mysterious disappearance of Herod Sayle and the largely unexplained Stormbreaker failures; in addition to the terrorist attack on the Prime Minister at the failed launch of the Stormbreakers. Alex's best friend at school, Tom Harris claimed that Alex had told him that Alex was indeed a spy working for the MI6 and had previously broken into a Consanto Enterprises facility based in Italy. The facility had exploded on the same day.

"There you have it Alan, the leak." Mrs. Jones said dryly, "Alex's best friend, Tom Harris."

"I thought the boy agreed not to tell anyone."

"For God's sake, he's a teenager, Alan. He's been missing school and losing friends. He's bound to tell someone!"

The Minister of Justice assured the public that this was just another hoax and the idea of a 14-year old spy was just ludicrous. However, Edward Pleasure, the author of "The Truth of Damian Cray" assures the public that he had once met the boy and that he was indeed being used against his will by the MI6. Mr. Pleasure also stated that "Alex Rider has saved countless lives, numerous times."

Blunt threw down the article in disgust. A passing waitress gave them a curious glance, and paled when she realized who the two people sitting at table 5 were.

"It'll blow over. For once the minister of justice is right. The idea is too crazy for the public to believe. This is the kind of thing that appears only in Children's adventure novels. "

"I hope your right, Alan. The times do seem to have a lot of evidence." Muttered Mrs. Jones, scanning the remaining of the article," How are the negotiations going with the Americans?"

Blunt smiled mirthlessly. "The Prime Minister has listened to me for once. He's giving the press conference this afternoon. He won't say anything about Scorpia, of course, but he will mention the videos. I hear the American President's doing a similar thing. Before I announced my resignation, I also spoke with the CIA. They agreed to join the MI6 in hunting down Scorpia."

"It's over then?" she asked.

Blunt looked into the dark eyes of his former colleague. "Maybe."

Scene Change

Alex sat across from Jack Starbright on a cozy armchair in front of the fire in her house in Chicago. Jack looked up from the pile of printouts in her hands and grinned at Alex.

"This is great Alex! People are finally getting to know the truth about you and MI6!"

"Yes, but it's kind of unlikely that they'll believe it."

"Don't worry Alex, a lot of them will. The other children and teachers at Brookland will understand, and a lot of other people." Jack turned back to the article again. "Did you tip off the London Times, Alex?"

Alex shook his head, no. Jack frowned.

"Then who did?"

Alex smiled and handed her the printout of the e-mail he had received only just that morning.


My dear boy, I hope you are all right. After that nasty incident with Scorpia I didn't suppose I'll be seeing you again! I decided to do you a little favor since I'm about to be fired anyway. Read the Wednesday issue of the London Times.

Your old friend,


P.S.) I would have made this message self-destroy, but it would have crashed the computer you were using. I was able to track you down by satellite using something I created, but destroyed right afterward (don't worry, the rest of MI6 doesn't know you survived) and you'll be receiving a gift from me in the mail, soon!

Jack yawned and handed the message back to Alex, a smile on her face.

"Well, Alex. You'd better get to bed. We both have a long day tomorrow. My parents will get here early morning, and we're due at the courthouse at noon. If all goes well, I'll be getting a little brother tomorrow."

Jack left, and Alex stayed by the fire, replaying the incident that had happened only a few days ago. Both he and Dr. Three had tumbled out of the helicopter, towards the pavement below, but Alex had blindly reached his hand out, to meet solid metal, and then grab onto cloth. The Union Jack had saved his life again. Battered and injured, Alex had stumbled to his friend Tom Harris' house, and retrieved his passport, which Tom had been hiding for him. Alex had been surprised to find out that Jack had left her address with Tom. After contacting Jack, who was now beginning a successful career as a lawyer with the Chicago OPD, Alex found himself on a plane to Chicago, and then at Jack's house.

Alex stared at the fire which was now reduced to some glowing embers. For the first time in a while, he was content. If everything did go right tomorrow…Alex Rider Starbright, he thought, not a bad name.

Scene Change

The members of Scorpia were silent. They had lost another. This could not go on. They had to ensure the survival of their legacy. Alex Rider was momentarily forgotten as the masterminds began to plan.

Scene Change

To: Wilson Holdenburg, head of CIA

From: Joe Byrne, director of operations

Level Alpha security clearance required.

Name: Alex Rider

Nationality: English

Race: Caucasian

Eye Color: Brown/hazel

Hair Color: Blond

Father: John Rider

Mother: Helen Evenson Rider

History: Various operations for the MI6 after death of uncle Ian Rider: Stormbreaker incident, Point Blanc academy, worked with the CIA in the Sarov crises, revealed and defeated Damian Cray, Stopped Invisible Sword and Picasso, listed as "dead", current location suspected to be Chicago, Illinois, soon to be known as "Alex Rider Starbright"


You may find this interesting. Alex Rider is a possible candidate for operation Schoolhouse, request permission to recruit.


To: Joe Byrne, Director of Operations

From: Wilson Holdenburg, Head of CIA


Permission to recruit granted. Persuasion is up to you. Make sure MI6 or the Brits don't find out or they'll blow their tops.


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